Established in 1991, Robert H. Zoellner And Associates provides optometric solutions to the citizens of the city of Tulsa and surrounding communities. Based in Tulsa, Okla., the company endows with a variety of men's frames, including Ray Ban, Maui Jim, Ralph Lauren, Polo, Fossil, Easy Twist, Chesterfield and Carrera Republica. It also offers various brands of women's frames, such as Gucci, Versace, Liz Claiborne, Kate Spade, Valentino, Prada and Juicy Couture. Additionally, Robert H. Zoellner And Associates provides a plethora of contact lenses that includes Fresh Look Color Blends, Biofinity, PureVision and Avaira, to name a few.
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Tammi A.


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You'll get tricked if you look in the door and not see many people waiting for an exam. They process you then put you in a hallway with chairs that are filled with all the people that weren't sitting in the lobby so you have a long wait anyway. I kept receiving calls that I needed to come back and pay for the antiscratch coating which I only inquired about but didn't get applied plus, I doubt they'd have let me walk out with my glasses only paying my copay. I don't think the clinic is managed well bc when you call to say something, there's never a response except to say sorry. Not "we'll make sure it doesn't happen again"
They lost my glasses so when I went to pick them up, they weren't in the box so had to reorder and another week wait. Then the next month, lost my husband's contacts, reordered and had to wait. Definitely going somewhere else after this mess.

Scott M.


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My wife and I have been going to Dr Z's for several years. We get all our glasses and contacts here. We love the drive up window for quick pick up. The staff is friendly and always easy to work with.

Sandra L.


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Even though I advised them on setting the appointment up and on starting the examine the I was a diabetic who had not had insurance to get a complete eye checkup in 4 years I was shocked that all they did was a prescription check and sent me out the door I will never go back there

Miranda J.


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Horrible staff! My friend was seen at this location, was not satisfied with the service along with the staff very rude to patients. Went some where else to get an eye exam. The new office I went to called Dr. Zoellner's office to get my previous chart along with her prescription. She had signed a release form of her chart. They would not release her chart and Venus from Dr. Zoellner's office was rude over the phone questioning the Technician from this new office. Will not recommend this office to anyone. Please read reviews before being seen here. Customer service should come first, This office obviously does not do so even if the patient signs a release form.

B W.


Provided by YPmobile

Just another revolving door dr office.. The people were nice.. Eye exam was not done very thoroughly. went in for eye pain.. They tried to sell me glasses but had no selection to choose from got pi#*%y when I just asked for my rx to go. Problem ended up being there was something in my eye.. Then when I went elsewhere to buy glasses they had already pulled the benefits from the insurance and wouldn't reverse them. So took an hour to call insurance company to get it reversed.. Fraudulent crooks is all they are in my opinion.

Clayton R.


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I have gotten glasses here twice, both times the office failed to call me to let me know my glasses had arrived. they sat down there for days. I live 60 miles from the office and need to plan my trips. over all customer service sucks, lots of people standing around but you still wate to pay and wait to be helped will not use again.

Nikki H.


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So i make an appt for the 129 special for contacts which include exam as advertised... nope they charged me 70.00 for the contacts which are 17.99 on 1800 contacts then 100 for the exam and whatever other crap they charge but dont tell you until they want you to pay ... so i made an appt for my husband and though ok he is just getting glasses , we want the 129 special for 2 pairs which included exam . They had no frames for 19.00 out no matter what that heifer said . We looked so we went w more expensive . Then they charged so much more for plastic and tint and this and that ... 129. Turned into 469. Yes we paid , no we will not be back and yes im a traveling nurse so i will tell everyone about my experience at your business

Michael Q.


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Yes it has a factory type process but every person my daughter and I dealt with was pretty knowledgeable of their job, I know because I asked. Will I go there again? Yes and I will refer this business to my friends and family.

Angela K.


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My Tulsa friends and family please DO NOT go to Dr. Robert H. Zoellner & Associates for eyeglasses!!!! They are nothing but QUACKS!!! They move you through their "factory" like a bunch of cattle. The Optometrist was very rude and condescending during my examination. Their customer service SUCKS!! All this just to find out they got my prescription wrong and gave me attitude about it. I tried to ask for a supervisor to make a complaint and they put someone who claimed to be a "supervisor" on the phone who I swear sounded like a 10 year old who was totally non-receptive of my concerns and complaints. I now have to make another appointment with another Optometrist in town at a completely different office so I can get the glasses I need because Dr. Zoellner & Associates was not interested in helping me correct my prescription. Please beware of this substandard operation!!!!!!!

Steven S.


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Don't go to this place

I went to this place and I love how quick everything is but the quality of work sucks. They gave me the wrong strength on my left contact, so I went back for the free check and it's still wrong. Going back today to see what I can do now. This might have just been me having a problem but I feel they should've got it correct on the second visit at least.



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There Are 2 DIFFERENT Locations

I tried 4 or 5 different people to adjust my frames at the 21st and Harvard location. It was apparent that none of them had the least bit of experience or training in this very important aspect of the service. The staff at the Woodland Hills location, however, is quite good. I will be taking all of my eyewear business there in the future.



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Dr. Zoellners is super easy and great service. I have been getting my eye exams there for several years and will continue. The staff are friendly and helpful, and the glasses are super affordable. Last year I was going out of town and last minute I realized I didn't have any contacts and was going to the beach and hate wearing glasses when when I swim. I stopped by one the way to the airport and the girl in contacts was so nice she got me a trial pair to wear and an extra just in case!! LIFE SAVER!!!

YPMobile User


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The staff were super friendly ...

Overall, I don't think we will be going back there again. The staff were friendly and nice, but one woman in particular showed an attitude towards us when we changed our mind and decided to purchase only the prescription instead of buying glasses with it. When we were ready to checkout, she tossed our form to the cashier and just left without saying a word to us.



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The only good thing about this...

The only good thing about this place is that they are cheap for their exams. You can get contacts online for about 1/4 of the price, and go to Eyemart and get glasses for about the same price-with better customer service.

I gave this office multiple chances. First, like the person who reviewed earlier, I thought I was just being picky because I felt like I was rushed through there and they were really rude, so I gave them another chance. The next time I went in, I did not feel like my refraction was correct. I was having allergy issues and my vision was blurry; however, they still gave me a prescription for glasses. I'm not an expert, and I've never worked in the field, but the class I took at tech I learned that in a situation like that you're probably not going to get a good refraction. I got the glasses anyways, and a week or so later (when my allergy issues were gone) I went and got them. I gave them a chance for a couple of days, and everytime I tried to wear them it made my eyes hurt and water. Taking them back and just exchanging them for the one pair of contacts was way too much trouble and the lady I talked to was very rude about it. About a year and a few months later I called to get a copy of my last prescription faxed to me and both of the ladies I spoke to on the phone were very hateful about sending it to me because it was expired-I knew this, and I informed them of that. At that point I said I was never going back there, but about 2 months ago I needed a contacts fitting so I could order them off the internet and at the time I thought my insurance didn't cover vision. They were the cheapest around so I went ahead and went there. I paid for the contacts fitting and left after I found out they wanted to charge $70 for a box of contacts I could get online for $20. The lady I talked to told me they did price matches if I wanted to bring in an ad or anything to show the price, so when I found out I did have vision insurance I went ahead and took the ad up to Dr. Zoellners office so I wouldn't have to do an out-of-network claims form, or be out of pocket for the time. After I spent about an hour waiting on them to figure out how to file my insurance-or whatever it is they were doing-and waiting to be called back simply to talk to someone about getting contacts, I found out that they do not price match with insurance. Shouldn't the lady have told me this when I first walked in the door and had informed her that I wanted to do a price match and file insurance? Then to top it off, a month later I finally get my response from my insurance company about my out-of-network claim saying that it's denied because it has already been claimed by this office. I paid for my fitting out of pocket and I did not buy contacts from them, so nothing should have been claimed by them. Now I will have to wait longer on my check from the insurance company when I thought I would be receiving the money to go towards my $300 electric bill from this hot month.

I will not be going back to this office ever again. I should not have given them this many chances in the first place.



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Dont waste your money or time!

I have been going to Dr. Zoellner for the last 4 years, the only reason I keep going back is because I dont have to have an appoinment. Every year I go in there, they can never find my file from the year before. I thought I was the only one that felt the same way that alot of these other people feel. I am a picky person so I thought, oh its just me. But I see its NOT...I always felt rushed by the Dr and didnt know what to do next. The lobby was always dirty and last time I took my son there, they called me and told me his glasses were ready so went to pick them up....guess what? They couldnt find them, we sat there for 45min while they looked for them and then had the nerve to ask me if I was sure I came to that store to order his glasses. Then they didnt fit, sat for another 10-20min for someone to help us then they acted like I was bothering them..I agree with all the people who gave bad responses of this place and I too wondered if I was the only one this happened too. I am glad to know I am not, but it is sad that we have to encounter this. Something needs to be done!! After reading this, I know its not just me and I wont be going back......Dr. Zoellner, you really need to read all of these Reviews and make some drastic changes.



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Im not suprised to hear BAD reviews

They said they opened at 8:30 so I showed up at 8:25 and was the first person there......after about 20 minutes I walked up to the counter and asked how much longer. I was told...."Oh the doctors don't come in until 9:00". I stood there for a second trying to make sense of that and said "So you open at 8:30 but you cant be seen until 9:00 or there after".....makes perfect sense to me......NOT! I was going to be late for work as it was and now I'm even later and don't have any glasses. I walked out shaking my head still trying to understand. I wont be going back. I now understand more about the other BAD reviews......not to mention the last three pair of glasses Ive gotten there have broke before they were a year old......JUST BAD BUSINESS....PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!

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