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just the right one

I have only been here for about 2 years, but had a lot of anxiety and suffered from panic attacks. Dr. Zedek was recommended by a friend. After just a few visits, I started feeling much better. Dr. Zedek adjusted medications and worked with me to get just the right one. I am now free of all panic attacks and feel like a new person. Thanks, Dr. Zedek!


dealing well

I have been dealing with anxiety and panic disorder for what would be almost be 3 years. i saw Zedek only twice, and feel as though i have been cured. Unremarkable results and soo fast! I haven't had one attack since I started the medication and advice perscribed. He is a great doctor, physciatrist, and friend and i reccomend him to anyone dealing with something he can treat. Never thought I would see a day where my heart wouldn't start beating, and feeling like my inside was closing in. Since I've started seeing him, everyday is that day I longed for.


great Dr.

Dr. Zedek is a great and I enjoy my time with him. His staff is great and they treat you like family there. I love going there and I look forwad to each appointment. Not to mention the care i get when Im there. He is great.



Ive been a patient for some time now with Dr. Zedek and I will continue to see him. Yes he gets bust sometimes but considering what he does and what he deals with I understand why he runs behind and I am OK with that. That shows me that he cares about the patients. He is a good Dr. And I enjoy my meetings with me.


Fishy Positive Reviews

Is it just me, or is it really fishy that all of the positive reviews here happened within 5 days time, and all sound the same? They guy is a quack. My experience was just as horrible as everyone else's here...



My name is Abby. I have been with Dr Zedek for about 1 year now. I went to him to talk about a lot of thing that have been going on in my life. I lost my mom, dog, husband, and my daughter in 2 months time. I was in a serious state of depression. I called to see what he could do for me and honestly, without him I might have been in a mental hospital. I was on the edge of loosig everything I had worked so hard for. Oh, I am 46 years old now. I have a great job, a nice home, and I am living ok - I get buy on my own. For me to loose so much in one short time, it crushed me.


lost everything

My name is Abby. I have been with Dr Zedek for about 1 year now. I went to him to talk about a lot of thing that have been going on in my life. I lost my mom, dog, husband, and my daughter in 2 months time. I was in a serious state of depression. I called to see what he could do for me and honestly, without him I might have been in a mental hospital. I was on the edge of loosig everything I had worked so hard for. Oh, I am 46 years old now. I have a great job, a nice home, and I am living ok - I get buy on my own. For me to loose so much in one short time, it crushed me.


arkansas to vegas

I moved here to Las Vegas from Arkansas 18 months ago and I have experiences severe culture shock to say the least. I was having a misserable time here and I felt alons as I was so far away from my friends and Family. I dont gamble or drink, I study. It was reccomendedfrom my school counseror to see someone and talk about how I am feeling. I found Dr Zedek and decided to go. He has helped me to get my head back into school and he has helped me get back to what I love. Consider him if you are looking for help with anything. I am still a work in progress but he is great and I love his staff. Very sweet girls, they remind me of home. Great office and great people.


Thank you Dr Ron

Thank you Dr Zedek. You gave me my life back and you have made me the happiest I have ever been. You are a great Dr and such a wonderfull person. I have never met another Dre with such a big heart as you have. You are something special and I thank you for being there for me and all of your other patients. Your wonderfull, carring, and very thoughtfull.


Dr Zedek is GREAT

OK, I must admit he does like the office warm and it is small. He will be moving offices in about 1 year because that is when his lease runs out. So small waighting room but great service. I really cant complain as he is well worth it. Considering the care I get from him a small waighting room is nothing compared to the issues he helpes me with. He is wonderfull and he really cares about me. Everything in life has its ups and down but sometimes you have to deal with a small waighting room to get the best Dr. Worth it to me



excellent Dr. I've been seeing the Dr. for about 3 years and could not be better. having the best time of my life


Best of the Best, Thank you Dr. Zedek

I have read so many reviews about Dr Zedek on different site. Frankly, he is the best. I think the people who are not happy with him need some help. I have been with him for years and he is the best. I went thru quite a few before I found him and I would never see another Dr. He has always listened, always thoughtfull, he has a funny since of humor, and best of all, HE CARES about his patients. Thats why he works 7 days a week from 7 am to 6pm. If that is not carring I dont know what is. He is the best. I reccomend him to everyone and everyone who has been to him LOVE HIM. Yes sometimes the weight is a bit longer than normal but he does take walk in and emergencies. Who else does, no one. How cool is that, he will see you right away if there is an issue. All the other Dr's dont care, they send you to the emergency room. Bull crap. Dr Zedek cares and he is there for his people. Thank you Dr Z. OH, He treats my daughter too. He gave me my daughter back and I could never thank him enough.


I am so thankful

I went to Dr. Zedek a few months ago very depressed and miserable....he diagnosed me correctly and put me on Lamotragine and I can't begin to explain the difference in my mood....I feel like a new person....my only regret is that I didn't go sooner for help. I have worked in a psychiatric hospital along side several psychiatrists and can tell you that Dr. Zedek is much better than the average psychiatist.....his office is simple but that translates to savings....the ones I worked with had lavish practices, drove mercedes and wore rolexes.....I appreciate that Dr. Zedek doesn't show this kind of flash....he does have a bit of a wait to get in but my well being is worth it.


worst medical practitioner i've ever seen

forget this pill pusher. unless you just want drugs. he listens to nothing you say, diagnoses you in 5 minutes and prescribes the pharmaceutical he's currently big on, tells you to shut up when you try to give him information- ie., "I DIDN'T ASK YOU THAT". walks away from you, just a guy with a license to prescribe meds, making a fortune with 10 patients per hour. the most off-putting practitioner i've ever met anywhere, and he's not the first, just the worst. he's got a great business going!!! a jerk who has taken the Hypocritic oath, not the Hippocratic oath. rude man. upon leaving, he entered his 'study' to chat with the pharmaceutical company rep; there he was friendly, getting his load of Abilify. I was given Abilify. It seemed every patient there got Abilify. not helpful to me. sure, EVERYONE needs the same med. this man should be tested on his skills and knowledge and not have a license to practice. so offensive and unfriendly, he couldn't hold a job as a 7/11 counter person; ce


Six years of treatment with success and gratitude

I have seen Dr. Zedek for six years. His diagnosis and prescribed medication has been a great success. He always spends 30-45 minutes with me. He has been very sensitive to the need to adjust medication levels over the years and has been interested in finding the correct dosage, and has worked with me diligently. The quality of my life has improved and I am greatful for his attention to my condition.


He is an idiot

This so called doctor needs to see a therapist his self. He is rude, nasty, and has no respect for others. He cuts you off when you are speaking and tells you to be quite and listen to what he is saying. He had my son try about 13 different medications in about a 5 month spand, none of them worked. my son got worse while seeing this doctor, there was only so much I could do since my son is over 18. I went in a few times with my son, and at the initial meeting. Dr. Zedek gave my sone a crazy med's schedule, where he would increase 2 medication at a time for 4 weeks while decreasing another. I have no mental conditions and I am working on my masters degree, so I am very in touch with what was going on and I could not keep up with the med schedule. This criminal doctor was well aware that someone that was psychotic could not keep up with it. So he told us that he was going to write in my son's records that he lived at home with me instead of on his own. I quickly figured out that he was


If it sounds like a duck....QUACK....stay away!

I wrote a review earlier, but I see it was never posted,I'll try again.Pills,pills and more pills! The quickie 'cure all' trick is what this guy uses on patients. This doctor,and I use that term loosely needs to also learn some people skills. He has plaques and diplomas on his office wall, but his office setting is very uncomfortable. Crowded waiting room and not because he has so many patients, but too few chairs. When he calls you back to his office, you see 2 uncomfortable chairs and his plain desk, its rather cold and doesn't help a patient feel comfortable. He primarily does a quick med check, then rushes you out, and charges like you've actually had a real session! Dr.Zedek is very unprofessional in his attire and manner. He swigs diet coke and chews on tiny bits of paper the short time you're with him.If anybody wants REAL help, go someplace else! I can't state this strongly enough!


I went for an intial consult...DO NOT GO TO THIS MAN...

The waiting room was packed not one seat open and they all told me they were waiting for earlier appts. than I had and I was there 30 mins early. He berated the one woman wotking there twice wjile i was waiting and then ordered pts back to see him woth out so much as hello or speaking there name...just pointed at them ...it was bizarre to say the besy... I have been to many dr through out America as we dp travel contracts, this man is a disaster..and think you may well be on his pill tread mill if you see him as well as the others in his office that day..



Zedek is a joke, a sad one! He's very expensive and his sessions are short. He mostly doles out scrips for meds and sends you on your way, he does VERY little listening and doesn't give much advice. He depends on meds to 'cure' you.His office is in a very bad part of town and has a tiny waiting room with stiff old office chairs. His inner office is bare except for a desk and a couple of chairs. His speech impediment and Israeli accent makes him difficult to understand. He looks very unprofessional wearing baggy sweat pants and T shirts. His office 'staff' consists of his 'overdone' (lots of make up and hair and low cut tops that look extremeley unprofessional) wife and a receptionist. He has annoying habits of chewing on paper and downing diet Coke throughout your visit.I wouldn't recommend him to ANYONE!



My son has Bipolar Disorder. Dr. Zedek prescribed him some medication. We kept telling the doctor that it was not working and my son needed something else. Dr. Zedek kept on telling us there was nothing else out there. I did a lot of research. The doctor only saw my son for 5-10 minutes per visit. After a year and a half and seeing my son struggle, we found someone else. My sonn is taking an additional medication and is doing very well.

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