ProCare is a team of passionate rehabilitation experts, that work together with you, your doctors, family, and other health care professionals, to plan and execute quality treatment. THE PROCARE DIFFERENCE: ProCare Physical Therapy is a privately owned clinic providing the highest quality of care. We are a licensed team of professional Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, and Speech Therapy, dedicated to helping people achieve their best. Our therapists are some of the most experienced in the area and they are dedicated to providing a wide array of specialties. We treat patients with a hands-on approach utilizing our extensive training in manual therapy, as well as providing instruction in self-care, independent exercise programs and body mechanics. Our goal is to use our professional expertise to rehabilitate patients to a level at which they can resume their desired activities. OUR MISSION STATEMENT: Our success depends on the quality of care provided to each and every patient. Our expert team is committed to providing safe, quality, and cost-effective care to all patients. We strive to help every patient maximize their potential and exceed their expectations. I hope you will give my team and I the opportunity to provide you with the best therapy possible ~ Michael Trathen RPT
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Daniel B.


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Michael Trathen PT and his team of great therapist Karen and Claudiu were an integral part of my healing from shoulder and neck surgery earlier this year. Their manual therapy techniques are amazing, they have an uncanny ability/talent to find and release tight and contracted areas and then provides exercises to stretch and strengthen those areas. They are not only a talented Therapist, but also is trained in CranioSacral therapy and other techniques which makes her work even more effective. I have been to several physical therapists, and Michael the owner is by far the best at pinpointing the challenged areas and knowing how to work with them. I am seeing them again for some similar issues that have come back from overuse in the last several months and feel better after 5 sessions. I can end without acknowledging Sussy at the front desk she is soooooo sweet and has the most amazing smile that greets you every session. She is a doll. Michaels Mom also works the front desk and she is hilarious always laughing and smiling. They are excellent at the front office. They always get me the appointment times I want and my referrals without delay. This Procare PT team is really on point. I absolutely enjoy each and every session. Thanks Procare!!

Alvin Y.


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Procare Phyiscal Therapy are AMAZING!!! For 10 years I have suffered with debilitating constant headaches, cervical pain, and exhaustion from the pain. This was due to major car accidents that caused 3 herniated discs in my upper neck area and put me in the hospital for 1 month. y massage therapist recommended Procare PT, she had worked for Michael a few years back and said he was by far the best person around to help me. I had nothing to lose so I started seeing Mike. I am probably going to be one of his best testimonies because my pain is nearly gone. Mike and has done some manipulation techniques and instructed his team to give me strengthening exercises, and some minor adjustments that have made a huge difference. Now that I am 99% better I have been able to play tennis without medication for days before and after, I have gotten back to sewing, I have been able to sleep better, and have definitely had more energy. I do a lot of work at my computer for our custom home business. Now I am able to do that without being in misery. My range of motion has increased tremendously. Though I still have a small amount of pain which Mike would like to see gone, I am so thankful to be able to have such a tiny amount that I hardly notice it. The headaches are completely gone. He has definitely been a miracle worker and answer to prayer for me! Thank you Michael and the entire Procare Physical Therapy Team.

Robert G.


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Michael Trathen PT and his staff are wonderful. Starting from the front: Joan and Sussy are so funny and enviting, they always make you smile no matter how bad you are feeling.

For the past year, I have had lower back pain (severe sciatica) which is like having a knife in your back splitting your leg open all the way down the outside. My GP had sent me to the hospital for three epidural steroid injections which provided very temporary relief (5 weeks at most) and insurance will only allow 3 of those per year. But, this is only a bandaid and the pain always comes back.

First of Michael really listens and can tell so much just by looking at how you stand and walk. His adjustments, traction, ultrasound, and massage therapies got that painful stabbing feeling out of my back and leg within about 5 visits. The first few times, I felt little relief right after a session (which he said was normal) but I would go home and ice the areas the way he said to. Finally the day arrived when I woke up and the knife was gone. But, Mobility was still tough and I still have to be careful not to stand or sit or walk too long, but each time I go, I got better and better.

I feel 95% better than I did when I started with him two months ago and that is saying a lot. From crying in pain every single day to not crying at all (other than from knee and hip pain which is another story) is a major miracle in my book. He has helped me when no one else could and I will be forever grateful. I will continue to visit him in order to maintain the healing that has come from his hands and his staff who do the traction, ultrasounds and massage.

Thank you, Dr. Mike, Karen, Joan, Claudiu, and Sussy with the cute dimples. : You are all the best!!

Kathryn B.


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I have been sufferning from Vertigo for years...Michael Trathen and the Procare Physical Therapy Team are a dream come true. The exercises are doable because they evaluate your ability prior to treatment. As soon as I am competent with an exercise, Mike's Team makes it HARDER. Karen & Claud have given me the exercises to view at home on the computer, which makes remembering easier. These folks are the experts! All of the therapists and front office are very nice and caring and know their stuff.

I have had a vestibular problem for years and none of the doctors could figure this out.I tried other physical therapy places- but they really centered on sports medicine with a touch of vestibular as their secondary expertise- or they gave me 12 home based exercises which is debilitating to do in the beginning. Having Vertigo is very disabling and my life has been put on hold- socially and even enjoying vacations or travel. After one visit to Mike and faithfully doing the exercises at home I am 74 percent better! I am very grateful- I know I have a road still to go- but now I can stand at a counter without feeling like I have to move to feel right. Less brain fog too. I can wake up in the middle of the night and not feel the waves! You fellow ones who suffer this disabling disease know what I mean and how Vertigo can take over your life. Thank you Procare- anyone with any doubts- try this place- you will be grateful.

Peggy L.


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“I am 75 years-old and thanks to Michael Trathen, I have been able to keep myself active. I have been coming to his Center for years. Whenever I have any physical setbacks, I get in to see him right away and he gets me back up and active again. I am an above average athlete playing tennis at the Coral Ridge Country Club every Saturday and Sunday as well as golf four days a week at my local Country Club. Again, thanks to Michael Trathen and the Procare Team, after a hip replacement in 2016 and a shoulder replacement in early 2018, I can still compete in tennis with fellows 20-30 years younger. From the Senior tees in golf, I can shoot in the high 90’s.
I have recommended 8 to 10 fellow golfers and tennis partners to Michael Trathen since 2016 and Michael has performed successful hip, knee, and shoulder Therapy on all of them. He is not only an outstanding PT, a great person with fabulous bed side manner and sense of humor. I am always laughing and having a great time when I go to see him and his Team. I’d be remiss by not mentioning that he has an amazing staff, including his Mom who is a sweetheart and Sussy at the front desk. Sussy always welcomes you to and from the facility with a beautiful smile and a kind word.

In 20015, when I first met Michael, I felt a personal bond and friendship and after several years, I still have that same bond.” I recommend Michael and the Procare Team to anyone that wants to receive the best Physical Therapy in Fort Lauderdale. Thanks Mike

Lorance T.


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My Jouney to Procare PT. After being diagnosed with a severe herniation of the L4-L5 disc, my doctor advised I was likely going to need surgery but suggested I try physical therapy first, in hopes of avoiding surgery. Since I have never needed physical therapy before, I asked around for a reputable physical therapist. A close friend (who also happens to be an orthopedic surgeon) recommended Michael Trathen and Procare Physical Therapy in Fort Lauderdale, FL. When I arrived for my first appointment, I was in significant pain and was convinced that physical therapy would be a waste of time, for I was destined for a surgical remedy. My physical therapist, Michael Trathen listened carefully to my symptoms and explained, in detail, the physiology of my injury and how physical therapy might help. Michaels knowledge and obvious competence immediately made me more optimistic that this might actually work. For the next six weeks I saw Michael and His Assisting 2-3 times per week. Although I had some setbacks, Michael always remained positive and focused. What I appreciated most was Mike's genuine concern for my well being and his sincere desire to help me. I am proud to say that I have avoided surgery and have just received the news that my injury is healed. I am currently pain free and getting back to my routine (which my kids especially enjoy now that Dad can play with them again). Procare Phyiscal Therapy has earned my appreciation and respect. Additionally, I was most appreciative of Michael’s compassion and professionalism during my treatment. I watched him interact with other patients and saw first hand, how he treates everyone with the same passion. I spoke to so many other patients over the weeks I was getting treated and each and everyone of them had positive thing to say about Mike and his team. Thanks Procare for keeping from having to go under the Nife! Thanks Thanks Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

Bradley M.


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Pro-Care Physical Therapy is at the top of their Game, with new age techniques and very updated modalities and equipment. I previously went to another PT Center down the street that was suposed to be good, but after doing 3 sessions of rehab for 4 weeks after post anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, I was actually getting worse. I was scared that something was wrong with my surgery, but it was actually the poor treatment I was getting. So I switched to ProCare PT.. Making the change to coming here was a blessing. Being at the other clinic was a waste of my time. Michael Trathen and his staff are all very knowledgeable and friendly. The patient care coordinators Sussy and Joan are stupendous ladies. All the therapist and assistants here are very hands on and they take their time. The other facility I was at, I felt like I was on a conveyer belt. They treated me like a number. Procare on the other hand, treated my like family! Don't get me wrong the pushed me hard, but only as much as I could take. They will let you exert yourself to the extent they feel is suitable for the individual. I have been getting treatment now for 2 month and I am way ahead of schedule. My Orthopedic Doctor was so impressed with my turn around. I will absolutely recommend ProCare Physical Therapy to everyone.

Karen R.


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The patient care that takes place at Procare Physical Therapy is truly one of a kind. I had the unique experience to work as an intern at this clinic and I was amazed at the one-on-one patient to therapist treatment and the genuine care that each therapist had for their patients. Every time I chatted with a patient they would make sure to remind me how lucky I was to be shadowing Michael Trathen the Owner and Lead PT. I was assigned to for 2 months. This is something truly special that I have never experienced before coming to Procare; not only did the therapist care for their patients, but the patients cared for their therapists because they saw results from their treatments.
If I could give Mike and Procare 0 stars I would, and it comes highly recommended from me.

Mike R.


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these guys are awesome!! the best physical therapy clinic I have ever been to.. 10 stars across the board!!!!!! ***************

Darlene P.


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I highly recommend Procare Physical Therapy to anyone needing physical therapy and interested in lasting outcomes. I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical. I'd battled with a painful Achilles' tendon for years, exacerbated by a very busy tennis season. It would hurt every time I got done playing, and even stretching regularly and wearing a boot at night did not alleviate it. The doctor I saw for it actually recommended surgery if therapy didn't help.

Well, after just 4 weeks of therapy with Micheal Trathen and his Team, it is almost as good as new. I haven't felt this great in years. He did several strengthening exercise with me and they have made all the difference. I just came back from an entire weekend of long tennis matches, and have no problems whatsoever with my ankle. I've been able to stop wearing the boot at night, and my feet aren't nearly as stiff in the morning as they used to be. This is much better than I've ever hoped it could get.

I should also say that going to therapy wasn't a drag. It's a fun environment, there were always good conversations going on, and I ended up looking forward to my twice-weekly sessions. Go to Procare Physical Therapy, if you have any joint that hurts, and don't jump to surgery too quickly - you'll be amazed what these strengthening exercises can do for you!

From the second you walk in, you know this place is different. The staff is 100% concerned with your care and well being, and it shows. My care was personalized and the one-on-one attention I received made me feel like they were truly invested in me, not just giving me a recovery program. This is by far, the best place for Physical Therapy, in Broward County. Thanks to the entire Procare Team!!

Kimberly M.


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I dislocated my shoulder and rehabbed at Procare PT for 6 weeks. I knew nothing about physical therapy prior to my injury and didn't know what to expect, but Michael Trathen PT and his amzaing team blew me away in all aspects of my experience. The service at the front desk/check-in was even top notch. Sussy and Joan are absolute dolls.

Michael has a way of making you feel comfortable while also pushing you to succeed. He makes you believe in your ability to heal, and gives you confidence while making the PT sessions fun and enjoyable. Both Karen and Claudiu were also great to work with too, they made the sessions fun due to their positive attitude and genuine care/desire to help. All of them are extremely knowledgeable, and do an excellent job of answering any questions you have. They also work with each patient individually and independently in order to create a therapy regime that fits the individual's goals for healing.

My experience here was a huge success and I would recommend Michael Trathen and the Procare Team to anyone seeking physical therapy.

Orlando P.


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I was recently in an accident and had really bad lower back pain. I was doing chiropractor for almost 2 months and I felt like it wasn't working for me. So I tried Procare PT and OMG it's only been my 8th visit and my back already feels way better. Everyone is very nice and respectful. Definitely would recommended. The office is so warm and friendly; capable and professional. I’ve never needed physical therapy before. This has been a wonderful experience.

Byon G.


Provided by

Not enough Stars for Procare PT. I Can't say enough good things about everyone I have met at Procare Physical Therapy! They are all super nice down to earth people and a very warm, friendly and caring environment. Michael Trathen PT (Owner) is Very knowledgeable and take the time to educate you on your injury and recovery process. Due to my crazy work schedule I have seen a couple of different therapists and they are all very professional courteous and all around Great people. Karen is my regular therapist and she brightens the room with her wit and energy. I highly recommend this group to anyone needing physical therapy!This is a wonderful place for healing. Not only body but mind. Lots of equipment to keep the rehab interesting, but the thing that makes this center different is the staff. They are clearly dedicated and their caring enthusiasm for their clients is nothing short of amazing. From the minute you walk thru the door you will feel welcome and know your recovery is what matters most to them. Plus, Best of all """""NO MORE BACK PAIN!!!"""" I Highly recommend Procare Physical Therapy. Thanks Guys. I hope I will never need PT again, but if I do Procare PT is #1

Sue R.


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I have been thoroughly pleased with the care I have received at Procare Physical Therapy. I came to them with hip/lower back issues, I previously spent 5 minutes with an Orthopedic Doctor. Although the Doctor was quite nice, the time spent could not compare to the 1 hour that MIchael Trathen (The owner and Head Phyiscal Therapist) spent with me during my initial visit. Michael was able to figure out my issues--one of which I've had for years and years! In the weeks since my initial visit, I have been feeling so much better! Additionally, both of my teen-aged sons have visited. My older son was helped a great deal with a basketball injury. MIchael exposed an issue that was worse than what we thought (he has been treated by Karen and Claude as well). He is also feeling much better. For my younger son, Michael saved us an Urgent Care visit by taking care of his hurt knee. We have been treated with special care from the front desk to the back room! I cannot speak highly enough of my experience at Procare Physical Therapy! They helped me regain strength and mobility, always provided fun and individualized treatments, and I genuinely looked forward to my therapy sessions. I've recommended Procare to several other family members and friends. They truly are the best!

John C.


Provided by

I highly recommend Procare Physical Therapy for anyone needing PT. Michael Trathen the own and head PT is amazing, helpful and knowledgeable. You can tell he truly cares. I am so happy I found him!! I have attended this clinic for several injuries over the years and have ALWAYS had an exceptional experience. The Physical Therapists I’ve seen are really knowledgeable and are able to get to the cause of the problem and I quickly feel better. But I also find they are caring and empathetic and truly listen to any of my concerns and treat me like I’m the most important part of their day.

The receptionists are so friendly and helpful. They’ve been great at answering any questions that I have about my appointments and insurance payments.

The clinic is in a great location. Centrally Located in E. Broward County, Fort Lauderdal.

I’ve referred many of my friends and colleagues to Procare PT over the years, and I plan on referring many more in the future. Every single person I have sent there has had a great experience. These guys know stuff!

Lynn W.


Provided by

I cannot say enough great things about Procare PT. "I am so happy that my orthopedic surgeon highly recommended Michael Trathen RPT at Procare Physical Therapy in Fort Lauderdale, for my treatment! They are TOP NOTCH!! Starting with the front office. Sussy is comforting and kind. She makes you feel like you are talking to an old friend that truly cares about your wellbeing. She structured my appointments around my busy schedule. She is a doll. " I thought I was going to need surgery for the severe pain I was having while walking and using the stairs, but my doctor had the confidence in Procare Physical Therapy to cure my injury. I was able to receive an appointment the same day as my doctor’s visit! Upon every arrival, I never have to wait - I am greeted and escorted to the immaculate room where the therapists immediately begin treatment. During every visit, the entire staff always goes above and beyond what is expected and it shows how much they love their job. At Procare Physical Therapy, everyone is exceptionally friendly, knowledgeable, and professional! They work as a team and I feel that my treatment program is personalized for me. After twelve sessions of therapy, I can walk and use the stairs without pain! Each employee makes me smile and laugh while I am on my way to recovery! As a patient, I agree with my doctor and “highly recommend” Procare Physical Therapy!"

Alice B.


Provided by

PROCARE PT & MIKE TRATHEN ARE AMAZING!!!!! "My journey with Procare began during the most painful time in my life to date. Looking back I barely recall that first day because I was in such grave pain. During my initial visit I recalled his voice and touch which is all I had to rate my therapist. At the first touch he minstantly dispelled what I thought caused my condition and right away started a course of action. Dr. Trathen is clearly well versed in his field but healing is not all academic. He treats his patients as a whole person thru his genuine nature, respect for who you are in the moment and a drive to see you return to wellness. Mike was methodical in his design of a plan that worked not only in the clinic but could be transitioned to home. He guided me through tough times with kindness, professionalism and a warmth that led to a trust which is necessary for the recovery process to be successful. He is a credit to his profession. His abilities have allowed me to regain my quality of life which is priceless." Alicia

Phill M.


Provided by

This facility is extremely professional!! From the Front Desk to the treating Therapist, they are a dedicated team of knowledgeable, experienced PT professionals. They are NOT interested in providing the typical few minutes of modalities to justify insurance billings. Instead, they are interested in getting you better, and truly improving your health.
I've been to multiple PT Facilities and Hospital Rehabs over the years, and these people are top-notch. Really! They Treat you like family.

Lisa B.


Provided by

I was a college and Olympic alternate soccer player. I have accumulated several nagging painful injuries over the years that have prevented me from performing at my best. I have been to several physical therapy centers around the US and in South Florida over the years. .Michael Trathen and the Procare Staff are by far the most professional, well-organized, and friendly place of all! Michael Trathen PT, is super understanding and knowledgeable of my condition and takes into account every part of my anatomy, from toes to nose,, as he says it. LOL…. He sat down with me for over 1 hour, after a very thorough evaluation and explained to me in detail exactly what was going on with my body. He used animated videos and models to show me everything that was going on. Nobody has ever done this for me! I felt very confident in his hands. But, the true testimonial is that, after 2 months of Therapy, I am not performing at a level fare beyond what I was able to do before and PAIN FREE!! Thank you Michael and the ProCare Staff for taking care of me! YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Lisa B

Eric T.


Provided by

I started PT here 2 wks ago and it has been amazing. I can't recommend it enough. My back has been killing me for 6 months and I've went to numerous doctors and 2 different Therapy Centers and this was the first time I've seen real improvement. I would recommend anyone to go here without hesitation. The staff is friendly. Michael and staff are extremely knowledgeable. Definitely come here if you want the BEST!!!

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