Bishop Law Office seeks to obtain the best results for its clients, and to provide quality family law services at a reasonable cost. We are committed to settling cases early in the proceedings without sacrificing our client's interests. If litigation is necessary, Bishop Law Office attorneys are very experienced and aggressively seek to obtain the best results for our clients. Our experienced and trusted Arizona divorce attorneys represent your interests in all areas of family law and divorce legal issues. The Bishop Law Office has skilled litigators in divorce, child custody, child support, visitation, modifications and interstate child support and interstate custody disputes. Attorney William D. Bishop is one of a select group of attorneys in Arizona to be certified as a specialist in the practice of family law by the State Bar of Arizona Board of Legal Specialization. In addition, Mr. Bishop is listed in the Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers under the Family Law practice area.
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Provided by
Angela Peacock and Bishop Law

I am writing this letter about Angela Peacock and her professional skill as a family law attorney.

Angela handled my divorce case ( Alley vs. Alley ) with great skills and a wonderful attitude. Angela on my case was very honest and very up front with legal info pertaining to my case.

Lawyer Skills. Very professional and knowledgeable.
Impression. Over all, very impressed
Service Provided. Very pleased and satisfied.
If all attorney's are like Angela, case's would be over in one day.


Ronnie Alley

Sarah P.


Provided by

Steve Przeslicke was very helpful, understanding, and patient while handling my legal proceedings. Their staff is very swell. They explained every step of the procedure which was a great relief for me.

David B.


Provided by

worst phone call I ever made. Rude and horrible. Talk down to you.

B B.


Provided by

I first want to express that EVERY single time we contacted the office we had nothing but a respectful and caring interaction. Being said that, we are unable to express the gratitude that we owe Fred Ruotolo. He was always available, willing to listen, help solve and look at what we might have to face in our situation. Not only do we owe him a lifetime for helping us in a very ugly and dire time but we know that we will have a lifetime of friendship. These are two very comforting things to have.

And, as we look into our very precious eyes every single day, we thank him.

Darrin S.


Provided by

I want to sincerely thank and recognize Fred Ruotolo for his understanding and compassion for my difficult and frustrating situation that had developed with my former spouse since our divorce. Fred was instrumental in providing legal counsel and submitting all necessary documentation to the courts. I chose to have full representation which allowed me to focus on managing the day to day issues and the assurance that all legal formalities would be followed up on by Fred. It was the perfect decision for me and when the need came to act quickly and complete our agreed upon resolution. Fred got the job done in short order and made the process simple for me. I now have a lawyer to consult with should there ever be a future need and my gratitude to Fred and his staff is sincerely deserved. THANK YOU!

Sincere Gratitude,



Provided by
Attorney Bill Bishop

I am using Bill Bishop's services to file a change in the parenting plan for my children. I just want to say that I was so amazed as to how quickly he was able to size up the situation, understand the key facts to the case and articulate it so quickly in a petition to the court. I have worked with many other large attorney firms for various cases for my business as well as personal situations and I have never had the pleasure to meet an attorney, such as Bill Bishop, who was so concise and who understood the urgency of my situation. Normally, I have had to go through many iterations of documents from our previous attorney's to get the message across for our cases. In this case, Bill was able to prepare the petition within a few days with all the important points. I feel alot better going into the long battle that I will have with the courts knowing that I have Bill Bishop on my side. Thank you!

Lata Pall



Provided by
To Whom It May Concern

“To whom it may concern,

Whatever a person’s position in life the harrowing financial and emotional issues surrounding family conflict or changes can be functionally paralyzing. In my personal situation I was seeking legal representation that would aggressively advocate for my rights while compassionately navigating me through the narrows of the complex legal process. I was so fortunate to have my search result in locating Barbara Fuqua and her legal team to assist me in achieving a successful timely conclusion to my trying circumstances.

As a result, when dealing with any type of family legal issue, I highly recommend Barbara Fuqua of the Bishop Law Office as a steadfast professional partner in assuring fair and timely completion of any sensitive proceeding.

Thank you so much Barbara and her supportive staff,

Donald J. Houde

Chief Information Officer”



Provided by
Referral and Testimonial Great Service

REFERRAL/TESTIMONIAL: Outstanding Representation and Service

I came to the Bishop Law Office in the winter of 2007 during the most difficult and stressful time of my life. When my husband delivered the news that he was divorcing me, I was a stay-at-home mother of three children and had only worked part-time jobs for almost 20 years. I had consultations with two other law firms before coming to the Bishop Law Office, and the previous firms’ assessment of my situation was very grim and discouraging. I was given very blunt and unkind advice about the likely outcome of a divorce settlement, and clearly, I was in serious trouble. Needless to say, I was even more terrified and distraught over my pending divorce.

My call to the Bishop Law Office led me to Barbara Fuqua, and the staff assured me that she had the expertise and experience to guide me through a complicated divorce and the fair division of my share of my husband’s military retirement. Barbara Fuqua agreed to take my case, and immediately, I felt relief and reassurance that I had expert legal representation on my side. As the divorce proceedings dragged on, my ex-husband and his attorney were extremely difficult and unpredictable. Ms. Fuqua stood right by my side and ensured that my children and I were protected with a fair and equitable settlement in property division, spousal support, and child support. She was always available to answer my questions and her knowledge and expertise in family law was the key to the positive outcome of my settlement. When Ms. Fuqua represented me in court proceedings, it was very obvious that she was well known and well respected by the judges, mediators, and court personnel.

It has been a year since my divorce was final, and every contingency that I could face in terms of visitation, support, and even taxes was addressed properly and clearly stated in the divorce decree. This has eliminated misunderstandings and creative interpretations of the settlement and has prevented the need for further expensive legal actions. I highly recommend Ms. Fuqua when facing a difficult legal/Family Law challenge. I was lucky to have found her, and I have been able to build a new life for my family with confidence and financial security. I couldn’t have managed it without Barbara Fuqua and her exceptional legal team.

Sincerely yours,

Paige Engelson



Provided by
Bill Bishop

I personally believe Bill Bishop is the best divorce attorney I know. Bill represented me in my divorce and was extremely professional and so very intelligent. The level of trust and confidence you must have in your attorney as you go thru the legal system is a key ingredient for success. He is a master of techniques and understands the importance of all facets of the divorce. He is truly "the one to have on your side"!

Phoenix has scores of divorce attorneys. But very few will measure up to the standards and knowledge of Bill Bishop. He represented me and I never questioned his attention to detail or his expertise in the legal arena. Bill is well known and I believe highly respected by the Phoenix legal community. My attitude was... I wanted to be represented by the best divorce attorney I could have....I was never disappointed, and my settlement reiterated that fact!

Divorce for me was like being in unknown waters! The decisions that are handed down by the legal system will affect you for the rest of your life. There is no value that can be placed on having your interests represented by the best. Bill Bishop is priceless.....but you won't know that until he's representing you.

Jim Kaiser



Provided by
If you need a divorce lawyer, I recommend Angela Peacock

Dear Prospective Client:

The past couple of years from 2007 through 2008 were undoubtedly the most difficult years of my life due to the ramifications of divorce. I learned that every divorce case is different and will develop a path of it’s own. No matter what the circumstances are, it can be made much easier with constructive education and the right legal advisor by your side.

I can assure you that Angela Peacock was the right fit for me. I can recall many aspects of my divorce becoming a nightmare with an overwhelming amount of paperwork and a battle of emotions, stress and so on so forth. Angela was able to help me focus and put all the distortion into perspective. I admit that I was not the easiest person to listen to with my stubborn attitude during that difficult time. Consequently, she was keenly sensible to start by educating me first and then helping me become organized for the sake of myself. I assure it was no easy task for her either. She is a professional advisor in that arena and her expertise made all the difference on the outcome of my case. She had the ability to analyze my case so as to help me see what was reasonable while also predicting the various results depending on my actions. I also think Angela was at times more aware and concerned about my legal fees than me.

Divorce is not easy for anyone including the attorney that is trying to help you. Angela gained my trust by treating me with respect while staying firm to what was necessary for getting the job done. I found her to be very mature in her approach and she demanded what was required for the most successful outcome. I had to remind myself that age is not a requisite for knowledge. Angela has the legal experience by dealing with these issues every day. Since divorce has no winners, I feel that my case was resolved in a manner that was very positive and agreeable to me based on the advice I received. I recommend Angela’s services to anyone seeking competence with getting through the paperwork, legalese and emotional grind of the law. It was a blessing to have her on my side.


Oswaldo Bermudez



Provided by
Kristen Martin Divorce Lawyer

I have retained the services of Kristen Martin for several years and my single regret is that I did not obtain them earlier. For my divorce, I went with one of those “one size fits all” law firms that handle cases ranging from Family Law to DUI and everything in between. Unfortunately, I suffered the consequences of that decision. When I needed to correct all the legal mistakes that were made during my divorce, I began interviewing lawyers. Armed with my questions and proposed game-plan, I spoke with several firms and even more lawyers. While there are many reasons why I chose Kristen, the moment that sticks with me the most is when she said something the others had not. She told me “no”! I was flabbergasted. She continued to elaborate on why my proposed plan would not work and that if I truly wanted to reach my end goals we would need to create a different plan of attack. While other lawyers were “yessing me to death” in an effort to gain my business, Kristen chose to do what was in my best interest and not simply follow the money.

From a professional perspective, I challenge you to find a better Family Law lawyer. Kristen is extremely intelligent, organized, timely and, most importantly, she involves you in the entire process. She truly gives you the tools you need in order to make informed decisions. During the holiday season a few years ago Kristen gave me her personal cell phone number in case I had any questions even though she was on vacation. While Kristen excels in every Family Law category, she truly shines in the court room. Her preparation, her ability to coach, her ability to question witnesses and her ability to keep you calm and focused during one of the most stressful situations of your life are second to none. Watching Kristen work in the court room and knowing that she is on your side is an absolute confidence builder. In all honesty, there is no one I would rather have by my side during an Evidentiary Hearing than Kristen.



Provided by
Ms. Kristen Martin

I have been a client of Kristen Martin’s since approximately February 2006. In an industry where it is near impossible to find someone of intelligence, honesty, and integrity as well as compassion, I have never known Ms. Martin to be a person of anything but. She has represented me every step of the way with the highest knowledge of court processes and workings. While in the courtroom she speaks to facts and data rather than accusations and while cross-examining is quick to catch contradictions. I have never seen Ms. Martin enter any situation being the slightest bit unprepared. I quickly recognized her to be someone of extreme intelligence, while personable at the same time.

Kristen has always been understanding of the situations concerning my case while helping me to address them in a way that gets results. In a time where I was overwhelmed by the court system, my worries were quickly calmed after speaking with Ms. Martin and seeing her ability to bring structure and substance to my case.

There is no one that I would give a higher recommendation than Ms. Kristen Martin; not only for her knowledge and integrity in the courtroom but her compassion and understanding as well.


Ms. Cara A Bricker



Provided by
Attorney Kristen Martin Bishop Law

Dear Kristen,

I'm not sure quite how to convey my thanks ( and frankly gratitude) for the way you handled my divorce case. At the time I was referred to you, I had been thoroughly manipulated by my estranged wife, her lawyer, and the Court. My situation appeared hopeless.

My previous attorney and his firm certainly must bear some responsibility for the dire state of affairs when I met with you. I was immediately impressed by your honesty and frankness. While it could have been mistaken for abruptness, it was in fact quite the opposite.

Over the additional 12 months it took to get to trial and ultimately to secure a signed divorce decree, we faced many challenges. I say we faced because you were with me every step of the way. What could have been a continued disaster ended about as well as it could have.

You were superb in court. Our arguements seemed to be so much more logical and clear than the rants and empty accusations from the other side. In the end, my now ex-wife got much less than she was expecting, thanks to you, and also to your supporting staff.

My tanks extend to your paralegal Michelle as well. There's a lot that needs to get handled behind the scenes,

and Michelle was always on top of the case when you were out defending other clients. You two wre obviously a high-performance team.

Once again thanks. If I could be of help to you in the future ( rather than the other way around !) . Please let me know . Best wishes for continued success.


Geene Roose



Provided by
Bill Bishop

Mr.Bill Bishop has been my Divorce Attorney since last March. He has always

given me excellent service. I have been very fragile during my ongoing

divorce and he has been very compassionate to my needs. I recommend him to

anyone who is going or will soon be going through this rough time in your

life! His staff is excellent and caring.

Sincerely,Jayme L.Foulds



Provided by
Per Daniel Regelbrugge

Ms. Angela Peacock provided me with fine legal service from approximately March, 2007 until her recent departure from her former legal firm of Fromm, Smith & Gadow.

While the process of getting divorced can unfold in myriad ways, and is never pleasant, it also needn't be a torturous process; to wit, Ms. Peacock was a real lifesaver for me.

Ms. Peacock distinguished herself by always lending a sympathetic, yet pragmatic perspective to the "many bumps in the road" that pervaded the path to finalizing the divorce. It can be said that my particular situation was simplified greatly as a result of her forward thinking, flexibility, and initiative.

Ms. Peacock was always available to me and was likewise attentive to the timelines and time constraints under which we were working. I recall numerous occasions on which she lingered after her own business hours to accomodate my schedule so that we can discuss our game plan on the phone, and when she was indisposed or otherwise engaged, she was very efficient in having her team take note of my concerns/questions until such time as she was able to get back to me.

I confess that I was very concerned initially, given the fact that I was still stationed in Germany when I decided to file for divorce, but upon meeting Ms. Peacock and then working with her over the course of the subsequent months, I must say that she was focused, determined (without being overbearing), and committed to fighting for my best interests.

Ms. Peacock quickly mapped the process out for me. She gave me the paperwork and literature with which I needed to make myself familiar prior to making any "hard" decisions, and then made certain that she was available to me when I came back with questions/concerns. In addition, she was very good at playing devil's advocate whenever I was clearly allowing my love for my children sway my thinking too far in direction of illogical concession. I recommend Ms. Angela Peacock as an attorney to anyone, and would certainly hope to work with her again should the need ever arise.

Daniel F. Regelbrugge



Provided by
My lawyer Angela of Bishop Law

Angela has high professional standards and she worked my case with tenacity and determination. Always giving an ear to my circumstances she reassured me throughout the process. Standing with Angela in court made me feel relaxed and confident. During the court process Angela was strong, wise and I felt well represented. Provided I need professional services again I would look forward to working with Angela in the future.

Tamara Warlick



Provided by
Our Attorney Angela Peacock

On or about April 2007 I was put in a postion to retain a divorce attorney and Angela Peacock was refered to me by a family member. Divorce is a somewhat unpleasant situation for anyone, but Angela put me somewhat at ease on my very first visit. From that first meeting to the very last part of the divorce, something that was very important to me was that she listened to what I had to say, and from that information she explained to me in detail my options. Her explaination of the way things were to proceed were very concise and right on the mark. Some aspects of a divorce are not pretty, and somethings she had to explain I didn't like, but nonetheless she did, in a very honest and fair manner. I have seen and heard in conference calls with the other party and her attorney, the way she handles herself in the negoiating process, her persistance and the extreme attention to detail, nothing gets by Angela Peacock. She always had my best interest in front and made herself and her staff available to me anytime I had a question or concern. I hope that I never have to use a family law attorney again, but if I do she will be my only choice. David Lucchesi



Provided by
Angela Peacock of Bishop Law Office

'Angela handled a very difficult divorce for me a couple of years ago, one which was difficult going through emotionally and which was filled with threats and abuse by my now ex-wife. There are several things I appreciated Angela regarding the services she provided me, they were:

1. She maintained professional representation throughout the proceedings even during the most stressful times, and focused on the facts and ensuring that all necessary details were covered. In addition, when my ex-wife and her attorney began to engage her name in frivolous matters, she handled it with respect and integrity without incurring a large expense.

2. She worked with me in establishing ground rules on how we would interact with my ex-wife her attorney and she respected those ground rules throughout the proceedings.

3. She represented and advised me on what 'My' rights were, along with what was in the best interest for both parties in coming up with a fair and equitable settlement and always had my and my children's interest in mind.

4. She listened to my concerns and questions as we were going through the process and was able to be firm and flexible when needed.

Overall, Angela made the process easy, however, I did not necessarily follow her advice, which I know frustrated her, and which I never saw her frustration come out. Had I followed her advice as she had recommended, I would have saved myself a lot of pain, aggravation and financial impact. Despite that, she still made sure to represent me and ensure that what I wanted was adhered to the letter of the law. I would highly recommend, and have, Angela to handle anyone's needs when going through a difficult process of a divorce or separation.'



Provided by
Great Attention To Detail

We recently retained the Bishop Law Office to represent us in a severance matter. We choose the Bishop Law Office because of their years of experience, attention to details and responsiveness.

Bill Bishop handled our case with professionalism and a sense of urgency. We also had the pleasure of working with Barbara during a mediation hearing; every facet of their firm exceeded our expectations, from the attorneys and paralegals to the billing department.

When the opposing party was not agreeable to our petition we were forced to go to trial. Mr. Bishop prepared our case with complete thoroughness and extreme attention to every detail. We were most impressed with his aggressiveness and organization during cross examinations. His talents as a trial lawyer shined through as he picked apart the respondents evidence.

It was a pleasure working with Mr. Bishop and his entire staff throughout this difficult time in our lives. We highly recommend the Bishop Law office to anyone that may need such services.


Brian & Leah Young



Provided by
The most professional lawyer

Bill and his team did a great job handling my divorce case in 2008. I was the Respondent, facing another side that was well-prepared. Bill's effectiveness, deep expertise and pragmatism quickly re-established my confidence. Despite our several attempts to settle, we were working with a litigious party. The case eventually went to trial for custody issues, where I received pretty much the parenting time I had requested. Bill and his team represented me with utmost professionalism and attention, never missing a deadline. I highly recommend Bill and his team to handle anybody's Family Law needs, particularly any case that is complex or where there is potential for litigation.

Will E.

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Bishop Law Office has also achieved the highest rating possible by the Martindale-Hubbell Rating System. (See Comparing Law Firms) All of our clients receive professional and knowledgeable representation on all legal issues.

Bill Bishop is a Certified Family Law Specialist by the State Bar of Arizona

William D. Bishop is a Certified Family Law Specialist by the State Bar of Arizona Board of Legal Specialization and a preeminent rated lawyer in Martindale-Hubbell listings.
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