Here at AutoTransport123 we believe in a smooth and easy transport at any cost. You, as the customer should not have to worry about your biggest assets when you ship them. Our website is designed to match you up with shippers that directly fit your needs. Whether it being a motorcycle, car, truck or your whole house, we can help! We have been helping people ship in this industry for over 10 years and there is many more to come. With many different transporters to choose from, you can be stuck doing weeks upon weeks of research. Let us do the research for you. Call or e-mail us if you have any questions. Please fill out the quote form, and we will get back to you with our top tier companies, and hold your hand throughout the whole process.
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Lee T.


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This company is a joke. Do NOT use them to transport anything. They lie and rip ppl off. Worst experience I've ever had dealing with a company. They gave a quote and said it could be done in two days. Four days late they wanna increase the quote over $500 higher and want you to take it. It's a bait and switch game and it's just wrong. They should not be allowed to conduct business at all. We will pass this word to all the transport people in our area and hope this helps you if your looking for a transport company. DO NOT USE AUTO TRANSPORT 123!!!!!!!

Ignacio G.


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We used these guys to transport our car recently and did not have a good experience at all. When my car was delivered, it had 40 miles more than when it left and the company could not explain it. When I signed up, was told that they owned their own trucks and that the same truck would pick up and drop off. Turns out that they use a subcontractor names Bright Transport, who had a D- rating with the BBB. For $895, we expected better service. At least not joyriding my Hemi with no explanation. I would not recommend this company.

Ken G.


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I strongly advise everyone not to use this company. They want your credit card at the start and they promise anything to get your money and then they never deliver. They give you a quote and then say they can't get someone to pick it up and want you to pay more money. After a week of trying to get my bike moved unsuccessfully they wanted me to up the price and when I wanted to cancel they wanted to charge $100 to cancel. I got another company, Mission Auto Transport, and they delivered it in three days for less money. BE WARNED DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. I gave them a 3 day window to pick up the bike and all I got were excuses and they wanted more money to deliver it later.

Adel L.


Provided by

This company is full of liars. Do not ship your car with them! You will regret that!

If I can choose 0 star, I will give 0 star. End up spending hundreds of dollars in renting a car and a piece of iron at the bottom of my car fell off when it was delivered.

They will ask you to go to a website that claims that they are the best shipping company, but it is a fake website. If you go after you hung up the phone with them, the result would be totally different.

They call you at least twice a day before you place the order, but ignore your questions and calls after that.

I had a really bad experience with them. They seem to be really patient and professional when they try to convince you to place the order, but very impatient very bad attitude and even insult you when you have questions after that.

When I had questions after the order was placed, they said they would call back, but never.

Before I placed the order, I was told that my car would be picked up either on the 29th, 30th, or the 31th, but actually it was picked up on the 9th. I called them but I was totally ignored. One of the customer service person even blamed me badly because I called seven times in a day, but they still did not do as they promised !!

Finally I had to leave the area, and had to bother my friends for the pick-up. Worst, I had to spend hundreds of dollars on renting a car.

When I receive my car, a piece of iron fell off the bottom of my car.

I contacted and complained about the car rental expense and the damage to their customer service, but the customer service directed me to the sales person, but she never called back and ignored my emails.

I do not think there is problems with a particular sales person or customer service person, but everyone of them has problems.

Victoria C.


Provided by YPmobile

Only spoke to someone from this company one time and thats to get my card info. After that when called back to find info on my car was tossed around like a hot potato from one voicemail to another. Never heard from them again. Took my deposit money and disappeared!

Ray v. A.


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I've used this company back in 2012. at first everything seemed fine besides that I had to physically help a driver to load my motorcycle on the truck and ruin my shoes. They also charged me twice for the same service, and claimed that I was a liar, whenever I tried to prove them that there was a mistake on their behalf. At first I was offered to get my money back only if I would remove my review from, plus $20-40 dollars as a bribe. When I said NO! It took over a year when they finally had to accept their fault and send me a check for the amount owed. I was directly talking to the owner Keith Hecht, but that did not help much to quickly resolve the problem. I spent so much time and energy to get my MONEY back, and at the end they they just said Sorry. They are LIARS, SCAMERS, and should not be in business!


Pierre B.


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As a professional who has been...

As a professional who has been running significant customer service operations for more than ten years, I strongly advise you not to use this company for any of their services. Every bad review here seems to meet mine in a very logical and consistent way, this is a text book red flag case.

I was looking for a quick and convenient way to ship my car from Massachusetts to California this last holiday season. I used one of the comparative websites to get quotes, and they were the first to call me. The first contact was absolutely wonderful. Everything was taking care of to obtain trust from the client, from the responsiveness, to the speed, the amiability, the anticipation and minimal easy paperwork. They present themselves as a family owned company, they come out as genuinely caring human beings and professional, I really wanted to work with them after talking to their owner who also is a wonderful sales person. I told them my expectation in terms of timeline delivery, and was I was guaranteed it would work. Once they have you signed, they could not care less about you or your expectations, they just barely stay afloat.

My car was not delivered when they said it would, so I had to rent a car to go to my final destination. They put the blame on me. I adapted, I just wanted to receive my car at this stage, their demeanor made me uncomfortable and not confident about what could happen to it. I had to pay an extra 300 dollars after waiting for the car 10 more days than what we had agreed upon -3 delays in total, all communicated within less than 24 hours of ETA. The worst was having to call regularly to obtain a clear update on the status of my car without much result and talk to a team which I always seemed to bother. Their phone system sounds it's from the 90s, you will be on wait for a long time, sometimes for useless reasons (even when they're out of the office), and the only thing you will get from this team when they do answer - either the phone or their email - is their urge to get it over with. I needed a receipt for those extra shipment costs, a few weeks later, and even that was an issue for them to solve after several email exchange for something that simple. Interacting with their customer service ended up truly upsetting me because of their undeniable incompetence and unpleasantness.

This is indeed a shady amateur operation with no accountability only focused on collecting their brokerage fee, there is 0 service delivery, the Customer service being comprised of two, one being an extremely irritable, passive-aggressive rude woman who will bully you over the phone if you don't comply with her demands to help - i think that is Michelle; she hates her job and all of you that are part of it, the other being nice while more junior and thus not necessarily the most effective. Make your life better by avoiding these folks, there are plenty of other good companies to choose from, I just got caught into their nets because I neglected my due diligence research. I believe that trait is part of their angle to catch their prospects leads.. Just coming here on Yelp would have saved me many headaches.

Erik R.


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The only positive thing that came out of this experience of using Auto Transport 123 was that my vehicle was eventually delivered. After e-signing my contract to use them there was ZERO communication. Lies, Lies! Stated that they are not a broker, stated that they do not pay to be on (they are a Gold supporter) Check out other complaints around the web. Gave them a 3 day window to work with for pickup they acted like this was no problem. Vehicle was picked up 9 days later than available date only after they reposted the job for more money on the "board" that they claim to not use. They ended up reposting the job with a $125 deposit instead of $225 so the job was more appealing and company finally accepted it (reducing their deposit left more $ for the driver because the total stayed the same)Claim that they use exclusive trucks! No 24hr or 48hr notice before pickup as promised. Only email from AT123 was the dispatch info I received the same day the driver wanted to pickup. NO GPS tracking as promised. AT123 estimated delivery on Friday. Arrived Monday. Vehicle was on truck for 7days. Don't fall for the comforting speech about family business and "I will be with you every step of the way" After contract was signed what I heard when I contacted her was "I am just in sales". NEVER AGAIN! The only reason I gave one star was because the car was actually delivered.

Jeff L.


Provided by

Do not use these people. They tried to extort additional money from me to deliver my car a week later than they said they would! No Communication, Just horrible.

Brian E.


Provided by

Do not do business with this company. Period

They charge a minimum of $150 more than any company doing the exact same business.

Stay away from this company. They are the worst ever.

James A.


Provided by

Nothing worst then dealing with New Jersey sales people. They were extremely rude and unreliable. They told me that my car would be picked up on a certain date and guess what? Nobody shows up. Not even a single call to let me know that no one was calling. I received a call afterwards to review the service at which I told them it was "sub-par". WOW you should've heard how angry "Amanda" was. I'd sell my car before having them ship it again. DO NOT CALL ME I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY.


Jasmin H.


Provided by

I strongly recommend NOT using this company, Auto Transport 123 (AT 123)! Our experience with this company has been a nightmare and horrific, to say the least. In JUN 14, my husband and I (military family) used this company to transport our vehicle. We needed our car to be shipped from CA to MO for military reasons. We never shipped a car before and decided to go with this company based on their 5 star rating on the Internet (appears inflated). On 16 JUN 14, AT 123 (****** - Broker/Contract representative) contacted me. Initially, she appeared nice, polite, and knowledgeable. After we signed the contract, it appeared she did not care anymore – AT 123 simply wanted our money! *****, the truck driver, called to verify the location of my car; his tone was extremely rude and very disrespectful. I had never experienced bad-mannered/inappropriate behavior like this. Prior to *****’s (truck driver) arrival to my location, I spoke with ****** (AT 123) to confirm if we could put personal belongings on the backseat and trunk of our car. She said, “Yes, just as long as it does not exceed the window”. I complied with ******’s (AT 123) guidance. ***** (truck driver) arrived to my location in an intimidating manner. Instead of saying hello, he abruptly stated that he would not take my personal belongings (to include my 3 month old baby’s items). I informed him that ****** (AT 123) said I could put items in the car. He quickly stated, “I hope your stuff gets stolen and if it doesn't I would throw it in the dumpster”. Because I had a flight to catch a few days later, I had to swallow my pride. After he did the inspection on my car and I signed the Bill of Lading, he loaded up my car. I tried to ask ***** (truck driver) questions regarding the transport process and he had the audacity to call me a ***** He slammed the paperwork in my hand, jumped in his truck and quickly drove off. I was in a state of panic, so I tried to get in contact with AT 123. I left the company a voicemail and nobody called me back. I sent an email to Auto Transport 123 (******) - no response. The next morning, I was finally able to get a hold of ****** (AT 123) to explain the situation between the driver and me. Based on our conversation, it appeared that she could care less. She stated that she could not open my email and someone from the company would call me shortly. Nobody called that day or the day after. On the day of drop off, ***** (truck driver) called (from St. Louis) demanding an extra $100 for the personal belongings in the car. I explained to him that I am allowed to have personal items in the car (it’s written in the contract). He said that he would not drop-off my car unless we pay him. My husband argued with him about the additional charge. ***** (truck driver) said he would not drive to our location. ***** (truck driver) changed the subject and demanded that we provided another drop-off address because it’s in a residential location. So, we gave him an alternate location. He said, “I will not drive to the new location unless you give me an additional $100”. It felt like we were being extorted. Nevertheless, AT 123 (broker) and Competition Cartage, Inc. (carrier) have different policies as it pertains to personal belongings in vehicles and add-on fees. The customer, unfortunately, has to suffer because of various policies and charges. After my husband threatened to press charges against AT 123, they agreed to not charge an extra $200. *****, the truck driver, went from being obnoxious to being nice. The ordeal took over 2 hrs. to resolve. This was the worst experience of my life!



Provided by YPmobile
Steer clear!

Stay away from this company. My car has not been shipped after 3 weeks of scheduling. They never return a call even if they say they would. Left countless voice mails and no reply..They charged me for the pick up and will not refund your money. Was quoted $225 for reservation and got charged $240 and when I asked why, they said " won't have to pay as much when it gets there" Do not recommend this company to anyone

Pamela B.


Provided by

When I started quoting out shippers for my truck, it was very overwhelming! I was getting automated calls as well as calls from people that sounded like an automated service, they were so scripted. By the time Matt called to follow up on his emailed quote, I had seen so many and answered the phone so many times, I was ready to just drive my truck and not be bothered with it all. Matt spoke to me professionally but not scripted and assured me that the business was family owned and what I needed is what 123 could help me with hassle free. My move dates and locations were all over the place and although I changed plans several times, Matt was always on top of it and never made me feel like it was a "chore" for him to do anything for me. When it was time to get my truck, Janine and Matt both worked together to make sure all transactions were completed and followed up with how the driver's customer service was throughout the journey. I am positive that anytime myself or my family needs to ship a vehicle, there is no one else I will call to get it done safely, and happily!! Thank you Matt!!

Erin M.


Provided by




Provided by

Autotransport123 has HORRIBLE customer service!!! I placed an order then cancelled it within an hour. I called and spoke with Danny as well as emailed him notifying him of my cancellation. He assured me it would be taken care of and my card not charged. 3 days later I received a call from a driver that they dispatched to pick my car up DESPITE my cancellation! They also attempted to charge my card $225, then $150, then $50 on the same day (3 days after I cancelled). When I called to dispute the charge, they gave me the run around for 2 days. When I finally spoke to someone, they were VERY RUDE, SARCASTIC and UNPROFESSIONAL! They were mad that I chose to go with another company who was professional, reasonable and was able to pick-up/deliver my vehicle faster! STAY AWAY FROM AUTOTRANSPORT123! They are CROOKS! Go with CarShipperUSA instead! Glenn and Anna are AWESOME and they VERY PROFESSIONAL!

Maxine D.


Provided by

I ship my car up and down from New York to Florida every year this is the 4th company I have used and I found my shipper for the years to come (please god) Christian explained an industry that I already knew assured me I would be in good hands after having nightmares before all I can say was he is the first company to deliver on there promise no issues, no lies, straight forward easy and fair. I even had to change the date he charged me nothing and helped me out great service will definitely recommend to friends and family

Kayla F.


Provided by

I was really nervous about transporting my van across country. I love my van. But Ben at Auto Transport 123 was really nice and everything he promised was true. I chose them because of their great ratings and reviews . The actual trucking company was really good too. They were very nice guys and they got my van across the country , 3000 miles, in 3 days!!! I was blown away. I was able to get money back on my rental car since I only needed it one day. Thank you guys sooooo much!

Sylvia E.


Provided by

Dad was over-joyed with this service! The service was above and beyond what we had expected. Best of all, the cost was way below what I had anticipated.

Hope D.


Provided by

I've used Auto Transport 123 several times and always happy with service and price! We have shipped a high-end car to Atlanta from LA and back 3 times in an enclosed carrier, and another in an open, and we have been blown away by the speed and professionalism of the carriers.

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Here at AutoTransport123 we believe in a smooth and easy transport at any cost. You, as the customer should not have to worry about your biggest assets when you ship them.
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Here at AutoTransport123 we believe in a smooth and easy transport at any cost. You, as the customer should not have to worry about your biggest assets when you ship them. Our website is designed to match you up with shippers that directly fit your

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