If you're shopping for a new or used vehicle in Phoenix, be sure to visit AutoNation Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM & FIAT North Phoenix. Located just off of the 17 near Bell Road, our showroom is easy to find, too. So whether you're trading-in for a new car, truck, or SUV, or are looking for a quality used vehicle, we are sure to have something here for you!
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Dishonest sales department

NEVER BUY A VEHICLE FROM AUTONATION CHRYSLER DODGE JEEP RAM NORTH PHOENIX!!!! I-17 & Bell Rd. Eric Ledger AKA Echo is a very dishonest salesman. He misrepresents what a product is when working with customers.The dealership allows their salesmen to lie about the products being sold and will not correct the issue when it is brought to their attention. I was mislead to believe I was buying an all the time 4WD Cherokee only to find out it is 2WD. Then instead of taking it back they try to force me into a different vehicle at a higher dollar amount. Terrible costumer service and extremely dishonest. Beyond the typical "It is a great running car" type of dishonest. Flat out lies about what a product is even when specifically asked about it.


Beware of the type of oil being used in your 5.7L Hemi Engine

I took my 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee in today for my first oil change and after reviewing the invoice I discovered that Mopar Part# 68101997AA was the motor oil used for the oil change. A cross reference of this part number shows to be 5W-30 oil and not the 5W-20 oil that is recommended by Jeep. When I called the dealership to ask why I was told that they only have one "bulk oil" container and sometimes it has 5W-20 and sometimes it has 5W-30 oil. I know that this may seem like a petty concern, but please note that I was not told by the dealership that a different viscosity of oil was going to be used in for my fist oil change and owners manual specifically states the following: "NOTE: Vehicles equipped with a 5.7L engine must use SAE 5W-20 oil. Failure to do so may result in improper operation of the Fuel Saver Technology. Refer to “Fuel Saver Technology If Equipped” in “Starting and Operating” for further information. Lubricants that do not have both, the engine oil certification mark and the correct SAE viscosity grade number should not be used. SAE 5W-20 engine oil is recommended for all operating temperatures. This engine oil improves low temperature starting and vehicle fuel economy." My main question is why would a large dealership only carry one viscosity of motor oil in bulk and why would a dealership use a different viscosity on a brand new vehicle than what is recommended. This is very concerning to me and in all fairness to the dealership they have offered to change out the oil to 5W-20...... But, my real concern here is how many customers in the Phoenix area are taking their vehicles in for oil change service at this dealership believing that they are receiving the recommended oil for their vehicle but are in fact receiving a different oil viscosity which could be detrimental to their vehicle? Please make sure that when you have your oil changed at this dea.lership that they put the correct viscosity of oil in your vehicle


Horrible, awful service department

I travel all across the country for my business and occasionally my Dodge Sprinter van needs a quick repair or trouble-shooting help. When I found myself in such a situation in Phoenix, I called the service department and spoke to Jeremy. After explaining that I had probably replaced an incorrect fuse, Jeremy advised that he couldn't do anything for me over the phone and I needed to bring the van into the shop so an actual "tech" could look at it. Since it was close to the end of the business day, I got there as quickly as I possibly could, found Jeremy, and HE looked at the van. He finally stated that it was too late in the day, a tech needed to look at it (DUH! Isn't that why I brought it in, as he suggested??) and that once they determined the problem, I would probably need service done on the A/C (instead of figuring out which fuse was wrong) because ... they needed to figure out why the A/C wasn't working! He then told me I would have to bring the van back in the next day.Due to the fact that it was more than obvious Jeremy didn't really care about helping a customer and he was making a sales pitch ($176 for A/C service, when I just needed to know which fuse was the A/C fuse??!) and I was in an emergency situation (due to my business, the A/C MUST work in 90+ temperatures!)Horrible, horrible customer service. And he didn't even try to act like he genuinely cared. Glad I am intelligent enough that I was able to pull around the corner and have my boyfriend help find my answers on the internet!


service my vehicle

I brought my vehicle in to get my multifunction switch replaced. I was having some issues with my blinker coming on intermittantly. So annoying! I made an appointment on the internet which was very handy for me, being busy all the time. I brought my vehicle on the drive and was greeting within a few minutes. My advisor was not there anymore, which im not too happy about but I dropped my vehicle off anyway and went to school. I called around 1:30 and my vehicle wasnt done and the part had to be ordered. But all is well. Stuff happens and its not like the world is going to end because the service department didnt have my part. They called and told me my part was in, so i rescheduled my appointment for sat instead and got my part replaced. Eventhough i had to reschedule and my part wasnt in stock. I got my vehicle fixed within a timely manner, not too much trouble. I had a good experience at power chrysler jeep dodge.


Untrained & Offensive Service Writer!

I am very familiar with my vehicle and what to expect from a service center. I took it in for repair pricing and to discuss options. I spoke with Brian Abbott in Dodge Service and have never been treated so poorly and was personally verbally attacked by him. He was so arogant, he got in my face and yelled and began to argue with me.  I left the dealership and immediatly called to make a complaint with no results. The sales manager i originally spoke to told me it was an internal matter and he forwarded me to the service director John Occoner. It has now been 5 days and the director for service still has not contacted me or any other company representative. I will never deal with that company or Power Dodge again!


Service Department is Terrible

I have had to take my car in for a problem with the door handle. I made an appointment and it was more than 6 hours with no communication when I decided to call. I was then informed that they did not have the part in stock and that and that I would be called when the part came in. More than two weeks went by before I called back and found out the part was now in stock but I was never contacted. It then took the entire day (dropped off at 9am, didn't get called to pick it up until 4pm) for them to "fix" my door handles. I took my car in today at 9am for a check engine light, and more than three hours later I have heard nothing. I called and was told that Jim would call me back because he was with a customer. It's been another half hour and no return phone call.


Internet car buying experience

I purchased a used dodge ram from the internet/fleet deparment from a salesman name Chris Bradley, he was great, had the truck upfront and ready, also showed me a couple other trucks that were similar to what I wanted. I picked one out and drove it, within 2 hours I was down the road with a new truck and loving it. I would recomend everyone to this dealer.



Worst Customer Service EVER!!!!

My husband and I have been looking for a new more affordable car and found one through Power Chrysler Jeep Dodge's website my husband called in to speak to a salesman and ended up talking to a guy named George. My husband and I are BOTH active duty military so after we both got off work, I stayed with our 3 kids while he went to the dealership to TRY to purchase the car. When he got there he was not greeted by anyone at the door, he went up to the receptionist desk where the woman was telling him that the salesman don't ever do their job and they are always on break. After a while " came to so called help him out and informed my husband that he had no idea where the keys for the car he wanted to purchase was. My husband had already been approved for his own outside financing, all the dealership had to do was the paperwork and sell him the car. However after 40 mins there " tells him he can't find the keys and he will have to come back. We have been lied to, hung up on, & disrespected



The Service department sucks. I dropped off my 06 Jeep Wrangler at 7:15am because of 3 main issues. The service rep was rather rude to me, was talking down to me and treated me like I was an idiot. I don't know much about vehicles, but I don't need to be talked down to. Then the service rep told me he'd take a look and give me a call, it might be a few hours. He did not even do an inspection of my jeep while I was there, and I felt a little leery leaving it. Though, I figured 3-4 hours for them to find and potentially fix the problem. At the 5 hour mark, I finally called them, and he again talked down to me, telling me that it was something completely different and that the other 2 issues I had were not covered under my warranty and that they would take $200+ to repair. It is now nearing the 4 hour mark from the time that I called him, and I have still not heard anything from them. DO NOT TAKE YOUR VEHICLE HERE TO BE SERVICED!!!


Free Car Wash

Service was great. Everything went smooth... Nice they brought the free car wash back.....


ALWAYS get a second opinion!

Every time I take my 06 Grand Caravan in for my free oil change, I come out with at least a thousand dollars of recommended repairs. When the warranty was in effect, I didn't question a lot. I wrongly assumed they were telling me the truth. My niece checked the two repairs they recommended when she fixed my brakes and they were NOT needed. Now they say I need a new radiator and have an oil leak. We park in the garage and there is NO oil leak. Sadly, this is not a reputable business. I have always been treated courteously and repairs have been done in a timely fashion. But, who can afford a free oil change that always comes with thousands of dollars of repairs that are not needed?



When dealing with this Dealership, ASK TO KEEP YOUR OLD PARTS, hopefully they wont "accidentally" throw them away before you get to see them before they scam you and charge you 5X the amount you should of paid.


Worst service center ever

I've spent hours (literally, hours) sitting in their waiting area to have minor work done on my car. This is with an appointment and after specifically asking how long it would take and was told no more than 30 minutes. Their advisors do not provide updates and nobody cares. I even wrote a letter to Chrysler Corp who thanked me and said they'd keep it in their files but they are independtantly owned so they could not really do anything. I've bought many cars from various dealerships, this is by far the worst. If you can avoid getting your car serviced there, it's in your best interest. There are plenty of other Dodge dealers in the area.


Worst at keeping their word

Recently went to Power to buy a truck to pull a travel trailer. Very clear about the weight of the trailer as that was the one absolute requirement of the purchase. We were told the truck we finally purchased would pull 12,000 pounds. After the purchase, we discovered it would not but was only rated for 7600 pounds. Returned to Power to discuss what we could do about it and get the proper vehicle Since the error in information was Power's, we thought it fair that they apply the original monies to the proper vehicle. While the back and forth discussions were frustrating, what is most frustrating is that not once in a week have they met a promise for communication. Again and again, will call at such and such time, no call. Worst customer service ever! Be honest, call when you say you will and if you do not have the info a quick call to say where you are in the process. Committed to complete satisfaction, what a joke!


Rip Off Artists

I made an 11:00am appt to have the oil changed on my 05 PT Cruiser. I told them not to do the inspection, just the oil change. I also told the svc mgr I had to be at work at 2pm when I made the appt. I was 15 minutes early for my appt. I checked for my car at 12:15 and was told my svc mgr was at lunch - what did this have to do with anything? I checked again at 12:45, 1:00. 1:15 and was continually told that it was being brought out. It finally showed up at 1:40 causing me to be late for work. Over 2.5 hours for an oil change? REALLY? To top it off, I receive a list of maintenance totalling almost 5K!! Almost all of which has been done just a few months before. They didn't inspect my car - they just notated anything that might be needed according to the mileage on my vehicle!! I wrote to the Service Manager and General Manager and received no response! They think just because you have boobs that you are a boob!



I bought a dodge pickup and paid cash for it. They said it needed airbag senser in the steering wheele befor the could release it. I had 5 different dates and 5 differant stories from people. This part was ordered 5 differant times. It is starting to0 get redickulas i am getting tiered of getting ne dates everytime i call. All i want is the truck I PAID CASH FOR. I know one thing for sure I will never Buy another truck or car from them again.


I Liked Power

I bought a used dodge ram from them this week. I appreciated the fact that they did not haggle. They took off one fee and that was the set price. They were not hassling us like they were when we went to Avondale Dodge. They are unprofessional at Avondale and the manager was very rude and arrogant. Smitty our salesman did not pressure us at all. We actually left thought about it and came back. He wrote up and signed a paper on the price, so we could keep it for our records if we did come back. Of course they did pressure you on warranty stuff, but we just said no thanks three times. I would definitely go back. Also they have an awesome play room for kids. I went to the other power on bell road and did not realize it until the man gave us the card, but they were really up front and honest there too. I also liked carmax.



i will never again buy a car from them. i purchased a used 04 mustang about a week and a half ago. when i purchased the car i saw a fee of close to 800 dollars for maintenance fees before the car was put out for sale. now i had never seen this before so i asked what it meant, they told me the car went through a 125 point inspection and everything that looked bad got replaced. now when i bought the car i heard a squeak when the car was running i though it was a belt from the armor all job they did in the engine compartment. so i dismissed the issue. when i financed the car they kept trying to force a warranty on me for the car they told me "if any thing breaks on the car, its covered bumper to bumper." eventually i said alright and i purchased the warranty. a week and a half later the clutch in the vehicle is completely gone and sounds like your standing in the middle of a machine shop, but the squeak was gone? so i took it into the dealership to get fixed. they told me its not covered


I will never buy anything from this dealer again

Not only did they sell me the biggest peice of junk I have ever owned (2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee), but I just tried to buy parts for this peice of junk and they locked the doors as I was walking towards the parts building. I understand they close at 4:00 on Saturday, but it was 4:00 as I reached the front door and they just ignored me. So I walked towards the service department to see if they would help me and they shut the over head doors in my face. The sales department is shady, and the finance department is even worse. I will take my business else where to buy parts and I have bought my last Chrysler vehicle. I understand now why they are bankrupt. My 2005 Jeep has 60,000 miles and the CD player quit ($650 not installed), the mode door actuator quit ($750 installed), front differential is leaking and the busings are broke ($950), seatbelt pretensioner is out ($260), all the knobs for the vents fell off ($750) total is over $3,300 and it is not even 5 years old.


Almost Criminal

My husband who was diagnosed with early dementia went to have a car serviced and came home with a new $45,000 car. The sales people did not verify income, did not complete the application and lied to my husband about what his current car payment was-my husband did not know. When I took the car back the very next morning after making an appointment immediately, I was told AZ does not have a remorse law. since I did not have Power of Attorney over his business transactions at the time, we were stuck. I will never buy from them again.

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