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Provided by YP.com
Upon Request

A relaxing dental visit? That's an oxymoron! Yet Dr. Wright and his team have created an exceptional experience for excellent dental care. I received the most complete dental exam of my life-and trust me at 60 years of age I've had more than a few dental challenges. The entire staff are knowledgeable, friendly and caring. The experience starts with booking the appointment. The professional manner of the "reminders" for my appointment and the communication about why this appointment would take the 3 hours required were delivered in a timely and informative style. Then arriving at the appointment to be greeted and shown around the office so I didn't have to ask where the ladies room is located to the photo for their files so that I would be a recognized person instead of some number on a chart!
Then of course the dental exam; the x-rays; the results of the exam and Dr. Wright's direct assessment of what my teeth/gums/mouth would require for continued health. I say direct because his manner is one of partnership. No guilt about my not flossing every day! Just the results and the actions now required. No drama, just the choices for various action points and the opportunity for me to read a review and make my own choices and schedule my future appointments. No pressure, just great knowledge to give me in making my choices. It didn't hurt that I was totally relaxed, listening to nice music and my hands treated to a much needed paraffin treatment while the exam was conducted.
As a personal Concierge and Life-stylist, trust me, my Clients will know about Dr. Wright, his awesome staff and the unique experience of a relaxing dental exam! And fellows, don't let the "spa" part fool you! You deserve a relaxing dental experience too!

Cindy J.


Provided by YP.com

I've been going to Four Seasons for quite some time now and am really happy with Dr. Wright and Debby. They quite possibly saved my life. I had to have an emergency root canal on bridgework in throes of an immune system crash a second time after dental work, the first being the onset after seeking HT on the suggestion of a prior dentist's staff member It was seven months later that Debby Wright gently talked me out of that then -7-month-old root canal, even though she and her husband had suffered through enormous reviews and online character assaults. It was difficult to ignore, but I chose to listen and put my trust in their expertise Sometimes Debby had tears in her eyes when she talked to me. I’m sure she had to lift her eyes to God to continue to give me the advice she knew I needed so badly. I had to remove a very recent $2000 root canal for a denture, another $2000 procedure. It was at then I finally began to heal with the help of a RD I had found in St. George, Utah. I had elected to do LEAP diet for autoimmune disease which was not enough. I had to get rid of yet one last dental procedure, the second root canal done to repair the bridge after a night of intolerable pain. The RD had educated me on histamine intolerance. Slowly the dots came together. I learned all about HIT. I couldn't even eat spinach. Tomato soup at that time would leave me in the throes of intractabe pain. I traced the root causes of the disesae to various things going back 15 years when I lived in Denver, Colorado, home of many a military installation and, lastly, my neighbor, Rocky Flats Nuclear Plant that built plutonium triggers. Jim Wright and Debby Wright are professionals who understand the impact of autoimmune conditions in their patients. Our doctors fail to treat root causes and wait for the diseases to progress silently as they progress and then address. I guess you could say I was elected to be one of those subjects. Hashimoto's is a red flag for severe conditions to come. Some people think Parkinson's is the result of mismanaged Hashimoto's. I am in that camp. Dr. Wright and Debby are experienced with AI illness and reach out to patients who suffer due to mercury exposure. Chemical Exposure has proven to be a key component in AI disease time and time again.



Provided by YP.com

More spa than dentist.

Summary: Dentist spent maybe a whole 5 minutes on the actual teeth cleaning, so be warned the $139 teeth cleaning only counts on the teeth above the gums, apparently teeth below the gums isn't considered teeth unless you wish to pay extra around $230 per mouth quadrant 4 quadrants so $1000 for a deep cleaning.

Now I've only had 3 dentists in my life so can't compare a lot of them but the 2 previous dentists when I went in for a cleaning spent at least an hour with lots of high pressure water spraying, surgical steel scraping, rinsing, spitting, blood more scraping, spraying, rinsing, spitting, sore gums....repeat.....repeat...... I think you get the picture. Unless this dentist is superman there was none of that again he spent maybe a whole 5 minutes, did minimal scraping (I can still see spots above gums that he didn't get) so the above gum cleaning wasn't even completed in my opinion. No high powered water spray was used just spray to clear away what he scraped.

The $139 basic cleaning consists of 2 visits which I've never experienced usually you go in come out 2 hours later but 1st visit consists of a bunch of x-rays, then dentists tests for periodontal disease, examines doppler pics of each tooth, screens for mouth cancer and goes over what you need. Then you come back for the cleaning 2nd visit. He spends the above mentioned 5 minutes doing a quick & poor job above gums only then an assistant polishes & flosses teeth.

The overall experience I got was a conveyor belt puppy mill used car saleman vibe from the dentist, seemed like he only wanted to get money not take care of teeth. The final bill for what I needed came to like $4,000, $1,000 for a deep cleaning which is "under gum cleaning" but every other cleaning I ever got included this, like I said I may not of went to dental school but I know the difference between 5 minutes no work and almost an hour of constant scraping, spraying, rinsing, spitting, and repeating which I always have received for around $100 per visit. They schedule 2 visits they said the 1st one takes about 2 hours for xrays and consultation then 2nd one takes 2 hours in my experience the 1st one took about an hour & a half and the second one I sat in a chair for maybe 45 minutes watching TV (I was more than 30 minutes early so that was acceptable) but then 5 minutes with the dentist & another 10 with an assistant so less than 3o minutes and I was done.

The paperwork they have you sign says if you cancel without 48 hours notice your billed at $100 an hour. I would of been happy with an hour actually spent cleaning my teeth.

Anyhoo staff was very friendly and if your into hundred gallon salt water fish tanks, tvs in every room, fancy fixtures and such knock yourself out but if you actually want your teeth cleaned I would look somewhere else. I only selected this dentist because it came up in an online search & I'm out of state from my regular dentist. Would not repeat. Received much better cleanings from dentists for less but then they didn't have such a big property or fancy eye candy.

I think I will try to get a refund on my credit card since the above teeth cleaning wasn't even done to completion and they don't advertise it as a basic above gum cleaning till after you have paid, after all the xrays, & only after they tell you, you need the $1000 deep cleaning of course. But I doubt I'll see a refund. I wouldn't be so upset if I didn't still see tarter/plaque above the gum line but what you gonna do?



Provided by YP.com
Dr. James Wright is the only d...

Dr James Wright is the only dentist in the Las Vegas area with the training and certification in the IAOMT, ensuring the level of biological dentisty I was looking for. Since the proper removal of mercury amalgam fillings was my top priority, Dr. Wright became my first choice!

I received the best care utilizing technologically advanced equipment. Honor is due to Dr. Wright's rare mix of genius, good nature, and professional focus that create in me a high level of trust that every dental procedure is perfect. As a team, Dr. Jim and Debby, along with the office and dental team, have exquisite attention to detail that creates an atmosphere of beauty, hospitality, and professionalism that, for me, make this a ‘dental spa’ experience!



Provided by YP.com
Worst Dentist I have been to i...

Worst Dentist I have been to in a long time. Three tries later and I still have three fillings that need to be replaced. Never going back there again!



Provided by YP.com
Today I went in for a routine ...

Today I went in for a routine dental exam and consultation to have my mercury fillings removed and replaced with a composite filling. I was greeted promptly and offered oxygenated water from the spa. I waited approximately 5 minutes after turning in my paperwork before the assistant called me to follow her to my room. A full set of xrays were taken and after this I was immediately greeted by Dr. Wright. I could tell right away he had a great sense of humor and a bit of sarcasm which lightened my anxiety. I was informed of the issues I had in detail and I was impressed with how patient and willing he was to explain and educate me and asking if I had any further questions. I needed 3 different procedures, wisdom teeth pulled, mercury fillings removed and replaced and deep cleaning/scaling. Debbie came in to explain the breakdown of the costs versus the insurance payout. Once she and I began to talk I explained to her the urgency I felt in removing my mercury fillings. She was so sympathetic and spent time in allowing me to choose what I felt was a priority for me and she agree that we should get started on that first. She carefully explained all my options for payment and was willing to work with me on what I could do in terms of a payment plan. She asked me when I had last eaten to make sure I wouldn't be taking the charcoal pills on an empty stomach, when I explained that I had fasted for over 24 hours before, she hunted down some pudding in their refrigerator and lead me to the spa area to eat and gave me more oxygenated water. For about 7-8 minutes, Debbie and I chatted about my health issues and how I believe they have been related to the mercury fillings. She and I exchanged stories and then went back to the room to start the procedure. I was confident I was in good caring hands!!! I was still nervous, however. I can recall the horrible pain I was submitted to when the mercury fillings were put in and the last deep cleaning/scaling I had done. Dr. Wright assured me that he would do his best to make sure I was comfortable. The first anesthesia injection on the right side took, the left side took 4 attempts before I was numb enough to be able to procede, but he had already put the topical numbing gel so I didnt really feel the injections. He provided the nitrous oxide, and all the preventative procedures possible for removing the mercury fillings. He was very quick!!! By the time we got to the left side I didnt need the nitrous anymore because the anxiety was gone and I couldn't feel any pain. I had 6 different fillings removed and replaced. I am so grateful for having found Dr. Wright and Debbie! I am actually looking forward to having my deep scaling and wisdom teeth removed now as I can trust them to care about me as a person and not just another patient. One of the other things I noticed while I was there was that Debbie actually greeted some of the ladies in the waiting area by name, I suspect they were repeat clients. This was impressive. But to top it all of, I was most impressed when I received a phone call a few hours after leaving the office from Debbie. She wanted to check up on me and make sure I was doing okay and let me know she was hoping and praying that my health issue would clear up now that the mercury was removed. Completely unexpected and over the top!!! I wholeheatedly recommend Dr. Wright and his wife Debbie to my family and friends.



Provided by YP.com
This place is a rip off! Went ...

This place is a rip off! Went there for a normal cleaning because they were close to my home. Took some x-rays. Doctor looked at it and said most of my gums were bleeding which I couldn't even taste or feel. Said I needed to do some deep cleaning which would cost over $1000.00 even with insurance. I went back to see my old dentist which was far, but they didn't see any bleeding on my gums and don't recommend any deep cleaning. I had deep cleanings done before else where and only cost less than half of what Four Seasons quoted me with my insurance. This place only cares about money and not you.

claimed iconBusiness Response02/28/2012

Dear Chocobo I have tried to look you up in our data base but could not find anyone named Chocobo. If you were at our office and did not have a great experience I apologize. Most everyone that leaves our care feels satisfied and refers friends. Without your chart it is not possible to specifically respond to your complaint. If you have had a "deep cleaning" in the past,it means that you have periodontal disease (which never goes away)! People that have periodontal disease require maintenance cleanings every three months. You will for the rest of your life be in some form of maintenance. Some folks revert back to active periodontal disease (especially if you are not getting maintenance every three months) and require Scaling and root planing (deep cleaning). It is our job to not only treat people but to educate them. You can be healthier and save money if you stay in quarterly maintenance care avoiding the costly deep cleanings.I am sorry for not responding sooner. Everyday is a learning experience with challenges. We have created a beautiful facility with a really nice staff. It hurts everyone here to have negative comments since we are trying our absolute hardest to have our patients leave the office feeling like they were treated well. I want you to know, I do care, I am listening and I am open to meeting with you.

This listing has been claimed by a business representative.


Provided by YP.com
Four Seasons Dental Spa is AWE...

Four Seasons Dental Spa is AWESOME!!!!! Like many people out there, I needed a lot of dental work but didn't have dental insurance. This caused me many sleepless nights trying to figure out how I was going to afford to fix my teeth.

Then I visited Four Seasons Dental Spa. Dr. Wright and his wife Debby were so helpful and sat down with me to explore all my options. They recently developed membership plans which offer exceptional benefits; better than any dental plan I have ever seen. Now I can rest easy knowing that I will get all my dentist work done by the BEST DENTIST in town, on a plan that is affordable for me.

Dr. Wright does high quality work and actually makes going to the dentist enjoyable. :-) I needed to have an emergency procedure done on a broken tooth and he did it on the spot, quickly and painlessly. I have been to a lot of dentists but Dr. Wright is the very BEST!! The staff is professional and courteous. You feel like one of the family. The office is beautiful and they have state-of-the-art equipment. You can be assured that you will receive top-of-the-line dentistry at Four Seasons.

If you are looking for a professional, high-quality dentist, please visit Four Seasons. You will thank me later. :-)



Provided by YP.com
These people are the BOMB!!!

My first visit was $89 and they gave me an exam, a complete cleaning, they took low radiation digital images and did a pre-cancer cell screening with some new scope tool. It took about 2 hours to do everything and I feel they didn't leave me with any questions about my mouth's health

The doctors and staff were friendly and the appointment was pleasant, even relaxing. I didn't feel like I have in the past at other dentist offices, where they hurry you out of their waiting room only to have you wait alone for an eternity in the next room

Dr Wright was able to show me my 2 cavities on the tv screen that swivels over the dental chair, where I was also able to watch cable tv while he cleaned my teeth. That's right, Dr Wright did my cleaning himself. He and the dentists here do all the cleanings so they really get to see what is happening in your mouth.

Oh, one thing and this is important; they don't give you mercury silver fillings, only white fillings are used in their office because they do care about our health.

I will be recommending Dr Wright to everyone I know for a long time



Provided by YP.com

there is no such thing as RADIATION FREE XRAYS.



Provided by YP.com
Relaxing time

I must say in all the years I have had to see a dentist this was my FIRST time that I ever have looked forward to going back.



Provided by YP.com
Always a pleasure

Dr. Wright and his wife Debby have created a unique concept of an office enviromment that help make the appointment with the Dentist a relaxing and totally comfortable one. After a debauched root canal, I consulted with Dr Wright. Professional and personable, Dr Wright educated me in reading my xray and helping me understand where my problem stemmed from. It is rare to find a health care professional that takes the time to educate his clientele with sincere interest and compassion. The entire staff at Four Season's Dental Spa, from the doctors, to the Hygenists as well as the Esthetitian and the office staff.....help make the Dental experience a pleasant and also a UNIQUE one. My entire family is part of he Four Season's Denal Spa family. Dr Wright helped my son pull his first tooth, and has also created implants for my other child..Accomodating and simply just a wonderful human being.. I would recommend Dr. Wright's Four Season Dental Spa... to anyone who feels they want the best care from a top professional . Dr Wright obviously takes great pride in his work and I take great pride in betterment of the health of my teeth...for myself and my children.



Provided by YP.com
5 STARS all the way!!!

I love this place! I was never a fan of going to the dentist, however this place is an exception. I met Dr. Wright and he immediately put me at ease. I was treated with the utmost care and compassion. They even served me lunch so I wouldn't feel hungry in between procedures. Every staff member from his assistants to the wonderful dental hygenist, was friendly, caring and it was just a wonderful experience. If your'e a nervous nelly like me this is the place! They even have a full spa with massage beds, aesthetician, nail tech and permanent makeup. Oh and I forgot the icing on the cake, I was even treated to a wonderful pedicure in between to help me relax. I have signed up for everything this place offers. LOVE IT!!



Provided by YP.com
The best dentist I have ever had!

My experiences with Dr. Wright, his wife Debby and the entire Team at Four Seasons Dental has been nothing but the best! From the minute I walk in to the office to the moment I walk out, I have always felt that I was their number one patient every time. My experience has always been a very calming, soothing and most importantly professional one that has helped me to overcome my fear of a dentist. I highly recommend Four Seasons Dental Spa to anyone who is looking for a Dentist and the entire Team who truly cares about you, listens to your needs and always gives you the best HONEST treatment. It is the WRIGHT place to be!! Thank you to Dr. Wright, the Amazing Debby and the entire Team at Four Seasons Dental. I have never looked better. Serina.



Provided by YP.com
A real dental "Spa"

I'll be the first to admit..."I hate going to the dentist". However, Dr. Wright & Debbie know this of most people and have figured out a way to get people like me in the door and keep them there with a smile (full of white, beautiful teeth!). The spa is relaxing, quiet and without that medical/dental smell!! the staff is friendly and welcoming from start to finish! I love the paraffin bath to my hands and the jewelery cleaning! I get my own clicker & watch TV so by the time Dr. Wright walks in I'm totally relaxed and happy to be there! Debbie is very reasonable with prices so don't let this beautiful & relaxing setting spook you. I did a price comparison and I'm not paying more for the luxury of being treated like a VIP. Additionally, after being a patient at four scary, medicine smelling dental offices in town I found that Dr. Wright is THE best dentist in town! I highly recommend him to family, friends & to my patients!! Sandy Yesnick



Provided by YP.com
Dr. Wright is just an amazing dentist!

Dr. Wright is just an amazing dentist! He's attentive and caring. I highly recommend him! His office is beautiful too, so you don't feel nervous in the waiting room. It is just a wonderful environment and I felt a thousand times better after going to him. Go to him! You'll thank me later.



Provided by YP.com
Professional with a Capital "P"

Dr. Wright and his lovely wife, Debby -- as well as their staff -- are consummate professionals. Every business in Las Vegas should aspire to their lofty level! L. R. Dougan.



Provided by YP.com
Really expensive

Well, people are nice and they offer a variety of services. Its a dental SPA after all. But: You pay for it. Literally. I signed my treatment plan on the chair, being told that I just acknowledge that I received it. Upon checkout I had a 400USD bill and they charged me for a Water-pik that I only looked at... A 100 USD charge for... I dont know? Nothing. Oh yes, the restalin they put in - I was not told they charge you 75USD per unit... Needless to say - I will not go back unless I win the lottery. They ripped my insurance and me and in the end charged the insurance 2500.- (!) USD for one set of x-rays and 2 scalings...

Think twice before you go there - there are a lot of good dentists out there and - oxygenated water and a water-massage bed? Guess you pay for it wether you use it or not. But I have to admit - the chai-coffee out of their machine is supersweet and really really good.



Provided by YP.com
Professional with a Capital "P"

Dr. Wright and his lovely wife, Debby -- as well as their staff -- are consummate professionals. Every business in Las Vegas should aspire to their lofty level! L. R. Dougan, Las Vegas, NV



Provided by YP.com
Most thorough

Dr Wright and the hygienist were very thorough in examing, cleaning and treating my teeth. This was the most thorough exam I have experienced. If you want only good news, don't go to this practice, because you might find out that other dentists won't tell you about or treat periodontal disease (much to my surprise and anguish). However, if you want the best care, you should schedule an appointment and be open to the most thorough exam you will ever experience. I recommend this dental practice to everyone I know.

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