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Horrible service with long outages.


Customer service ???

Comcast customer over 10 years. Thought it was a trustworthy company - have double-billed for our modem since 09/10 and all Customer Service could do was reimburse the last 6 months. To get the rest, was told to contact our local service center - they did the round robin thing and sent me back to 800-comcast. No satisfaction, but will try corporate office in Philadelphia. Wish they employed Americans. Wish they were more helpful. Not pleased at all!


Customer Service is not customer service

I wanted to keep the same email address when I moved to another town. I spoke with Comcast on the phone 6 or so times. They always gave me a date when it would be fixed, by someone else, but it never happened. Finally I got a rep who showed me how to accomplish it on their websibe by myself. Their speed on Internet Explorer has been awful.


Customer Service Reps lie to get you off the phone.

We have been having issues with our Comcast service for a couple of months. I’m talking our internet AND the cust svc reps. At the beginning of May, our internet started going out for hours at a time. It seemed to happen only in the evenings between 4 and 9 pm. Interesting, as that was the time we wl€™d use it the most. It was always on in the mornings, and when we needed to log in from elsewhere, it was working during the day. It only went down in the evenings. We called Comcast when this happened, & after 2 weeks of calling every other day & spending 1-3 hours on the phone with them, buying & installing a new modem (and calling Comcast to switch our system to the new modem) we were finally able to talk them into sending out a tech. For the inconvenience and not being able to use the service we paid for, we were given $15 off our bill. When the tech came out, he noticed that Comcast was sending 3 different internet signals to our house. WHAT?! How come the multiple people we called in tech support over the past 2 weeks had not been able to notice that? Also, they had 3 modems attached to our account. The original Comcast modem that we returned within 2 months of getting our system 3 years ago, and the one we had replaced with the new one just days ago. He got that taken care of and the internet came back up, so we thought we were good to go. Apparently that was just coincidental timing, the very next evening the internet went out. And the next one. We got through to Comcast and set another appt for Wednesday, 4-6, and were given a discount of $50 off our next bill. My boyfriend and I work during the day, and he had to take off work early to make sure we would have someone at our house for the appt as that was their latest avail. He also had to decline an evening job he was offered. All told, we missed out on $250-$300 that we could have had for that evening. At 6:30, I called Comcast to find out why our tech had no€™t showed up yet. About 7:15 I got through to someone who told me the tech went to our house at Unit C and was told that it was the wrong address. Well, yes, that is the wrong address. We are in a house, not a unit, why didnt he call us? Apparently, he tried, but the number that was listed for him to call was the old number that we had requested be removed from our account 3 separate times, INCLUDING from the person who set up the appt. I spent another 2 hours on the phone getting approval for an appt today from 5:30-7. I also received a guarantee that we would have 2 months free service for the missing hours of work. We received an email stating our appt was from 2-4. I called Comcast this morning, and asked what happened to our 5:30-7 appt? The lady I spoke with said there is no record of us having a 5:30 appt, and that it isn’t possible to set one as that is outside the tech schedule. I told her that the previous day, the person I spoke with said she contacted the tech lead and was approved for this appt. The lady said no, that never happened, but she wl€™d request it and they wi€™ll call us to let us know if they can make it. I requested a transfer to billing, and the first person I spoke with said there was no record of me getting 2 months free, and that it is not possible to get it. I spoke with her supervisor who said the same thing. When I asked to speak with her boss, she said I wld have to get a call back in 3-5 days. While she was setting that up, she found notes that said I requested 2 months free and was denied, 3 days ago. I told her that was incorrect, there was no mention from me about the 2 months off until yesterday, & just a few minutes ago she had told me there was no record of the 2 months free request, so how did this note suddenly appear? I would love to leave Comcast, unfort there is no oth...



It's hard to know where to start. Their internet service can be slow and disconnect. But, the biggest problem is their incompetent customer service. It is all out-sourced to India given the names of their agents (which brings in the whole legal issue of providing identity information to somebody outside the US where US laws do not apply). Half the time, I can't understand them because of their accents and the other half they are incompetent. 2 experiences cement this problem.First, we moved and transferred our service to the new address, but this was very complicated. They totally deactivated our service when we told them we were moving and it took 2 days, and hours on the phone to have it restored to at least 1 location. When the technician arrived to transfer the service to the new location, he had to call in for authorization to do everything and he couldn't do several actions customer service told me he could do. They also changed my account, but never told me the number, which led to another problem later. After the change, a saleswomen called trying to sell me a new modem, claiming my old modem was past its useful life and wouldn't work now and had to be replaced and they could rent me one. I told her she (an Indian) was wrong because it was working as we spoke and I would continue using it. Until I became irate with her, she continued to insist that I had to replace to modem. After telling her in no uncertain terms that we would continue using the current modem, she finally agreed to transfer the account to the old modem.The second issue was because they never told me of the new account number. My credit card company denied the automatic payment and comcast never sent me a notice, except via a comcast email account I never used and had told customer service that I would never use. Instead, they disconnected my service. When I called to restore it, they took my credit card information, but, as it turns out, they charged me only $1.00 and did not restore my service. After 3 hours past that they told me it might take, I again contacted them (via chat in the activation screen) and tried to have my service restored. They told me it might take 24-48 hours, but I still had no service after 52 hours so I again started chat and discovered that they had not activated my service and had no record of the phone call or payment I made, so I paid again & they activated my service within 15 minutes (which tells me the 48 hour wait was a total lie). During the final chat, they wanted me to wait 10 days!So lessons here: 1. They will lie to you.2. They can do many things they deny being able to do.3. They are totally incompetent.


Horrid experience. Run away as fast as you can.

Comcast has to be the worst service provider. They will provide you a rate over the phone then throttle you down to ~2 megs or less no matter which package you have if you are not using them to TV. I dont watch tv. once in a while I will watch a movie on netflix so I have no need to pay more for their TV. When I call to complain about the low bandwith it magically is fixed for a few days then back to 2 megs till I call again. I have had this battle for over a year but I have no other options....


dont choose comcast

Terrible service. Signed up for cable and internet. Equipment didnt work. 7 days before service person could come. I waited for 2 hrs, he went to wrong apt. All customer service could say is sorry, no one can come back for a week. In the mean time I am being charged. Twice I was told bill would be adjusted. Still no service still no adjustment to bill.


Horrible Internet Service

When we first signed up the internet was fast and cheap as advertised. However, as time went on not only did the bill increase, as expected, but the internet became much more unreliable and slow. The issue lies in the service area and how much bandwidth they are pushing versus the area demand. Like other reviewers are 3:00 in the morning the speed is phenominal however during peak times of the day (i.e. afternoon, evening) the internet is virtually non-existant.The service is very unreliable in the sense that if the connection is tested it achieves the required minimum speed (if tested through the Comcast site). However the method it does this by is unethical and inconsistent. It averages the speed for several seconds and if the speed is mapped over the time you can see 1mbps or less for 90% of the timespan but the remaining 10% is unrealistically high, one time it peaked at 350mbps which brings the average up. So I am getting dial up speeds with very short pulses of higher speeds. That is unethical and if it were up to me would be illegal. I pay for a minimum of 12 mbps and that should be a consistent 12 not an average based on unrealistic values.If you have other options you make want to look at those first.


Comcast service & billing is terrible

I had been a loyal Comcast customer for 7 years, not because I wanted to, but because there were no other options in our area. Upon disconnecting our services there were many problems that arose, including having re revisit the service center on 3 occasions showing that we returned our internet modem. They tried to bill us for equipment that we had return, and when we came in with the paperwork they said they would take care of it and it was a system error. There "ERROR" hurt my credit for 6 months, they sent a $600 bill for un-returned equipment to collections. In turn when we applied for a loan to purchase our house, we got denied because there was an outstanding unpaid collections, which Comcast told me it would take them 60-90 days to fix. After writing letters to each credit bureau I finally got it resolved myself after 5 1/2 months. So glad we have Verizon/FIOS



The Internet service became slower as the day progressed. By 5:00 PM it went down as low as .54mbps more often I was getting 1.50mbps to 2.50mpbs. At 3:00am I was getting 22.0 Mbps. You could forget about getting off work and watching Netflicks. I would call to complain and sometimes they would send me to some company websight Internet speed test that said there was no problem. All other speed test sights told the truth. I purchase Power Boost and that did nothing to my day time Internet speed but I was getting 30.0mbps at 3:00am. Not real useful. The tech guys they sent out to my house said that they over sold there service in my area.



I signed up for Comcast business class and have been very disappointed and frustrated with them. Despite them coming to my business on 4 different occasions, I continue to have phones that do not work. I had to hire an independent IT consultant to come out and fix the mess Comcast created with my internet. I would not recommend them to anyone.



I have no other choice but to use Comcast....I began paying $29.99/month, after 6 months, they raised it to $34.99/month, and now after a year, I am paying $62.99/month...and I don't have a choice. Also, this is for basic internet (1.5 mb/s).


Home wireless help

WEP key won't work. I have to reset or pay for help.





Comcast is TERRIBLE!

I have had nothing but problems with Comcast. For starters it took them over a week to come to set up my connection. Ever since It's been all downhill. The internet works when it wants to. I have called numerous times and they say nothing is wrong on their end and that i need to come and swap out my equipment because it may be faulty (which i highly doubt because this would be the third time I have switched out the router and modem). So I ask them to mail it to me, as i don't have time to wait in line all day at their service center- they want me to pay a $10 shipping fee for them to send me a replacement of their equipment that they believe is faulty. My favorite problem with comcast thus far has to be the paper view charges on my bill that I had to argue with getting taken off- BEST PART- I don't even have cable with them, just internet!!


don't use these people

comcast is a mess regardless of all they say they have andall they say they are going to have...out of date equipment only adds to their problems...and one has to ask why they have security guards in their office....try direct tv and relax....note: i have no connections to direct tv....they are just the best out there. And yes all of them have stations that are worthless and charge way too much/


Had complete package with Comcast

I've had Comcast for many years and there has been a few problems but they always has found the problem and fix it. As a rule they are very easy to deal with. I like no comtracts, I believe if a company has a good product they don't need a contract to keep their customers and Comcast does have a great product. I don't like paying the price but looking else where Contracts, Contracts everywhere you look or extra for this or that but not with Comcast one price and no extra charges.


Avoid Comcast if you can

We have had Comcast for years with various minor problems that haven't been bad, but we moved over the summer to another part of town and our cable was out for 5 days while their terrible customer service department had no clue what the problem was. On my 6th call I talked to a gentleman who did something over the phone and it miraculously turned on in an instant. Now 3 months later it is out again and has been out for 2 days. After 2 lengthy calls my appointment is scheduled for 2 days from now so we will be out for 4 days while they stumble all over themselves having no idea what's going on. Nobody knows what they are doing over there.


Don't let the name change fool you.

I have had Comcast for 2 years now and have had nothing but issues. I get terrible coverage on my internet and my cable keeps going out or the picture just freezes. My bill changes every month and the customer service is a joke. To keep me as a customer, the they told me that they would give me a discount on my internet for 6 mo. The next bill that came was for $149.98! When I called an asked about it the rep said that there were no notes in the system about it and that my bill stands. I explained everything that was told to me and he said "well sir, they lied to you and there is nothing that can be done about it".


Like living in a 3rd world country, only WORSE!

I have had Comcast services for over 4 years. In the past month the service quality has become appalling. My internet go down at least 4 times a day. I have internet, phone and TV with Comcast, Half of the time I have no service. I have called Comcast offices all over the country and complained (Leesburg, Orlando, Baltimore). There is a complete indifference to my problems. All of the neighbors in my area are having the same problems. Yet Comcast represents that there are no service issues.

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