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Kaitlin J.


Provided by YP.com

I googled this school because I was interested in attending the September 25th orientation for the full specialty class. I came in with my mom for a tour and to talk about financial aid. I met with Ms. Ramirez to give the tour and she was so awesome and even complimented me saying I was young and beautiful. The tour was great! The atmosphere was great! Everyone including the students were so friendly. I also talked with Ms. Sapp and a long conversation with Ms. Cox who was very professional and informative. I also spoke with a nice gentleman about financial aid and he was very helpful as well. I have yet to meet Linda but I’m excited to meet her once I go turn in my paperwork and enroll :)!!!



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Id tell her to NOT go into thi...

Id tell her to NOT go into this place,,,It was cheaply decorated..It is sad that I went to have my eyebrows done by this lady from Iran..She was quit older and when I got done.I HAD NO EYEBROWS....So anybody who asks my opinion on this place to NOT go there...it is full of FAKE SMILES..



Provided by YP.com
I've read most of the post and...

I've read most of the post and I have to say this was my first time here and the esthetician I had was Tesia Barnett and she was amazing, she was professional, friendly, smooth and made sure that I was happy. I didn't have to wait, and I also had a voucher. I made sure I gave her a tip because she deserves it. I don't know how it is on a weekend, but if you want good service, go on a Monday, I got right in and was/am very pleased.



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I was in the spa today it was ...

I was in the spa today it was crazy busy in there my tech was Corey she had a wild personality But totally nailed it on my nails.I was very impressed when she suggested that I go with no polish that they looked totally natural.SHE WAS RIGHT...They look amazing....Thank you



Provided by YP.com
I was at the this spa when thi...

I was at the this spa when this lady claims she didnt hit a car....she TOTALLY hit the car...I have been going to this place for years....no I am not the owner no I am not a employee I am a client....This place is fun and everyone has a great personality...but some bad apples are meant to be thrown to the trash.........



Provided by YP.com
One of the nail employees accu...

One of the nail employees accused me of hitting her car, lied to the police!!!! The salon gave out my contact information then WOULD not give me the owner's contact information. I DID NOT hit the lady's car and believe this salon is participating in a scam ring; so do the police!!!! BEWARE!!!!

claimed iconBusiness Response04/27/2012

Are you serious? A scam. The police thought so as well? What kind of scam are you running? Shame on you. Take responsibility for your horrible actions. It just so happened to be an employee..what happens if it were a client..would that have matttered? It doesn't. the fact remains you hit the car..you bumped and that car was stationary all day long..so..your lack of driving skills is to be blamed and writing a review when it had nothing to do with anything but the parking lot is a testament to just how crazy this world has become...shame on you!!! BE NICE or else!!!! And not the police did not think it was a scam..Common sense when those are in the wrong they go overboard..like you are doing...

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Provided by YP.com
I was in this spa.I went to ge...

I was in this spa.I went to get my nails done and a pedi the place was ok..Corey was my Tech and she was awesome she was laughing with another tech I believe was Jenn they had a good vibe ..But then I looked up and what do I see. A tech that was there last year who was with the (so called manger) so now I am questioning going back there!!!!! this girl CLEARLY DOES not belong there...So I am now thinking do I want to go back..



Provided by YP.com
This is by far the worst exper...

This is by far the worst experience I've ever had in a "spa". The staff was rude, I was pushed aside for "regular" clients. I was told they were running behind and the people that came in after me had appointments. I also had an appointment but it was my first time here so my appointment didn't matter. I was left for 45 minutes "soaking" for a pedicure before I had enough and left. The owner when I called was rude and disparaging. I've noticed since that she also writes her own reviews. I think this may be the height of being unprofessional. If there are not enough satisfied customers to give you a good review, reviewing yourself is outrageous. If you're looking for an overpriced mani/pedi done by rude, unprofessional, inexperienced staff you have come to the right place. This "owner" also owns a "school" of the same name where she teaches her students how to brush off people and keep regulars happy, which is where most if not all of her employees come from. This explains her employees lack of common courtesy as she herself has none.

Note below how she claims the clients have a voice and have been heard. This was written BEFORE her response to Unhappy Client. Also note her response to Unhappy Client and anyone else who has ever had a bad experience in her salon. All this and yet the "clients have a voice". Yes we do, and we choose to let everyone we know about your unscrupulous business practices. She was actually removed from Groupon for violating their terms of service, as well she should have been.



Provided by YPmobile
Clients have a voice!

The rude person you described is gone. After listening and reading the reviews I can't ignore people we serve. They love the spa and the girls are happy and relaxed, including myself. She claimed to be the owner and wasn't. When dear regulars who I love trust and adore pulled me aside.. It was time for a change. Now we hear laughter see smiles. It was our season for change. To all please come back and see the original vision and who we are. We are here to serve. Nice people rule mean is out!!! The real owner!!thnku

Unhappy C.


Provided by YP.com
I am surprise to see that I am...

I am surprise to see that I am not the only person who complains about Linda's behavior; she may put a fake smile on when she first meets you but it is not sincere. I did not want to give the place any star because I don't think it really deserves it but I had to. The owner of this place which also runs the Parisian beauty institute as well is the most rude and unprofessional person I have met by far. Considering her staff are independent contractors, my complain is about Linda (owner) and not her staff. I don’t why some people find her the sweetest person. I have been to her spa several times along with my friends and have never seen her there greeting anyone. The front desk people were unprofessional as well. The place is clean and nice looking but not much nail polish collection; however,

For me is the owner and staffs behavior that matters and not the look of the spa

She does not like criticism and she thinks she knows it all even though she has been in this business for very short time. I gave her a feedback on a service I received in her school by a friend of mine. I suggested that she could get better products so the students can perform their work more comfortably and it would be comfortable for the client as well (I am a senior licensed cosmetologist myself) ; and she told me SHE teaches the classes and SHE has done this and knows better. I was only giving a feedback and she lashed at me, gave me an ugly look with attitude. I was more speechless of her behavior than anything else. I don't think she is professional and her behaviors are unacceptable. Even though I was paying for the service, she treated me like an uneducated cave woman. I was not complaining; I knew I was there for my friend to practice on me but Linda got defensive when I gave her the feedback started speaking to me disrespectfully. I felt bad for the students in her school and the staff that work in her spa. As a licensed professional I would not suggest anyone to go to Parisian Spa (spend your money somewhere else) and all the people who may want to enroll in her beauty institute (Parisian beauty Institute), I would suggest to find another school; there are better schools out there.

I feel sorry for her and her weak personality. People like her make the society look down on cosmetologists or nail and skin care specialist.

It is ridiculous that she comes on YP and leaves all these nice reviews about her spa. It is pathetic and obvious that she leaves these reviews to generate more business but I would suggest her to take an ethics class instead ; it will help your business more.

claimed iconBusiness Response07/08/2011

Weak personality. It is you, who didn't leave your name. And I thank you for the review because as you climb the ladder of success...folks attack you and don't realize the sacrifices and hard work it takes in life to be successful. It's truly sad that because of your jealousy you place comments and untruths. Good luck and hope you find a job...I know who this is...

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Provided by YP.com
Beautiful place! I love the Pa...

Beautiful place! I love the Parisian decor! Everyone was friendly! I came for a girl's day with 2 of my bridesmaids for my upcoming wedding and we all had a great time! We had a massage, facial and manicure/pedicure. We were all so relaxed! Everything was great! I would def. go back again! Loved all the girls that work there! Cheryl was great for my mani/pedi and very sweet! I had Josh for my massage, he was great as well! It was nice that alot of the workers here were from New York; it's nice to have upscale people from Manhattan here. It is a very classy spa and the prices are great! I recommend this spa!

Melissa L.


Provided by YP.com
Stay far away, or the owners m...

Stay far away, or the owners might post libelous statements about you, too.

I am responding to the owner's response to Jamai's recent review, detailing the terrible experience she had as a potential new client of this establishment. I am an attorney and have been a personal friend of Jamai for years. She is not at all the kind of person the owner claims she is, and these lies she has written about Jamai are LIBELOUS. If my friend actually was the kind of person the owner falsely claims that she is, I'm sure she would be taking legal action against these libelous statements. Luckily for the owner, she will, instead, simply let her friends and associates know, through legal means, that this is not the type of establishment that any of us would ever wish to frequent. I have absolutely no idea how this establishment stays in business, as they treat their customers horribly and then libel them when they try to warn others.

claimed iconBusiness Response04/26/2011

First Off I want to say this is the most Amazing SPa's in Jacksonville!!!! Not only is the staff friendley But, the owner is very sweet as well as the Director. They all make you feel like your at home as soon as you walk into the spa. I have been going to Parisian since they 1st opened and I have tried several of the Nail Tech's there. I am a very pick person when it comes to my hands & my feet. I used to see one of the male nail techs that worked there but when he moved i felt very sure of who i wanted to do my nails and it was CHERYL she happens to be The Sweetest Person I have meet she has a Heart of Gold but she hides it cause she is very sensitive. If you are not use to New Yorkers Then you will (ASSUME) the worst But we all know what that stanfds for. Never JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER. Get to know someone before you blast them on the internet. Like I said all of the people there at Parisian SPa are Very Warm & Friendley!!!!!! The Prices are AMAZING!!!!!!!! I have never left there UNHAPPY!!!!!!!!! I broke my nail a week later and came in on a Sat the spa was slammed but Cheryl got me in to repair my nail and said to me Maam this is on me I will take care of that. I was speechless. I will never change Spa's I adore everyone in this Spa from the Front Desk Kristen & Rachel to Massage Therapist Liz, Susie, Maria To the Best Nail tech Cheryl as well as Shahla, Courtney, Jessica, Corey& Fjola Talk about the Best Group of Ladies. I say If you haven't been to Parisian You are MISSING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

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Angy S.


Provided by YP.com
Tastefully appointed although ...

Tastefully appointed although dusty beyond belief. Everybody had on their best fake smiles while I was shoved to the side for nearly an hour and left without my service! Had an appointment @ 5:30. Got there at 5:15. Got a "tour" and sat in the pedi chair at 5:25. About 5:40 they had a girl give me a (I was later told a $30 value) 3 minute foot massage while I waited. I tipped her. Other customers came in and they were quick to make sure they got service. I continued to soak. Until 6:10 I soaked when I finally left. Nobody ever told me how much longer it would be and after my feet pruned in the tub I was done!! That's 45 minutes I sat in that chair waiting for my pedicure!!! I called the owner when I got home and she told me her "girls" did exactly as she has instructed them. I asked if those instructions included taking people that walked in after me and she (very belittling here) asked me if I understood what an independent contractor was. That her "girls" are independent contractors and people make appointments with them specifically. I reminded her that I too had an appointment and she told me that they were all running behind that day. Well, if everyone is running behind then why am I sitting in a chair 45 minutes while somone else walks in and they get right to work on her?? Again, she had an appointment! AGAIN SO DID I!!! Mine just wasn't for a specific person because it was my first time there!! I had a GROUPON and she TOLD ME THEY ONLY GET $6.25 FROM MY SERVICE!! WELL that explains why I was treated as if I didn't exist and MY appointment time meant NOTHING huh??? Oh NOOO she told me!! WHAT??? After reading other reviews (none of which are good reviews except for the obvious owner and owners friends reviews) I am glad I left!! It looks like this happens with ALL new customers, not just one's with a coupon. If you don't want to honor your coupons, don't send them out! I am shocked this place stays in business! I got the whole owned by a nurse thing too. The manager IS demeaning to the employees. AND NO I don't work here, never have, never will. What a waste of my day!!! I wouldn't take my dog here!

The following is my response for Linda the owners comments below.

1) I got there at 2:30 to let them know I was in the area in case it would be more convenient to work me in sooner. I returned at 5:15.

2) I never complained that my feet hurt. This is an out and out lie!

3) The $30 value treatment lasted 5 minutes and I tipped her.

4) I HAVE a regular nail place. I was just trying out new places and hadn't found a NEW one I liked yet.

5) Nobody ever told me they were ready for me. Nor did they ever give me an estimated time they would be ready.

6) This owner was rude from sentence number two. She defended her girls and the way she runs this business. Running behind means everything runs behind, not just the new customer. Like I already stated, I also had an appointment.

I actually don't use coupons or discounts that often as I don't enjoy the hassle of them. I certainly never asked for compensation of services. Another lie. If I got free services and then asked for refunds you would think I would've stuck around for this service. But I did not as you can clearly see I left AFTER tipping the massage lady.

The attitude of this business owner here is exactly the attitude I got when I called to complain. I never received ANY service for free as the only service I did receive I paid for. She doesn't know me from you yet she is disparaging of my character. I think her own words speak more for the kind of place this is and the kind of service you can expect then I ever could say myself. You be the judge.

claimed iconBusiness Response04/22/2011

I'm the owner of the spa and really don't want to respond, however, I will have a voice on this untrue matter. I spoke to this lady on the phone and I knew she was going to complain as she was rude and abusive to me on the phone. 1) She showed up early 3:30 for a 5:30 appt. 2) She said her feet hurt and could she relax in the pedicure chair which massages while she waited. 3) We had our massage therapist come out and give her a free $30 reflexology treatment on her feet 4) We thought we went out of our way. 5) ONe of my staff waited on her client who is regular who had an appt. She assumed we skipped her..She called me I couldn't say anything except, "yes mam." She thrives on this. She was ready to argue and fight on the phone. When I was polite, she didn't know what to do. And For a pedicure? Really? My staff acknowledged her and offered her a free service and when my staff was ready for her appt. she up and rudely left and then called. She plays these games and gets refunds from place to place and in addition asks for compensation on services. In other words, she gets free services by complaining like she did with us. WARNING: There are shameful folks like this out in the world who eat all the food and then say..I don't like it..She's one of them. In addition, she said, "I haven't found a nail place I like yet." HMM...wonder why? Intelligent and aflluential folks will know the difference.

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Provided by YP.com
I know the owner of this spa a...

I know the owner of this spa and it's unfortunate that customers don't know, but the staff there..they are independent contractors. It is a lovely place and one of the few places I know that has an American Staff. It's unfortunate that we can't embrace our diversity yet we judge them. Because we want the stereotypical staff and if they talk about us in a different language we don't know about it. And if they don't sanitize we don't talk about it. We feel sorry for them because they aren't American. Yet, we are so critical of our own...so critical. Smoking is offensive..to those around, I agree.

The gal you described actually does very good nails. And clients adore her. She has such a huge following and really a good heart... She's from New York the tech you described and if you aren't used to New Yorkers, that's how they are. But to bash a place and it is very nice..the staff are like booth renters. Clients can pick and choose who they go to. The other girls shouldnt suffer because of your comment, you think? Let's all be nice and fair..you don't realize how your reviews hurt folks tremendously whom you don't know..she cried about it..it hurt her deeply...and it wasn't necessary was it??



Provided by YP.com
Well I don't know what the oth...

Well I don't know what the other person is saying that the manager is rude I have to diagree I think the Manger is one of the SWEETEST People I have meet. She is always there when I come in there and I hear her greeting all the clients. She has gone out of her way everytime I come in there to make me & my family, friends feel very welcomed and at home. She is a keeper a hard worker i have also seen her answering the phones as well as doing clients and the front desk Very hard worker. I wish I had someone like that at my Company. She must be doing something right cause the young lady is always busy!!!!!!!!! I high RECOMMEND this SPA to everyone in JAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Provided by YP.com




Provided by YP.com

I went into the salon on Monday of this week. I cannot say that its a horrible place to go because the decor is nice and the employees are conversating with you the whole time. (which is good and they do speak english which is a plus too,) but thats about where the niceness ends. I went with my girlfriend and we were both in desperate need of pedicures and I have always wanted to try this place..I liked the whole treatment I had (white lily pedicure) as I was told when I got there that it was the ONLY OFFERED ON THAT DAY (that is not even right to say that you are only offering one type of service on a specific day), it kind of puts the business in jeopardy of losing clients (which in my case it started the process of not wanting to go back quite quickly). Next was the wait to sit in the chair at the pedicure station.. Not only the wait to get in the chair (which was about 10-15 minutes, but they were understaffed and it was quite obvious as they had prospective employees coming in to finish interviews or have initial ones. my girlfriend was not soo happy with hers, since the employee that worked on her not only cut her underskin (of nail) with file and wasnt sure how to treat it or even to continue (and we were given the schpeal about the place being owned by a nurse and that there is no need to worry about infections)... then it continues to the point where my girlfriend didnt even get the entire massage/lotions, creams, exfoliants that she was supposed to get (I did but that didnt change the overall expecctations of the place). So after paying for the 2 pedicures and giving a tip (which I now regret), and leaving and thinking my experience was better than my girlfriends, I get home and wake up the next day with 3 huge scratches on my legs due to the inability of "experienced nail techs" to file a nail that they cut.. So not only do I get to remove the $40 polish from 3 nails to cut them and repaint them but I am also out double that for 2 pedicures that were amateur at best... I will not ever go back there and will refuse anyone I know to go there. Unprofessional, inexperienced, laxadaisy, and just plain rude to most people... They seem to pick and choose who they want to tend to right away and who they dont and when they do finally get to you, its not the best experience for the money that is paid.... I have NO PROBLEM GOINGBACK TO MY $15-20 pedicures at other local places...



Provided by YP.com

One thing I can't stand for..is folks just plain Up and LYING! This one chick says the pedicures are torn? Where the heck did you go?? Liar! They are not..they are big comfy...and the place is absolutely gorgeous...it's got FRENCH antiques, you'all...crush Velvet TUB chairs..Oh OKAY..you are used to those OFFICE chairs...I see...GOD forbid some class come to Arlington..I've seen people think the place is so expensive..it's affordable and sooo nice...my goodness. All the rooms on the spa side named for cities in France..HELLO??? The lady interior decorates...come on..a child put it together..just a hater...a loser..

POTENTIAL CLIENTS...it's clear!! This mess is clearly coming from folks that were let go..plain and simple...stop this jealousy and lying..Fabrication and slander is a sueable offense I do believe...and they have clearly lied and it's a shame..Okay..we get a salon that proves that Americans can do nails..and what do we do..WE BASH the place..Okay..okay..let's get the Illegals to do our nails..Support the ones who aren't legally licensed..cause they aren't..and you know it..If they can't speak English..they didn't pass the test, idiots! And hey..support them while they laugh at you...and get all the government programs too...poor little person doing nails while they pull up in a Lexus...dumbos..and get food stamps too. It's TRUE..go ahead..



Provided by YPmobile
If you want a quick manicure, this place is ok

Friendly staff is about all I can say that is positive about this place. Compared to where I usually go, this place sucks big time. I only went there because I got a Groupon discount. The tech was no where near thorough enough. Like I said, it was an ok quick mani and but not worth nearly what they normally charge. I feel like I went to the local college and got a discount mani and pedi cuz the chic was still learning BUT she wasn't!!! Said she had been working there for two years! Anyway, I wouldn't recommend going here. Go to Nails So Happy on Beach Blvd at Hodges. They are THE BEST!



Provided by YP.com
Crime to humanity

Not only was this a horrible nail salon but it was by far the worst establishment that I have ever been too. Completely unprofessional; from the manager to the selection of nail polish. It honestly boggles my mind how they are still in business and have clients coming in. I have never taken the time to write a review but I'm in just such shock and disbelief that a business such as Parisian Nail and Massage Spa exists! I have never felt so angry, uncomfortable, confused, just simply in utter disbelief of what I experienced. It was as thou a child put this salon together and hired the most disgusting (when I say disgusting I don't mean outside appearance) manger on earth! She is unbelievable rude and unbelievable unprofessional. She snaps at the employees in front of the clients and verbally degrades them as if she was royalty and they were her servants. The way this business operates-with the belittling manager, lack of nail polish (I mean literally every bottle was practically empty), and complete discomfort (the manager is horrible-I mean a angry person) continues to amaze me that it is still operating. I honestly feel that it is a crime to humanity and just simply for the human race that such a person could be put in charge of an establishment where people pay money to relax. The owner needs to reassess her judgement on who she hires because from what i saw it was abuse and it was really disheartening to see.

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