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Provided by YP.com
With all the hassles of my mov...

With all the hassles of my move from Lombard to Chicago, I am very glad to have had Quality Move to help do the job.

After sending in my online estimate form, I got a long, confusing e-mail from Quality Move telling me how to calculate the quote myself. I didn't bother pursuing with them since it's impossible for me to come up with any tangible number. But when the mover I hired dropped the ball two days before the scheduled move, I called up Quality. Nick took up the task on the spot, patiently came up with his quote (which was almost right on the target), and then gave me a detailed scenario. He also scheduled the packing and moving right away.

To save money, which was also suggested by Nick, I did a lot of packing ahead of time, knowing that the boxes provided by the movers would cost me a lot more--Quality boxes were brand new, but I did fine collecting free boxes from Dominick's and Jewel. The packing was done well, the movers also happily used the boxes I had collected, and they mindfully marked them which helped a lot for my unpacking. On the next day, they came forty-five minutes late, but the move was done efficiently and methodically, given I had got to move everything out of the apartment as well as two storage units in another location, all in full capacity after almost fifteen years living in Lombard. The foreman Juan deserves the most credit; he was easy-going, focused, and diligent. And everyone participating, Ismael, Alan and Angel, also worked hard and did the strenuous, long-hour work in good faith. In the end, I tipped the team willingly and happily as it was such a tremendous job.

Tabitha in the office was very gracious, ensuring me that everything I was concerned about would be taken care of. Claims office contacted me soon after regarding the damages caused by the move. I love it how helpful everyone was, and willing to please me in every way.

The management might have been a bit lax in the beginning, but was attentive and thoughtful throughout the two-day task. I believe that staying in touch with their management is key to ensure a smooth and efficient operation. It is also important to give detailed inventory information when getting an estimate online. For a moving company, the Quality people are accommodating and considerate. And regardless of the situations which regularly occur when it comes to moving, the customer-friendly service, willingness to do the tough job, and decent work ethics of the people, make the whole experience so pleasant that I will definitely use Quality Move again and refer them to friends and colleagues whenever opportunity arises.



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All my stuff was delivered broken and they charged me an arm and a leg.

They were rude, crude and unprofessional. I have never been treated so rudely.



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If it were possible to give th...

If it were possible to give this company zero stars, I would. This company should be reported to the BBB for violation of human rights and destruction of customer property!

My friend, Bryan recently moved with his boyfriend to New Orleans, from Chicago. Well... Quality Move finally delivered their stuff, well after the proposed delivery date and to their surprise, much of their furniture was broken, glassware smashed , etc.

They were also heavily over charged and told to unload their own belongings.

They then discovered the derogatory Russian word for a homosexual ( fa***t) scraped into their scooter.

These people are bigots, plain and simple.




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Igor and his team at Quality M...

Igor and his team at Quality Move is AMAZING.

Finding a reputable mover to take my 3 room and kitchen place from Chicago to Springfield was a pain in the ***. Seriously. Every single person that I reached out to that said they were overbooked don't actually and don't have slots for the end of the month, or that they don't go out of the Chicago land area. Luckily for me, BP Movers suggested that I call Nick at Quality Move. I'm so happy that I did!

Nick scheduled a time to give me a free quote around my busy schedule. He was on time and super friendly. He made sure to go through every room with me, every closet, every under the bed, every cabinet - everything! I was so grateful that he took the time to make sure that he saw everything that was coming with me to ensure that I got an accurate quote.

I have a TON of stuff - a full bedroom set, a full dining room table + chairs, a full living room - several couches, a bunch of artwork, two 50+ inch flat screen TVs, a full kitchen worth of stuff. Seriously, a lot of big items. I had Quality Move pack the TVs and the artwork, but nothing else included in my estimate. Nick got my estimate to me the next day via email. Just under $1000.00 for the movers. That might sound like a lot of money, but of the few other less reputable places that I contacted on Yp, it was actually the cheapest out of all of the bids. (Some were well over $2500!)

Day before move:

Nick personally called me to see how packing was going and to see if I needed anything. I told him that we were still packing, but would have everything boxed up by the time they got there in the morning.

Day of move:

Quality Move showed up on time! (I requested a 9 am start) We actually had an excellent 3 men crew moving our stuff! Of course, I never finished packing - holy crap I have a ton of stuff! These guys were great. After carefully loading the truck with everything that was ready to go, they took apart my bed, carefully repackaged both of my TVs (I kept the original boxes - such a good idea!), and then started helping me pack everything that I hadn't gotten into boxes. They weren't contracted to pack stuff for me, but they went above and beyond to make sure that everything got packed. Moving is so stressful and these guys were awesome. I cannot say enough great things about Quality Move.

Quite possibly the coolest thing about my move: My stuff was at my new place within 4 hours. Most of the other companies that I talked to said that because of the end of the month they would have to hold it over night, its a process because my stuff stays on the truck while the truck is used for other people's stuff that's also going in the same direction. No thank you! I was so happy to see Quality the same day in the afternoon. Note: they had the same crew in at both ends. So if you are moving lo remember that for tipping.

Three weeks later:

Nick emailed me 3 weeks after the move to say "thank you" (who does that?! I should be thanking him!). Three weeks later and we are finally 100% unpacked, set up, and cleaned up. Absolutely nothing broke or got damaged while moving. Nothing got lost or misplaced.

Quality Move seriously rocks! I would hire them again in a heart beat and have already recommended them to my friends!!



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5 STARS! *****/***** Tha...



Thanks to previous yp reviewers, my experience was just as I had anticipated. Low key, efficient, and pleasant.

Having moved a lot growing up (of various scales and distances), my recent move was cute. Minimal furtniture, bulky plastic bins, boxes, ... you know. And Quality Move was perfect for what I needed!

Quality gave us the best rate out of the few movers we contacted (the $65/hr deal for 2 men + van) and was available on short notice, which was key. I mean, budget moving? I think this is it! Their website is pretty straightforward and funny with good tips. Check it out when it's back up (most of it's down right now for some reason). They tell you upfront that they provide basic liability protection, so it gave me pause, but my current situation allows me to bite the bullet.

Besides the fact that I wasn't completely done packing, I moved some things of sentimental value on my own.

** Note: It's not about this company, but my general philosophy is that you have to anticipate loss/breakage when you ask someone to transport your belongings, just like with your checked-in luggage.** I wasn't worried at all about this company, having read the reviews, and especially once I met the movers (Jose and Marvin are super nice!). I was more worried about passersby grabbing my printer off the sidewalk... but the movers go directly from your house to the van so there was no worry :)

And to give a shout-out, Jose is great! He's friendly, easy-going, and hardworking. Despite having to climb a lot of stairs, carrying three times a normal person's load, every drop-off came with a smile. His partner Marvin is pretty funny too. I loved their attitude and appreciated their work!

Re: mattress bags, I bought them from a hardware store (they're like $5.99 or $6.99), and they rip pretty easily, unlike the initial bed packaging that requires actual scissors. As much as I hate plastic waste, I'd double bag or tape over the bag if I were to do this again.

The reviews here are pretty accurate, so if your moving needs fit this bill, I'd recommend Quality!



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This is a 5-star review for Le...

*****This is a 5-star review for Leo *****

*****Also a 5-star review for Quality Move Co.*****

I moved to IL from NY last week. About a week in advance, I needed to find a mover to take our stuff from a tractor trailer in a warehouse at an ABF in Chicago, Il to our new place in Lincoln Park. I needed to find someone I felt I could really trust, since I wasn't going to be at the warehouse in person to meet them. I needed to find good advice fast, and turned to Yp.com.

E-Z Movers were booked weeks in advance, I emailed On Time Moving for a quote, but it seemed weird I couldn't talk to anyone, and then I called Quality Move. Kevin answered the phone, said he could fit me in on Friday one week from the day I called, and was straight-forward, personable, and put me at ease. He explained the rates. No minimums, no deposit. He gave me his cell number in case I needed anything. I ended up calling him a couple of times after that (see below), and he always answered the phone.

On Friday morning, I had to call him apologetically. My stuff had not yet arrived at the warehouse, so I had nothing for him to move until the following week. "No problem, kid," he answered. And rescheduled me for first thing the following Tuesday. It was frustrating and trying for plenty of other reasons to have my stuff delayed, but Kevin was nothing but incredibly easy.

Tuesday morning came, I called early to make sure everything was OK. He said they were on their way to the warehouse and everything was on time. He called me at 9 to say he was at the warehouse and they were getting started, but he was confused because it looked like I only had 6 linear feet (correct), but that the truckers said the load was over 3000 lbs, which seemed heavy to him. I confirmed that we have LOTS of books, which was what made the load so heavy, but that 6 ft was correct. He named a few other items in my load to confirm that the had the right load. He called a little while later to tell me that one of my crappy Ikea bookcases had been damaged in transit, apparently because of the way it had been packed. (Totally expected -- my friends and I had done the packing, and not in the most professional way.) Then he called to tell me when he was on the road on the way to my house.

I REALLY appreciated all the communication -- put my mind at ease.

Once Mike and his two guys arrived at our house, they were lightning fast, and fastidiously careful. Didn't put anything down without confirming it was in the right place. Slow and gentle with our nicer things. Friendly. Very efficient.

I gave a $70 tip, and wished I could have given more, considering the fact that I had canceled on them previously at the last minute.

Long story short = Moving across country was a nerve-racking, anxiety-inducing experience for me overall. But Quality Move was the easiest, smoothest, least frustrating, most reassuring part of the whole thing. And I would never have found them without Yp.com.



Provided by YP.com
Quality Move: Just Terrific! ...

Quality Move: Just Terrific!

You know that awful, sinking feeling you get when you have to move quickly but no one is calling you back? You keep packing and try to stay positive, but in the back of your mind you're thinking, "What if we don't find movers?" And then you instantly qualify that with, "What if don't find (good) movers (we can afford)?

Now there's a remedy for that: Quality Move!

We called Quality in a bind. We had to move my sister's 1-bredroom apartment the next day but still hadn't locked down movers that we felt we could trust and afford. When Danielle answered, I immediately felt relieved. If you've moved before, then you know communication can sometimes be a problem. Quality COMMUNICATES WELL!

Her attitude was calm but caring, and she said she would confirm with us within 20 minutes--and she did. In fact, every time we communicated with her, she got back to us within 20 minutes.

Over the phone, she committed to "no hidden fees" and said that she just wanted to make sure it was a stress-free move for us. She did not disappoint us!

Movers showed up ON TIME, which is a really important thing. When a mover shows up late, it sets a negative tone for the whole thing. When the three-man crew showed up, we instantly knew it was going to be okay. They all had very calm dispositions in contrast to the frenzied stress balls that we were. They made us feel at ease.

But calm does not mean slow. Those guys BUSTED THEIR BUTTS for us! They didn't stand around and smoke or need a lunch break. THEY WORKED--THE WHOLE TIME! Boxes up, boxes down, etc. They were efficient while still careful, pausing to ask important questions about if there was anything fragile or if all the boxes had been reinforced, so the bottoms didn't fall through, etc. And all of it with a genuine smile and sense of humor.

They estimated 2.50 hours--and that's exactly how long it took. I was amazed! From door to final box it was three hours, including travel time! And even though he only quoted us for two men but brought three--they did NOT jack up our price last minute but stuck to the estimate he'd given us. Of course, we tipped handsomely, but other movers have tried to nickel and dime us to death--not Quality Move. They are the REAL DEAL!

In summary, Quality Move:






I'm tired of moving and hope I don't need to for a while, but if/when I do, I will give Quality a call. Thank you, Quality Move; you are all the things you said you were: a fair human being who truly wants to help others have a stress-free move!



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Ahhhhh moving. Everyone hat...

Ahhhhh moving.

Everyone hates doing it, but this time around I was fairly excited about it... I couldn't wait to get to my new place. Somehow I still procrastinated on the packing, but at least I called Quality Move the nick of time!!

I had a window of days in which I could move in, so I called and essentially begged a time slot out of John. He had moved me before, a couple years back, and it went really smoothly, so he was (and always will be) my first choice.

The day came, and the crew arrived a little ahead of schedule. They quickly emptied the contents of the old place, and as they did that, I started loading up my car with fragile stuff that I'd hadn't packed very carefully.

Then, the stupid latch on the trunk of my car, which hasn't worked well for years, somehow stopped working completely!!!!!!!!!!

I was frustrated and a little embarrassed, thinking I should have paid someone to figure out what the blast is wrong with the things years ago... but, surprise!! I'd procrastinated on it. And forgotten about it every time I went to a body shop or dealership or even to get an oil change.

Anyways, the guys noticed me and my trunk troubles, and Juan set to work on it. And guess what? it's completely fixed!! Yay!!! Now THAT's service!

Also kinda cool, they showed up with five guys and charged me for four, and one of the guys actually remembered me from moving me two years before!

They showed my things a lot of respect and care, and they worked fast, arrived to the second location on time and were flexible when the job there was a little more demanding than expected. The cost was 100% reasonable and fair, and while I hope to stay put for awhile, they'll be a major bullet point on my exit strategy if I ever need to move again!!



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Y'know how it's really nice wh...

Y'know how it's really nice when you get married and your friends and family buy you everything that's on your wedding registry? It's super nice, until the time comes to move it all!

I heard about Quality Move from a friend who used them a few weeks prior and she loved them. For this move, we were moving a 2-bedroom apartment, including tons and tons of books. It's just me and Hubby, and he was traveling away on business for 10 days (conveniently around the move...) so I was stuck organizing it all by myself, while also having a full time job. I knew I wouldn't have time to pack everything, so I hired Quality Move to help pack the kitchen as well.

-- Before The Move

From the start, I knew Quality Move were a good idea. I called them to get an estimate and they were very clear and straightforward and explained really well how they do estimates so they end up pretty accurate. I also needed to get a parking permit to park a moving truck in front of the apartment building I was moving out of - Quality Move organized this end-to-end so I didn't have to worry about this detail at all! During the estimate call, they told me they will call me a day or two before the move to confirm everything is still on, that I haven't changed the date, etc. etc. As promised, they called me on Wed (my move was on Friday) and gave me a heads up about when they'd be arriving, how many people, gave me phone numbers to contact, etc.

-- Moving Day!

On the day of the move, movers showed up on time, at 9:00am SHARP! They came up to the apartment to introduce themselves, ask me details about the building (elevator, stairs, etc.) and see what needs to be moved. They also brought all the move paperwork double-checked with me that everything was in order. The three movers were Luis, Marvin and Jose. Luis would stay up in the kitchen packing all the fragile items there while Marvin and Jose started moving things to the truck and disassembling some of the furniture that needed to be disassembled (namely bed and desks).

These guys move FAST! Before I realized, Marvin and Jose had all the book boxes in the truck. One of my cats was hiding under the bed (sneaky cat!) so they were super careful about not letting the cat escape while at the same time moving items out of the room. It was like an elaborate moving dance! These guys are definitely experienced in moving and a household with two cats wasn't news to them.

BTW, they bring their own wardrobe boxes, so you don't need to pack your closet - they will pack your stuff into wardrobe boxes and unpack as well! They also bring packing material to pack computer monitors and TV, in case you require that.

This moving company is amazing, though, possibly the best moving company in Chicago! I swear they've all got A+ in classes on Great Social Skills and Advanced Small Talk! What could've been an extremely stressful day ended up being mainly an inconvenient but mostly alright day spent in good company with guys who were always professional and careful.

There is no elevator at the place I was moving to. Instead: two flights of daunting stairs! This is no obstacle, however, to this great moving company! They started with doing a quick scan of the new place and some instructions from me regarding where stuff would go and started moving things in. It was going really quick! The couch slowed them down slightly as they had to stop to take off one of its legs to fit it thru a narrow door, but they had the proper tools, so it went pretty fast regardless.

The entire move took just under 12 hours! They were driving away right about 9pm. Once again, they were very professional about payment and making sure that I understand completely what I'm paying for. These guys are for real!

Because of their courteous and friendly attitude, this move turned out awesome! Best movers in town! Thanks, Luis, Marvin and Jose!



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I used Quality Move for my mov...

I used Quality Move for my move on October 1st after a friend referred me to them.

She said they were "cheap and good" and since I received the lowest quote from them -- I figured I'd give them a shot.

I lived in a garden-level apartment in Prospect Heights and asked for a quote for moving into a 4th floor walk-up in Lincoln Park.

For a medium-sized load, John sent me an email quoting "$85/HR with a 2.50-hour minimum and 1 hour for a flat travel fee. This would include 3 men and a truck.

While I was confirming my move date, I asked John if he'd honor the $85 rate any time of the month. Without any hesitation, he said yes and that using a credit card would be fine for moves over $500.

I asked for a 9am move time and a few days later, it was on the books.

On my moving day, the guys were 30 mins. late. I had told my landlord that I was gonna be out by noon, so I was nervous when they weren't on time... but I called John and he confirmed they'd be there soon.

They showed and within 45 minutes, we had my entire apartment packed in the truck. The 3 young men were friendly and even wrapped a mirror for me free of charge. They did charge me for wrapping my box springs in plastic wrap -- $15 I think, (I'd already covered my bed) -- but I was prepared for that cost since I'd asked John about that in advance. I had some black garbage bags full of blankets/sweaters and duffel bags of clothes. The lead guy said that since I was on the 4th floor, it would be faster for them to pack them in two large wardrobe boxes so they could make less trips up/down. It made sense, so they let me use them for free. Considering we finished the move an hour early, I'm glad how everything went, but nevertheless -- the guy doing the paperwork was very upfront about the costs.

One snafu: When I told the guy that I was using a credit card, he told me there'd be a minimum of $500/in order to process a credit card. I told him that John hadn't mentioned that and he invited me to call John to confirm. I did, and John said it was no problem and charged the Credit Card.

Once the truck was loaded, the guys headed over to the apartment and I followed about 15 mins. later. The guys were waiting out front and we quickly got to work. (I say "we" because I helped. I needed the exercise and felt weird not helping. The guys were really funny about it and I could tell were a little bothered by my helping. Not bothered in a bad way -- but they said most people don't help, and they made sure I didn't overexert myself. Sounds silly writing it out... but it was sweet.)

1.5 hours later and multiple trips up and down to/from my 4th floor apartment, we were done. Although I had 3 hours scheduled (3 hours was the minimum) from start to finish -- it took us only 2.50 hours.)

I gave the guys a $90 tip ($30/each) and they seemed grateful.

Off they went and all was well. I spent the next few days unpacking and am happy to report that not a single thing was broken or damaged.


85/hr (2.50 hr min)

85 flat transport fee (1 hour)

90 tip



Not bad for my first Local move. I'll definitely use Quality Move for my next move and will recommend them to my friends.

Quality Move I give you guys A++++++



Provided by YP.com
Absolutely spectacular. I m...

Absolutely spectacular.

I moved May 15th from a 4th floor to a 3rd floor, and they weren't concerned about the number of flights, number of boxes, etc.

I am in Real Estate, and have an extensive list of people in our database to call for moving services, but looked up "cheap movers Chicago" on Google and found these guys.

The prices were scary because they were quoting me 50-70% off what I was hearing from Golan's Moving & Storage and a lot of other "cheap" movers.

The low price made me nervous, but I went ahead with it because all of these reviews were so good.

I packed everything up 100% on my own, and had it all ready to go for them. They took my bed frame apart, and had everything out of my apt in under 30 minutes.

The speed they were going was nerve-wrecking because I was sure they would be breaking/scratching things. This was not true.

They got to my new place, placed everything where I asked, put my bed back together (the wrench I had didn't work last-minute, so I was glad they brought one) and never complained or asked for anything. I offered water/soda twice and they didn't want it. Very gracious, very nice guys.

--------They moved me in under the time I was quoted, and was HAPPY to pay the 2.5 hour minimum and have them be done early.----------------------------


-They make you nervous when they tell you you are liable for the payment of any parking ticket they may incur, but they were so fast I can't imagine them getting ticketed. They did not get ticketed during my move.

-Pack everything yourself, and have it ready. They were on-time within 2 minutes of the "earliest time" in my move window. This is where people waste time and money.

-TIP THEM WELL, and pay CASH. Remember, you are saving about 50-70% off the next cheapest movers, and these guys were fast - plus there is a minimum charge for paying with Credit Card, and you have to give them notice that you are paying credit.

No scratches, no tickets, nothing broken. I have nothing but good things to say and I have already recommended them to 2 people I found apartments for that are moving.



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Could not be more pleased with...

Could not be more pleased with the quality of work I got from Quality!

I just moved to Chicago, and am juggling a bazillion "just moved" things, along with a new job.

We found a couch at the Crate and Barrel Outlet that we loved, but they don't deliver. That's where Quality comes in.

I was able to arrange every detail - including a quote - via email, which is my preferred mode of communication in this AT&T-forsaken city.

Quality went without me, picked up the HUGE sofa, and delivered to my apartment... early! I took a risk sending someone I had never even talked to out to pick up an expensive sofa without me, but they can definitely be trusted.

Driver and his helper carried the thing up the stairs and set it exactly where we needed it. Polite as could be the way.

I should mention that Quality quote came in a bit on the high side, but they were willing to work with me on the price a bit to get it to a more-than-reasonable rate. I see why they charge more: It's hard to find that kind of trust and reliability in this business.

Awesome. Save your minutes--don't even bother calling anyone else. Quality Move is the way to go.

Highly recommend.................................................

(I should also mention that of all the arrangements that need to be made during a move - movers, internet, satellite, other deliveries - Quality Move was literally the only one that went off without a hitch.)



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I moved yesterday with the hel...

I moved yesterday with the help of Quality Move and couldn't wait to provide them with positive feedback as soon as I received internet access. There were several reasons why I was extremely happy with their services but here are a few examples:

1) They arrived on time and in fact earlier than scheduled which fit into my plans for the day.

2) They came equipped and with tools to dismantle the bed frame and covered the TV's and valuables with cloth wrapping and tape.

3) I did a poor job packing glass wear and anticipated a few breaking, hopefully giving me an excuse to finally get matching sets, but they realized this and willingly put these containers on their laps in the front seats!

4) I had a grill that would not fit into the apartment and had not yet sold and they graciously allowed and helped me drop it off at a neighboring friends' home, without a fee.

5) When I tried to help, they politely told me, "Don't hurt yourself, this is why you hired movers".

6) They finished in the estimated time allotted even with a few hesitant re-positions of the couch, based on my part.

In summary, they were friendly, reliable, and a bargain. I would highly recommend them to friends and family as well as the yp community.



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Absolutely use this company wi...

Absolutely use this company with no hesitation.

They are extremely competitive rate-wise with other moving companies and they come without any of the BS.

I SCOURED the negative yp.com reviews (not many) before booking my move, which incidentally was to a house in the Wheaton, IL --small road, huge incline, tons of hazards, stairs, a staircase Harry Houdini could not get a couch through, etc.

After doing so, I planned for worst case, expecting the possibility of a larger price than estimated and a bunch of difficulty carting my awkward and heavy furniture up to the mountains since I knew it'd be a tough job.

In truth, the exact opposite happened, thanks especially to Kevin for booking and Scott, Victor and Juan the crew doing all the heavy lifting with amazing skill and even more amazing attitudes.

They worked magic with our bulky stuff, got a king tempurpedic mattress up a right-angle staircase only 27 inches wide and with a low ceiling. (for reference, a twin box spring WON'T fit through the area.)

More than that, they were super friendly, amazingly positive and willing to give anything a shot even if it looked impossible.

I absolutely love this company for doing what they do for the community and having a fantastic attitude. They finished my haul in a minimal 3.5 hours despite me adding about double the items I had on my pre-written moving form when the actual day came.

The only reason I spent more than I thought I would is that I decided to tip the guys 40 bucks apiece and buy them snacks for kicking so much ***. Never will I even think about using another moving company--they took a ton of pressure out of the situation and actually made the move really fun.

Don't think twice about booking these guys. They care a lot and they are fantastic at their jobs.

******GO QUALITY MOVE, MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!************************



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Beware. I have a long, painful...

Beware. I have a long, painful review full of how this company deliberately lies, cheats, and manipulates it's customers. I have had to hand the matter to an attorney.

We are a family with two small children. I work in a business/ legal filed and got everything in writing. "full service", "no hidden fees", etc.

They renigged on some free rentals (wardrobe boxes) 2 hours before they were supposed to arrive and refused to offer any consideration. Then they arrived 3 hours late, after 7 pm. My window was 2-4, and I had started calling by 4:30. Then they started telling me that all of the things on my original inventory and contract, like end tables, a sofa, etc would all be charged additional fees. My contract specified no hidden fees and full service, including unlimited blanket wrapping, which I reminded them. They said it didn't include "shrink wrap", and that they would not move the items with out it. They wanted $27 per item for this! When it looked like a big disaster, I asked them to leave. Flat out said "you are fired, please go. Go!".

They called a manager, we negotiated that we would buy the wrap and bubble ramp etc at a local Home Depot($150), and pay a flat $150 in additional fees.

The last time we moved we had 30 more boxes and 2 rooms more furniture. We hired 3 guys who moved it out of one place and into another in 6.5 hours. This crew of 5 took 5 hours to just move us out. And that was with my husband's help!

I had been assured we would have an inventory and total bill handed to us before they left. They left nothing when they departed after midnight. That was Saturday.

I called Monday for a total. No return call.

Tuesday, it took call after call to get the total. I know we had a few extra items, and I expected, based on the contract, $300 more. No way - they were now charging over $3500 instead of $2200.

I asked for a call on Thursday since they assured me our truck wpuld arrive Friday - a term I required to agree to the contract to begin with.

Friday, noon, I called. Once again I spoke to Eddie, sweet, young, helpless and utterly clueless customer service rep. Hen proudly announced our truck was loaded and would leave Chicago tomorrow. He seemed to struggle with my being upset that the truck was supposed to be delivering on Friday, not just leaving Chicago a day later!

Traveling and moving with two small children is hard. Having your belongings held captive, being absolutely taken for a ride and put through enormous, unneeded stress by a moving comp ah is utterly painful. I feel completely taken for a ride.

No end in sight, just had to hand it all to a lawyer. Someone must teach these guys they cant repeatedly and deliberately deceive their customers. If you care to join the suit or follow up, contact me at loans10@hotmail.com



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I contacted Quality Move for a...

I contacted Quality Move for a moving quote after my moving company bailed on me. Because I was not able to provide much leeway with my moving dates and I am on a very tight budget, I was unable to do my move with them. Nevertheless, Danielle was extremely prompt in contacting me, was very personable, helpful with all my questions, gave me great advice, and most of all, seemed honest. Thank you!



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These guys just moved me in to...

These guys just moved me in today and the other yp ratings were very accurate. On time, careful and professional. Mine was a difficult move - 2 flights of stairs and a long walk out of my old apartment and 2 flights of stairs up to get in to my place but the three movers handled it with no problem. Billed for 4 hours of moving time at $85/hr even though the actual time was a little longer than that. Moved from a 2 bdrm to a 2. The stairs, the long walk and the 0.5 hour drive account for most of the time, they don't move slowly.

Highly recommend!



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Quality Move was a big help wi...

Quality Move was a big help with my local move. Moving day is a total hassle and these guys did everything they could to minimize the stress. thanks Quality!



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Did my first cross-country mov...

Did my first cross-country move, from Los Angeles to Chicago. Found Priority on 123move, and they didn't let me down. The sales manager handled my account personally, and they coordinated and communicated well throughout the stages. They arrived early for pickup, which threw me off a little, but I was paying by weight and not time so it was ok. I liked their process of tagging each item and numbering it, although it might have been faster if they were doing a scanner instead of manually recording the items. On the delivery end, they got to Chicago really fast and worked with my building manager to facilitate the truck entry to our secure garage. Unload was super fast, friendly and efficient. Nothing seems to be broken, and there were no charges that I wasn't warned about upfront.

Thanks, Quality!



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This moving company exceeded o...

This moving company exceeded our expectations! Scheduling was easy, the office staff was professional, and we received a courtesy reminder a few days before the move. We moved from a 4th floor, 2BR, 2BA apartment in Old Town to Lincoln Park on August 1, 2011. We were completely packed and ready to go when they arrived. Paul, Miguel, and Jose came prepared: large truck, dollies, carts, extra tape, blankets, etc. They arrived 10 minutes early, were very courteous, professional, and hard working. They started moving us out at 9:00 am, and by 10:30 am the truck was packed and ready to go. By 12:30 pm we were completely moved in to our new place. Our stuff arrived damage-free, the cost was far less than their competitors, and they made the experience pain- and stress-free.

We will call them again for our next move. Thanks guys!

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