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Do not believe all the reviews...

Do not believe all the reviews here. This is a scam company. Check out real reviews:

Madi A.


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I have used this company twice: in July 2010 and again in September 2013. The movers were efficient and very professional and were on time. They finished faster than the time quoted the second time and I ended up paying less than was quoted. I am moving again in two months and intend to use them.



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Worst company ever

Talk about customer service horribly wrong. They will answer none of your calls ever and lie to you constantly and can not tell you when your stuff will arrive. I have been waiting over 3 weeks since they picked it up and I am still sleeping on a air mattress in my empty apartment so much fun let me tell u. They overcharge and don't tell you details til after they pickup and it's loaded. Not sure if this is a real company or big scam to steal people's items. Def going to sue them when it's all said and done as well as file other paperwork.



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We found these guys through my mother-in-law who has used them 5 times. Setting up the day was very easy. We did not receive a call the day before hand so my husband called them and explained his concerns after seeing some of these reviews. They assured us that we would receive great service and would not be charged more than what they quoted. If additional charges were added he said to call him back before paying anything and he would take care of it. Three guys moved us from Schaumburg to Tinley Park in 4 hours. Nothing broke, they wrapped all of the glass tables and our couches. Everything arrived in perfect condition and the men were very polite and easy to work with. The total cost was under the quoted price. We plan on using them for our next move and have already recommended them to my sister. I would highly recommend them. I would also suggest, if you have any concerns about the price they quote you or the time frame you should take the initiative to call them. Communication goes a long way with these guys.

Yaboo Y.


Provided by YP.com
Stolen Properties On April 27...

Stolen Properties

On April 27th I did hired Quality Move to provide me with household moving service from Chicago to San Diego California. Initially they quoted me with $6566.00 (Binding) estimate, but at the day of the move they made me to pay additional $800 because they claimed that they miscalculated the volume, regardless of their initial inventory that was physically conducted prior to the moving date.

At the time of delivery, the company representative went through the itemized company inventory list and found out that two handmade large rugs and one large 650lbs four-wheeled dolly were missing among stuff delivered to San Diego. The driver of the company signed written statement for the missing items. I did contacted the Quality Move same day and informed them of my missing items. They responded by saying that they have found so far in their warehouse one of my items which was the dolly and they promised me to look for my rugs. They told me that they are going to send my dolly thru UPS, after waiting for a month I did contacted the company again. That time they informed me that they are going to deliver the dolly with their truck driver who was suppose to deliver someone else stuff to California. I waited another 3 weeks for my dolly, and contacted the company again; they told me the truck should be there the same week. Then again they promised that the dolly will be in my hands following week. I have been waiting for my dolly for the past 3 months, and every time I did contacted them they told me the dolly is on its way and it will be there any day. I have been contacting the Quality Move Company more that 25 times to speak to the company supervisor Mr. John to get any answer about my missing items. However, I have never received any response from him despite my numerous messages left with the receptionist, and other company employees such as Kevin, Nicole and Vinson. At the end, I even tried to reach the company owner who totally ignored my messages.

I have never in my lifetime dealt with company such as Quality Move, which does nothing else, but trying to trick, and ripped off its customers from their belongings and never admits or at least tries to resolve the problems.



Provided by YP.com
This company needs to be put o...

This company needs to be put out of business or subjected to criminal charges...or both. There is virtually no customer service once you sign a contract with them. They do not respond to phone calls, do not deliver on time if at all, and do not respond to customer concerns in any way. You cannot trust that they will deliver your possessions intact, completely, or even at all. DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY!!!!



Provided by YP.com


They will not answer my phone calls or emails and have kept my things for 3 weeks. They will not guarantee any delivery nor will they allow me to talk to anyone other than the receptionist. I am filing complaints with various agencies.

BEWARE. Do yourself a favor and find another company. This one will overcharge and not deliver. Not worth the trouble.



Provided by YP.com
BEWARE! This company is mal...


This company is malicious, unprofessional, disrespectful and horrible. The fact that they are still in business baffles me. I have never been treated so rudely in my life. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

Moving is stressful, expensive, and time consuming. Do not place your trust in a company that will screw you over, cancel at the last minute, and treat you with no concern or regard.

I booked and confirmed the move months in advance. I was assured that my move was on the schedule and everything was set. At the very last minute, they refused to do the move with no explanation, no apology, and a complete lack of professionalism or ethics.

If a business enters into an agreement with a customer, they should uphold it. DO NOT PUT YOURSELF IN A DANGEROUS SPOT BY BOOKING A MOVE WITH THIS COMPANY. They will not show up for your move and they won't even care or offer any compensation for breaking their contract with you. Not acceptable.

This business needs to be shut down immediately. The best way to put them out of business is for the public to be educated about their horrible business practices. Do not book your move with them and tell everyone you know to stay far away from Quality Move!



Provided by YP.com
ABSOLUTELY DO NOT use this com...

ABSOLUTELY DO NOT use this company. I am in the process of suing them over an interstate move that was hell. They held my belongings hostage on the truck until I paid an additional $2K cash. So the quote of just over $2K became a very real $5K, putting me in the red big time. The police became involved when the truck driver literally fled from the weigh station. And I agree with the other comment, any good review of this company is clearly bogus. Just go to the Better Business Bureau website...39 complaints in the last year!



Provided by YP.com
This company deserves 0 stars....

This company deserves 0 stars. If you read the reviews that give it 5 stars they are clearly employees and paid people who are writing the reviews. "Quality" Move lost 2 of my boxes, my rug, and my lamp. I moved a studio apartment with a total of 4 boxes and not much furniture. They lost over half of my things. They delivered two weeks late, so I started work at my new job without any of my clothes. They also delivered at 11:30 PM. And the two people did not speak English. Who shows up to deliver at 11:30 PM?? They did not ever reimburse me for the lost items despite my filing a claim. They are the biggest joke of a moving company.



Provided by YP.com
Idiotic service. I requested t...

Idiotic service. I requested to deliver the items 20 days back. But still they are telling they dont know when they can deliver it. They are not even calling me and updating on the status. By giving the order they promised that they will deliver it in 5-7 days. Once the order has given and items are with them, they are making us foolish. They are asking more money to deliver on time. From the last 2 weeks I am getting the response that the packages are in truck. I dont know why these people are lying on me. DO NOT GO FOR THEM FOR ANY MOVES.



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Moving can be one of the most ...

Moving can be one of the most stressful events in your life. Really, it is right up there with losing your job or getting a divorce. Due to the nature of my work, my husband and I could be compared to a monarch butterfly. Yep, we make an annual move...maybe you could even call it a "migration" on the regular. We are attuned to the "dos and don'ts" of a successful move. Now knowing my experience, you might imagine whatever review I present to Quality Move has at least a smear of validity, right? In the past, yes I have hired magical movers (they're not massaging your feet, but let's be real) AND I have experienced the grimiest of the grime out there. Listen, I could write a new version of "The Nightmare on Elm Street".

That's neither here nor there. Quality Move is here and they are the cream of the crop. Never have I experienced a move so...stress-free! They were on time, responsive, responsible, cost-efficient, and kind! Oh, and they were gentle handing our stuff too. If you are looking to move within the Chicago Area or elsewhere, give them a call and it will make your transition a breeze. I promise you. Some say you can't have your cake and eat it too, it is quite the contrary if you go the Quality route. Good luck with your move!



Provided by YP.com
Quality Move professional and...

Quality Move professional and reliable. We said that from our combining domestic and international experiences. Here are why:

1. On time -

They were 15 minutes early on the day of move. Despite the unexpected technical problem on our site, they informed us right away without lies like other companies. They put our time and safety in priority.

2. Professional -

Alex and Lion were our movers. From the start to the end, they make sure everything was according to the contract we agreed upon. Time wise, they always confirm with us the start/end time of each action. During the process, they only talk when it's related to the move, no gossip like other movers we had before. All the furnitures are in the same condition in the new place. Price is quoted the same as promised via phone, no add up, no extra surprise charge, and no threaten you for tips.

3. Customer service -

They make sure all the changes are u to date by confirming the day before your move. They even have a follow up email to see if the move went smoothly.

In short, we felt relieved to have Alex & Lion of Quality Move for our move. This is the company we can recommend to our friends and family with full confidence. I hope Quality Move keeps these qualities and stay for a long time.



Provided by YP.com
I've never used professional m...

I've never used professional movers in my life. I've usually moved myself, by myself, brute force, in the middle of the night. Less traffic. I tend not to use friends, I mean, who would do that to a friend? My friends would help me move if I asked, but I'll wait until I have a body to move. A friend will help you move. A real friend will help you move a body.

Since I live in Downtown Chicago, there is no shortage of able bodied people looking for work. More and more every day actually. I even found a competent homeless data entry person the other day for a project I'm working on.

I'm pretty sure there will be lots more even after the next nutty government stimulus plan. One thing I know for sure, the folks I've met on the street will still be on the street even after the next 800 billion is distributed to cronies. Talk about tilting at windmills.

Unfortunately both the building I moved out of and the building I moved into required bonded movers. Learn something new every day I guess.

So I looked here on yp and found Quality Movers. These guys were great. They took good care of my electronics, dealt with the unexpected (my bed had to be disassembled to fit in the elevator, parking was a b****, etc.) and even compensated for my less than expert packing abilities. (What's wrong with putting dishes in plastic garbage bags? Can't you just lift carefully?)

They completely moved me in four hours, would have been two if not for my wacky bed and the Downtown Chicago Parking situation (and Batman). The price was reasonable, about what I was going to pay the homeless folks to tell the truth.

If you need movers, they may not look like much, just average guys, not Peter Lups, Lou Ferrigno in business shirts and khakis or anything, but who among us judges based simply on appearance, right?

Happy Moving!



Provided by YP.com
I ordered a job one day before...

I ordered a job one day before the move and spoke to Danielle.

She was friendly and attentive through both phone and email.

On moving day the guys showed up 10 minutes early: Luke and Marvin.

After 3 minutes of instruction they proceeded to begin loading the 24ft truck they rode in on.

I had 3 stops total to pick up furniture at before my final destination. I even rode in the truck with them which they were happy to accommodate me.

They hit all of 3 pickup locations AND unloaded the furniture at my apartment in LESS THAN 2 HOURS.

They were fast, efficient, careful (moving plants out of the way, being careful not to dent stairs when carrying boxes down them on dollies) and even friendly- Luke likes to play basketball and moved here from China.

I gave them a big tip because otherwise I felt like I would have been massively underpaying them.

Polite, fast, efficient and got the job done with all of my furniture and boxes intact!

Danielle even sent me a prompt thank you email when I contacted her about they're excellent service.

I will definitely be calling Quality Move again as I have moving needs and will be recommended them to all in the Chicago Area.



Provided by YP.com
ABSOLUTELY NOT a reputable bus...

ABSOLUTELY NOT a reputable business. I'm in the process of seeking arbitration against this company for overcharging me by thousands. They literally held my furniture hostage on the truck until I pulled 2K out of the bank in cash, then they damaged most of it and left without assembling any of it! To give you an idea of HOW SHADY this company is, they haven't even responded to the arbitrators! And now I've hired a lawyer to enforce the arbitration resolution. Please do NOT put yourself in my situation! I'm without thousands that's rightfully mine, and it's been 5 months since the move!



Provided by YP.com
Best! Movers! Ever! It took 7...

Best! Movers! Ever! It took 7 hours to move out of our 3+ bedroom home to another one up 25 stairs just to get in the front door and three levels once inside. Including some hellacious big, heavy, awkward pieces (elliptical exerciser, commercial grade foosball table...weird stuff like that).

I will run out of superlatives--prompt, extremely cheerful, careful of all our stuff and the walls and stairwells in both houses, completely professional and totally charming. LOVE THESE GUYS!

Two days later, I asked them to come back and move the leftovers from the old house-- furniture we didn't move, lots of recyclable and reusable toys, utensils, etc. Way better price than the union movers I've used in the past.

Did I say I love these guys? They work very hard, were appreciative of the two cases of water we provided (it was a hot day!) and of the lunch we brought in from Wendy's. If they'd let me, I'd have fed them a steak dinner afterward. They were really great guys.



Provided by YP.com
This was my second time using ...

This was my second time using movers, so I knew what to expect. I had called around to at least 10 different places playing them off one another to get the lowest bid.

What stuck out the most to me with Quality was that they had a professional looking website, and even the quote that was sent was professional. From everyone else, I had received everything from just a verbal quote, to an email quote, to just a plain text format quote - I know all of that sounds irrelevant, but when you're dealing with your possessions, you want to make sure you are working with a real business.

With all of that being said, I didn't have to haggle much at all with Quality, and I even spoke to them a couple of times because they wanted to confirm all of my information and make sure everything was ready. I appreciated the extra effort.

The moving experience was great. They wrapped my couches and wood furniture in plastic wrap so that they wouldn't get scratched. The movers were wonderful and friendly. Their name badges were embroidered into their shirts, so that reassured me that they were full-time employees (per their website), and not just guys off the street. I know some of my comments are pretty random, but I'm always skeptical of movers because of the crazy stories you hear!

My move was from Chicago (on the 26th floor of a highrise apartment) to Hoffman Estates. It was just under $400 including tip. I would definitely recommend them!HOURS!

As I said second time moving, but will use these guys again for my next move, as they are truly professionals! Incredibly quick and very careful of your belongings.

The communication from start to finish was excellent -- no hidden costs and they are very thorough at letting you know if anything will cost extra (boxes/wrapping/etc).

No extra charge for credit card payment. Tip them in cash.



Provided by YP.com
Dennis and his team were amazi...

Dennis and his team were amazing!! Dennis gave me a flat rate that included 4 hours and they were done in 3!! They worked so fast and were extremely careful with all our belongings. The guys were so nice and I would highly recommend Dennis and his team to anyone!!



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I moved about a week ago with ...

I moved about a week ago with Quality Move and still amazed. I chose the company for three reasons: 1.) They're well-rated, 2.) They're Professional (Go, team!), and 3.) I have a weakness for the word Quality and the red color. I didn't schedule a move out with the landlord, I thought it would be an amusing *kiss off* to the landlord that I was leaving behind without notice, who forbid me on moving out from the front. Ha haha hahaha haha ha.

Anyway! I planned ahead and got an estimate, i.e.-flat rate, and paid in cash . All as promised, all fine. I did all the packing myself and was pretty much ready when the truck arrived- a little late, but through no fault of their own. And they called ahead to inform me that there would be a slight delay.

Aside from meeting basic expectations, the thing that stood out about the team I had (three movers- Erick, Luke, and Wes) was their incredible efficiency YET, dare I say, *perfectionism* in wrapping and taping and wrapping again every single piece of furniture I owned. They protected my stuff the way I would have done it myself- except MUCH faster and with a seemingly unending supply of packing tape and blankets. I have a couple glass front pieces (a steel barrister bookcase and a mid-century glass top cabinet) and a digital piano and guitars... All arrived safely. And now, as I'm nearing the end of unpacking, I'm discovering that nothing inside the boxes was damaged or broken in transit. Awesome!

If you want to move in the least expensive fashion possible, then Quality probably not for you. But if you want to save yourself the physical and psychological stress of trying to get "friends" (ha!) to move you, or dealing with the fall-out of a crappy and/or shady moving job, I highly highly recommend.

Otherwise, I've heard Bernard Movers is really thorough- it just takes them awhile to get everything transported.

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