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Evangelina M.


Provided by YPmobile

I came into matts shop last December to get a tattoo for my friend who had ms. And he drew me up a beautiful tattoo within an hour I was back that same day and unfortunately he had to go so his other artist had to do it instead the tattoo cane out okay and as soon as Matt saw it he said he didn't like the colouring and would fix it for me for free. Which I appreciated and was eager to get one done by matt . so for my next 3 tattoos he has given me a great deal on all of them not pricey at all. And he even let's me pay in payments which is perfect for me. He is a great guy who makes you feel like family or a best friend. And all the people saying he is inappropriate is inaccurate I believe his shop is appropriate for young kids and elderly and in fact they have been in there when I am tattooing. Yes Matt does joke but he knows when to joke and who to joke with I wouldn't want a stiff tattoo artist that doesn't talk at all and keeps to his self you want someone who makes you comfortable. Overall his shop is great always clean and friendly. He tattoos you at the pace you can take and actually puts thought into the products he buys making sure he has the best for his clients.

Ric S.


Provided by YPmobile
My First and Only Tat Artist

I met Matt today, after talking with him and planning this tattoo over phone and text messages. He is kind, funny and not at all inappropriate. I don't know who these people are referring to. But it certainly dose not sound like the guy who worked on me for a good couple hours.

Ellen S.


Provided by YPmobile

I have known Matt for over 9 years and he has done several tattoos as well as piercings for me. I have nothing but amazing things to say about his work and personality!

Alyssa W.


Provided by YPmobile

Matt is the only tattoo artist ive ever gone to, & is the one i will continue to go to. He does amazing work. He has your best interest in mind & will make sure whatever youre getting will look the best it can. Anybody who talks down on Matt dont know what theyre talkin about. I love Matt & hes great!!

April L.


Provided by YPmobile
Excellent work

Matt does great work , the best ever. Whoever is advertising all the negative drama and false accusations needs to man up instead of hiding behind a computer like a giant vag-ina OR shut up. Pick one.

Allyson J.


Provided by YPmobile

DONT GO TO MATT!!! I used to be his apprentice. I was learning to tattoo. I was only 17 at the time. And he was very inappropriate. I finally turned 18 and he got married. He was so flirtatious his wife thought something was going on. Now i repeat i justt turned 18 what would i want with an married old man. But anyways he ripped me off my apprenticeship out of pure jealousy and rumors.

Well year in a half goes by. Yes your wondering why o went back. He said he changed and blah blah blah. Well I wanted a tattoo on my shoulder. He gave me a deal. And worse mistake ever. He ooutlined it. And shaded it in. Well i come in to get more work done and he wasnt there. I drove all the way from south side fort worth to azle. They sent me home. I called to make sure he will be there to get more work done the next day.they said yes come on over. Well when i got there his co workers that were there told me he cant do my tattoo no more for personal reasons. I started crying. Because four roses i got were for my best friend that died five days after her birthday she was only 16 her birth flower were roses. He broke my heart for doing this to me. I despise him. He calls himself a tattoo artist? No hes a greedy person who takes your money and then screws you over. Too save the heartache dont go? I was literally crying. How can a person do this to you. He doesnt use his talent for happiness or to satisfies other. He uses it to get enough money in his pocket. So he can burn a hole in yours. His other artist told me he can do more for more money. And i told him i filled out a paper. Matt wrote on there three roses and thats it. But it was obvious he tattooed four. This was very upsetting and life changing. I havent gotten another tattoo since.

Danica M.


Provided by YPmobile

I scheduled an appointment with Matt to get a naval piercing. On their hours it said the shop closes at 2am but he said "I'm closing up early because I need to see my wife and I haven't seen her in a week." So he said he'd scheduled me at 10am the next morning. Note he doesn't open until 12pm, but making a big deal about how he's the owner and that he can open and close whenever he wants I make the appointment with him at 10am the next morning. The next morning I call his cell phone 20 minutes prior to the appointment, giving him a heads up that I'm on my way, he doesn't answer. I call him 10 minutes after that, still no answer. I call his shop, nope no answer. And when I arrive there, guess who didn't show up to the appointment, Matt. I call his cell one last time, no answer. Don't make appointment with him, just to do a walk in because he doesn't follow through.



Provided by YPmobile
I do not recommend anyone going here...

Matt seemed cool at first.... I use to work for him. A short while after I was hired, he "let me go". He accused me of stealing money from him when I never did. He always makes inappropriate comments towards females, both young and old. A number of girls have told me this. He is nice to your face, but talks bad about you behind your back. I have 2 tattoos by matt that need covered up.. I do not recommend anybody going to this shop. If you get hired by matt, don't expect to get paid. He never once paid me. I will say that the shop is kept cleaned though...



Provided by YP.com

Committing on Horrible ... the customer that wrote this review left the shop with a perfect tattoo shook our artists hand and said thank you ... Eddie has over 10 years experience in the field... every customer is given an after care sheet and verbal instructions on how to take care of their tattoo.. if you do not follow the instructions your tattoo will scab up and not look presentable ... this is Matt .. the owner... when i saw this mans tattoo it was one big scab .. when Mr Horrible got rude with me I asked him to leave my shop .. this is the type of shop that goes above and beyond for each and every customer .. Treat us how you would want to be treated



Provided by YPmobile

Went in for some work on my forearm a few weeks ago and used Eddy. 2 of my friends get their tats from him and I've always seen clean lines from him. This was not the case when I went. My piece was the first of 5 Cuneiform symbols and cuneiform is very precise. This particular symbol is actually two of the same symbol side by side and they look nothing alike, the lines are curvy, crooked and inconsistent on thickness.

I went back in today to ask what they could do to fix it and Matt (the owner?) gets confrontational immediately tellin me not to come in and be rude telling them the tattoo looks bad. Once some other customers walked in he calmed down and asked for my number so Eddy could call me and told me to have a nice day (only nice when other people are there, wtf is that?)

Do NOT GO HERE if you love your skin.



Provided by YP.com

I'd recommend this place to anybody. My good buddy got a tattoo done here the other day. Went to a different tattoo shop to get an estimate and all that, and they were not excited at all to do the tattoo. He went here, Matt was a great, Christian guy who was so excited to do it. After doing the outline, Matt told my friend if he doesn't mind, he'll just go off of what was in his head for the shading, and it came out GREAT.

My buddy also paid for his tattoo ahead of time, and got taken care of quickly and efficiently, unlike another review I saw. In fact, he is going back in a week for him to touch up and finish the tattoo for free.

Great family atmosphere, not a sketchy, biker filled place! You could take a 5 year old kid here and be comfortable.



Provided by YP.com
Dustin has done several tattoo...

Dustin has done several tattoos for myself and 2 family members. He did a wonderful job on all 3 of us. My sister-in-law is especially happy and has gotten so many compliments. I love mine and will only let him do any future work.



Provided by YP.com
Store is clean, staff is frien...

Store is clean, staff is friendly. Matt does good work and his pricing is fair. He will work up drawings for your ideas and he goes over them in depth.



Provided by YP.com

OK well I was asked by a girlfriend of my fiancees to go to

Crazy Clover cause she was told they were having a party in the parking

lot, so we all decided to go. While we were there the girls ended up getting a

couple of piercings done. I on the other hand talked to Matt The Owner, which was

a very nice guy...at the time. Matt asked my to comeback in mon morning at 10 to

do ink work, and asked me to go ahead and pay so i did(BIG MISTAKE). Well I showed up on mon at 10 @ almost 10:20 I left no Matt. Matt called me unfortunatly I had left my cell at home so I called him, ended up going back to shop and talked about other ideas, he told me to comeback when I had more cash which we agreed on ($) at that time. Well I called him on fri pretty early around 2:30 in afternoon to come in he would not even talk to me and told girl he would call me back if he had an opening. Well I called him at 7 and told him I had to get done either today or the next day. cause I had a buddy that was going to do some work on same arm and needed it to heal first before he could do work on it. Now I know most tattoo parlors dont do appointments on fri and sat but he told me flat out he wasnt going to and couldnt till next week. So thinking no hard feelings and I would just come in and get my deposit back well he then tells me that he is not going to give me my money and that he had another artist that could do it and to come in. I am thinking cool its going to get done,again i was mistaken. My fiancee and I get there and were treated like dog crap, even at one point his other artist stared me in the eyes thinking that he was going to punk me or something..........Wrong... Well his other artist told me to just go inside and he would be with me in a moment....well 30 min later after no one said a word to my fiancee or I we decided to just leave.... so word of advise dont pay for a tattoo from MATT in advance.

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