Pep Boys is among the nation s leading full-service automotive aftermarket chains. The company has more than 590 stores and 6,000-plus service bays in the United States and Puerto Rico. It offers a wide range of automotive parts, supplies, accessories and electronics. The Pep Boys certified technicians perform vehicle repair and maintenance for brakes, engines, batteries, cooling systems, shocks and air conditioners. The company also serves the commercial market and sells replacement tires. It provides fleet services, bulk sales and commercial delivery. Pep Boys is headquartered in Philadelphia.
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Maryann A.


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Your stars mean nothing because they don’t match what the situation it.
Your Hasbrouck Heights Rt. 17S is now running at an all time LOW. 1 you should NEVER HAVE LET THE MANAGER CEASAR GO. He’s been the best manager you ever had and now you won’t even give the next in line for manager the position. Victor is the 2nd best and you are using and abusing this young man. For months without the pay of a manager. Best thing you could ever do is GET CEASAR BACK AT THE HIGHEST IFFER HE CANT REFUSE.
I have been waiting a month for a NEW GAS CAP. Gabe was supposed to order it and pick it up and I still do not have it. My car has been there in the last month at least 10 times cause the engine light keeps going on. On says one thing another says another. I have invested thousands of dollars into my car and Caesar always made sure it was taken care of. Not no more. Saturday there was 5 people there and 3 mechanics there. A lady to get a new tire waited over and hour, a man was told his car would take 1 1/2 hrs, 4 hours later.
My grandsons car has been there at least 10 times. Victor said be there in a Friday after he got out of work and no Victor. His car had multiple work done, he left the driveway after getting new catalytic converters done and smells burning and he had to go back & they said he had a crack in his power steady box. It’s 2 months and they still haven’t gotten it. Caesar would never let this happen. Now the radiator in his car is leaking, you didn’t see this and other things happening & his engine light keeps coming on. They are scamming the customers. I feel they are making other things happen so they can keep charging more money to the customers. Now they want to charge $800. For a new radiator, are you kidding me. They changed hoses battery oil change catalytic converters & more & now asking this crazy price.
You need mechanics that know what they are doing & bring back GOOD MANAGEMENT.
I have more money invested between two cars them they are worth.☹️🙁

Crystal M.


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My car was vandalized at their establishment because of work they should've finished in one day was left for the next. Mind you the work still wasn't done when I showed up to speak to the police. I was told the claims department would take care of the damages and after almost two weeks of my continued calling they're trying to tell me they're not liable to look at the paper work which I never signed or noticed small lettering stating this. I am in the process of having a lawyer deal with the situation. My car was a working order and should've been in the garage and it wasn't because one of the workers left key on box and didn't say anything to his coworkers before he left because the garage wasn't at full capacity. My convertible top is destroyed and I have to worry about rain damage now. I'm warning everyone to never take your vehicle to pep boys if you value your belongings. They already overpriced and this has been the most unprofessional I've ever seen people work in my life..

Ms. Middleton

Robert B.


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this is a piss poor company that just ripes you off paid to have tires mounted 31.78 they never did the job it was in september 28 2016 still trying to get my money back its 12 29 2016 they state i have to pick up ck at their shop why should i have to drive 45 miles to get a ck are they going to pay me for gas and time spend i will never deal with these SCAMERS i wouls have given them a zero now it leave me no choice but to go to court over this mater take time out of my job gas to go to court

Natasha B.


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We have been basically scammed, it seems. Not only by the shop itself but also their "Tow service". I called them because when I was driving to work one morning my car began squeaking very loudly and making odd noises and smells. Once I got to work I called and told them what was going on they said it sounded like something to do with my belt and for me to not drive it anywhere. I decided to call their tow service and go ahead and get it to their shop. First the tow truck drivers do not actually work for pepboys, they are outside drivers. They load my car up and say that I owe them money, I tell them no I don't and call the shop where my car is headed, the shop attendant verifies that and my car leaves. Once they get my car and tell me what's going on, after looking at everything, I agree to just get it all fixed for $400. I also decide I want them to go ahead and do an oil change. Once I go to pick up my car they say everything was fixed it's good to go but "oh we forgot to do the oil change", this place is already too far from home I only sent it here because it was close to my work, so I say forget it I will get it done somewhere else. A few weeks later it begins doing the same thing, making noises and smelling odd. It eventually breaks down on the highway, look under the hood, belt popped off. We call them again tell them what happened and they say okay call our tow truck number and we will take a look at it. The 1-800-pep-boys state on the phone they will cover the first 20 miles and we need to pay for the rest. So at this point it was my mother in my car, she didn't know not to pay the tow truck driver the money, well the driver tells her he can only take cash and she owes him X amount. She then follows him to the atm and gives him the cash. Once my car gets to them again, I have to call multiple times just to get an answer on what's going on. They tell me there is an issue with a CV joint which is leaking grease, mind you there was already grease all on the motor the first time they picked it up and I asked them to fix anything that is wrong with it. So they are now wanting to charge another almost $400. $109 for the part and $220 for labor! Then they go on to tell us we owe $80 for the towing. Luckily we have the receipt showing payment for the tow truck. They then go on to tell us the reason they didn't fix this issue in the first place was because they were not aware it needed to be fixed because they were only focused on fixing the belt. The mechanic says he remembers my car and knows for a fact that the first time it was brought in that the belt was completely busted off that was why they replaced it. So please someone tell me this if my belt was completely busted off how in the world would I have gotten all the way to work? My car runs off of one belt without it my car will not go, 2007 Ford Fusion. I am a 23 year old single mother of 2 young boys, who works full time and goes to college part-time, and I feel as if all this company has wanted from the start was to make money off a young woman that seems to know nothing about cars. I don't know much about cars but I do know a run around when I see one. I will be picking up my car tomorrow to take it elsewhere to be fixed, I refuse to give these men anymore of my money. This is the location at 59 & Greenbriar in Houston.

Natasha Bennett
Houston, Tx

Takisha S.


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On 12/10/16 I went to Pep Boys to have tires installed. The following day My light came on for suspension fault the light later went back off...Then it returned again. I was driving on the highway on 12/13/16 and my car shook I thought the tire was about to come off I was afraid for my life then all my lights came on such as abs, emergency brake, brake light, check engine light, suspension fault, tire pressure, my odometer stopped working and another light so I was afraid and didnt know what was going on. I went home parked my vehicle and on 12/14/16 went to pep boys and spoke with a manager. He took the vehicle into the shop and lifted it. When he lifted the vehicle he said my Wheel Speed Wire on the left front tire was damaged. He showed me the damaged wire and told me I mustve hit something like road kill etc...I told him I didnt hit anything! and that none of these lights or issues happened before getting these tires. A few months ago I went in for a oil change and they messed up my wires and I had to have land rover fix my car. Pep boys accepted responsibility then scheduled to fix it and then the day they were supposed to fix it decided they wouldnt and they werent once again after taking my vehicle for a simple task as tires my wire is now damaged by the tire they put on. I will not pay this time for damage Pep Boys caused! Land rover said it will be 300 with tax to replace this wire Pep Boys informed me that they are inexperienced with land rover and cant fix. If they are inexperienced with land rover they should never touch my car! they have created issues for me that I cant afford. Im a single disabled mother and now my car wire is damaged immediately following this visit that I cant afford to fix. They want to blame me saying I hit something when I didnt.

Cheryl G.


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I took my vehicle with a flat, they told me I needed control arm..and front end alignment...came to $653 with a 15% coupon. I walked out and drove car out of parking lot it was all over the road, making a loud noise, steering wheel was sideways. I drove back in parking lot and they said, they never did front end alignment cause I needed a tie rod...well they charged me for it..thats fraud! now they want another $150 to put it in. OMG

Jennifer M.


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I have been taking my cars to Pep Boys in Denton, Texas for quite a few years with always good service and results. my son's car was stalling so we took it in. They called a little later and said it was loose clamps on the vacuum hose. They tightened them up and saod it should be fine….no charge. I was once again impressed with Pep Boys integrity and honesty. Within 24 hours it was doing the same thing. We took it back. They called and said the “spark plug housing and spark plugs” needed to be replaced, and they were confident that would take care of it at a cost of about $350. We picked it up that afternoon, and paid them $440. It stalled again. Back we went. We got a call and said they couldn't fix the problem. It wold have to be taken to the dealership.
I asked for a refund. The service manager said “he would get back to us”. It took 3 trips, 2 towing fees, and $440 to figure that out they couldn't fix the problem?

Charles D.


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Tina M.


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I went to pep boys because I was hearing and feeling some knocking in my car. I was told that I needed new tires because they were dry rot. I bought the new tires, as recommended and as I drove away I could still hear and feel the knocking. I turned right around and talked to the manager. Eric, the manager told me to bring it back tomorrow. I brought the car back to find out that my car needed a wheel bearing, not new tires. So Leana, a worker, gave me a discount on the wheel bearing because of the wrong recommendation by pep boys. Pep boys had to order the part for the wheel bearing so I needed to come back the next day. When I came back, Eric the manager refused to give me the discount. How disappointing since I already spent over four hundred dollars for new tires I didn't need. And also I was supposed to get one free tire and a military discount. I didn't get either one. Shame on you Pep boys. I would never want to use their services again.

Patrick R.


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They have had my car for 10 days now and since day three they have known what's wrong with the it. The service manager has yet to contact anyone concerning my warranty. This store#727 in Lake Worth Texas

Roberto F.


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The manager at store 1612 joseluis aguia was very disrespectful toward me and my wife plus he also broke my power steering telling me it was broken when I know it was not broken I will never take my car to a pepboys and dont recommende to nobody the pepboys im taking about is located at 523 bloomfield avenue caldwell new jersey 07006 telephone number 9732281493. The worst place to get your car fix manager joseluis aguia such get fired

Bill G.


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I contacted the Pep Boys in wheat Ridge Co. On the Feb 27th spoke to an employee and had to order two starter bolts ( Dorman product item # 678-107. I was told they would be there on the 29th. Didn't show up. I spoke to mgr of location . He was no help I had to go get the part number for him. I came back it was closed. Next day I called and Spoke to Jeff he ordered them again and complained about the warehouse . He said no later than Friday. I called on Friday Megan answered said no show no order on record. She ordered them again and said they were next day shipped. Well no show again . She complained about warehouse. Megan said she would call me back and never did. I called today the 6th of March. Megan said no luck better off going to a competitor to buy them. Why didn't they say in first place they can't get a part for a customer instead of running me around for more than a week. I'm very upset and disappointed. If corporate office contacts me it will be a shock

Bridgette S.


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As I read the history on customers complaints and outrageous experiences with Pep Boys, I felt so used because I was given their name by someone I thought I could to refer me to their business. Now, I know better than to trust anyone when it comes to business, without doing my homework and background history checks before letting my money leave my hands! I have an older model van (1997 Nissan Quest) that I bought from a private owner. I put this van to the test and it is a good piece of vehicle and I put over 2 thousand dollars in parts and labor into this van because I wanted it to be safe and reliable for transporting the children in. I went to Pep Boys 2 other times to have them give me more prices that really cost me more borrowed money. My van caught fire for them to tell me they'll replace my hoses but I was in for more work. My van is in my drive way not working at all. Pep Boys ruined my life! I payed for labor insurance and they took advantage of a single mom with no car...

Bill Y.


Provided by YPmobile

Bought Boss Stereo from Panama City store. They installed and damaged wiring in truck. Took to Atl store to repair and they partially repaired . Took back to PC store and they messed around for two days and did not repair. Said previously installed electronics (which have worked fine for 4 yr.) are to blame and they would have to chg me for damage they created. Had them remove their stereo which did not work and refund. Recommend professional help like Best Buy or elsewhere. Not worth considering for purchases.

Do not stabd behind their work

Jerry S.


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They don't answer their phones; the store or the Corporate office. These reviews shout, "don't go there as their customer service is horrible.

Justin S.


Provided by YPmobile

I did a online order on Black Friday and for some reason they cancelled my order the following day. Me expecting to get my parts a couple weeks later never received them. They wouldn't honor the 35% off because the manager made up his own time limit of honoring coupons. Even though it was their mishap that didn't process the order

Robert K.


Provided by YPmobile

OMG, the worse every. With a small engine oil leak my car was running fine, I went to Pep Boys inquiring about wich stop leak product was best to get. The person behind the parts department counter gave me a product to try and instructions on how to use it ("pour it into the block". You mean where the oil goes? "yes"). The result is my engine being immediately destroyed. Pep Boys obviously assumes no responsibility for the misinformation or my engine. Have to figure out how to get my daughter to and from dialysis.

Scott R.


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The worst made appointment twice to have tries put on waited 2 hours and they still couldn't do it .Tried to contact corporate office don't bother you can't talk to anybody the worst service ever!!!!!!!!!!

Raymond D.


Provided by YPmobile

I dropped my car off to pep boys in new castle de on way out of town for work left note and keys in car asking them to please fix emissions but call before work performed.. Waited few days no call tried calling them no answer first time second time was told shop manager was out they didn't know about car...I came back 4 days later to find it had been towed by pep boys to impound yard .....they say its my place to pay tow bill and storage.... WTF

Jeannette R.


Provided by YPmobile

Never can reach any customer service specialist over phone, when checking in the rep doesn't know what he's doing and then forgets what he quoted on phone and uncharges an additional 400 plus! Ridiculous, these should be shut out of business:( still fighting for the estimate

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