Take your car-buying experience to the next level with Lou Sobh's Honda of the Avenues. Serving Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding area for a number of years, and we are proud to have developed countless loyal customers. Every member of our staff takes pride in helping you find the car, truck or SUV of your dreams.
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Provided by YP.com
worst car dealer in florida.

i was all starry eyed walking out of the honda dealer, best business men i had ever encountered. they handed me the key to my new car and i couldnt have been happier. it was a done deal. they were extremely friendly. we signed all the papers, and i walked out the door without having to spend a penny of my school loan i had just got,and my interest rate was a nice low one, which made my monthly payments right where i needed them. which saved me alot of money considering i have a 2 year old to take care of. 4 days later i get a strange phone call, that left me feeling uneasy. "we need more info from you or your mom, looks like we might need a cosigner." well.... how could this be? i thought it was a "done deal" as they guys had said. not too mention they had promised they wouldnt "screw us over" in their own words. the next day they call and got information from my mom, at this point i was extremely nervous...what the hell is going on? and then i get a call threatning to take the car away if we dont come in and sign papers, at this point im shaking and nervous that im going to lose my car and now my credit is gonna be ruined. keep in mind this all happened within the first 2 weeks so i didnt have a payment due or anything. they were just threatning to take back the car because THEY had gone back on the deal, so we go back in and now, 2 weeks later they want a 1000 dollars down and they jacked my interest rate up making my payment almost DOUBLE. well of course i had spent my school loan on the things i needed, a computer i needed for class, microsoft word to write my school papers, and various other things that were neccessities. so here i am. stuck in a deal they twisted and gnarled into some nasty way to give themselves more money. as far as i am concerned dont EVER EVER do business with this company. they are a backstabbing bunch. and will charge you WAY more than you think your going to be paying. i'd love to know how im going to explain to my 2 year old why he cant go to daycare anymore. just thank the honda of the avenues for that. DONT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM, DONT EVEN LOOK AT CARS THERE, THEY ARE 100% THE WORST car dealer IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA.

by the way. they dont even deserve that one star up there, but it forces me to put a star or it wont post. so no. i dont reccomend it AT ALL.



Provided by YP.com
I had a similar situation as t...

I had a similar situation as the people below. My salesman was terrific...our finance guy was out going and funny. So, naturally, when it came to sign the paperwork, I trusted the finance guy when he said that his financing was a much better deal than the financing we already had thru my credit union. Low and behold...he was lying thru his teeth...was I really that stupid??? An honest car salesmen???

Three days after I signed the paperwork, I received a call from the finance guy saying that the financing fell thru but that he had a great deal to offer me. He also asked to come to my house after I got home from work, which I agreed to. Thankfully, my husband had just gotten home at 8:30 pm when the guy finally got around to showing up...mind you, I have two little ones that I am in the process of putting to bed. He couldnt have shown up at a worse time. He pressured me into signing the paperwork, stating it was month close and he had no choice but to submit my loan paperwork by midnight that night or I would have to return the car the next morning. My husband was leaving town at 5am the next morning on military orders...no second car now. How would I get to work...how would I get my kids to daycare? I felt like my back was in a corner and I had no choice but to sign. They added 3 "packages" I specifically stated I did not want, and jacked my interest rate up to a ridiculous 7.5% even though I am "A" paper and was approved for 3.9% originally. Why on earth would I want that deal, when the payment, terms and interest rate on the loan I was approved for thru my credit union were so much lower???

Two days later, I called and asked to speak to the finance manager, who stated, we lost money on your trade, so we needed to make our money off your loan somehow. Really??? Did that really come out of his mouth??? Then why did you offer me such a great deal on my trade if you were losing your shirt on the deal??? On top of that, my signed paperwork showed that I did not have a payment for 45 days...yet I get a past due notice from their financing complany stating that I was late by two weeks making my first payment. UGH...nothing they said was true!

The next week, someone tells us to cancel the packages...that we are able to do that. So we promptly go in and sign the paperwork...and wouldnt you know it...12 weeks later, 2 out of 3 of the packages are not applied to my account yet. And now they are telling me, the paint package that was never applied in the first place, will not be refunded...even though it was NEVER applied and that they mistakenly forgot to cancel the last package...ya right.

They do not deserve even one star...this is my 7 vehicle purchase in my lifetime...all purchases leading up to this Honda were Fords...and I never walked away from my dealings with Ford dissatisfied. I will NEVER buy another Honda...nor step foot into this dealership unless it is to blow the place up!!!!!!!!!!!!



Provided by YP.com
I was looking for a used car a...

I was looking for a used car and made an appointment with a salesman for a test drive. The car I drove didn't meet my needs but in the process I was noticing that he blatantly lied, such as telling me the car would get ABOVE the highway mileage rating when driving in the city and would do even better than that on the highway. He made several ridiculous statements...clearly assuming I'm a stupid woman.

When the first car didn't meet my needs he suggested another one. I drove that one but it was waaaay over priced (I'd already done extensive research online), high miles, and filthy carpet. I decided to have him give me a trade-in estimate on my car and a price on the "new" one, just in case it was worth trying to get a bargain. The trade-in offer was ridiculously low (when I traded my car a few days later at a different dealer, I received more than twice as much), and the bottom line price way too high. When I tried to leave, he wanted me to talk to a manager (who was busy). After waiting patiently several minutes, I told him I had to leave and he actually got pouty and sullen.

I can only assume the person I dealt with is representative of the company, or they wouldn't keep him. If you want to deal with a professional who will treat you with respect and honesty, don't go here!



Provided by YP.com


I had been taking my car to Honda at the Avenues for years. Never had any issues until recently. The main reason I take my car to Honda to service rather than a non-dealer that would for the service guarantee. If they repair any part of your car incorrectly, they SHOULD replace for free.

I took my car in for new brakes about a month ago. I worked this entire time with a service rep named Bobby. He offered to fix my rear brakes, which I gladly paid for. After picking up my car, I noticed within ONE DAY that my brakes still didn't work correctly - they were making a weird noise and not working correctly.

The following day, I brought the car back to Bobby at Honda. After a few hours of looking at the car, Bobby told me they needed to replace the rear left drum. I was puzzled why they didn't tell me this the previous day. Regardless, after several questions, I agreed to pay hundreds of dollars for them to replace the left rear drum.

When I took the car home, I could still feel the brakes weren't working correctly. Instead of going back to Honda, I took my car to another repairman for a second opinion. The repairman said he noticed right away that the rear brakes were installed incorrectly, and this was the reason for the noise and vibrations the car was making. He told me to take the car back to Honda and that repairman should easily see the issue and fix it for free (Honda service guarantee).

I took the car back to Bobby at Honda for the 3rd time. After holding my car overnight, I called the next day for a status update. Bobby told me the issue was now the left rear drum, not the brakes. I immediately told Bobby how frustrated I was with the situation - he only provided me with 2 solutions - 1) pay for the part OR 2) come pick up my car.

Summary: A simple brake repair turned into a month long ordeal. Everytime I had to take my car into Honda to fix a mistake they made, they tried to charge me hundreds of dollars. STAY AWAY FROM THEIR SERVICE DEPARTMENT.

Lance S.


Provided by YP.com

I just brought my 2011 honda to the service department. I came in for an oil change, which they said would take about 45 mins to an hour. It was done within an hour which was pretty good, considering the other people who were ahead of me. while I waited, one of their employees were going around asking if anyone wanted water or popcorn which was really nice. they had a tv for people to watch and comfy chairs. I walked around and browsed the cars in the showroom. The sales people did come up to me and ask me if I was interested in trading in. I said no but did ask them a few questions.They were not pushy at all and were very knowledgeable of the vehicles. After my car was done, they came and got me and explained that my air filter was dirty and showed it to me. It was. So I got a replacement in just a few mins and I was on my way. They were very friendly and the environment was relaxed, but professional. I will most likely be returning in the future.

Kim P.


Provided by YP.com

I bought a brand new honda civic (2014) and when i drove it home i noticed a high piercing sound coming from the car.... They come the next day to get my car to see if they could hear the noise and yes it was there.... Gave me my car back just to give it right back to them to fix.... My tire light come on it took them 3 days to figure that out.. they tinted my windows they had to take off and redo because the tint job was screwed up... then they had 4 techs look at my car and could not find the noise they tried to give me the car back and on gentleman looked at my husband and asked him if there was anything they could do to make it livable it was just a new car sound that will go away they were told no.... They had my car for over a week cause for the 3rd time they had to re tint my windows and so happens they found the noise and fixed the problem.... After they tinted my windows the first time i noticed scratches on my dash and when it was brought to their attention i was told they marks were buffed out they were not buffed out they never touched it. When I showed them the marks they said i can't see them they had no clue what i was talking about. I will never buy another car from here nor do i recommend anyone to buy a car or even have it serviced cause you get nothing but the run around....



Provided by YP.com

My husband and I purchased a used Honda Ridgeline from Lou Soub Honda of the Avenues with a certified warranty. There was a mix up with the VIN number and this should have been a big red flag to us but unfortunately we trusted the dealership when they told us it was a typo. The report they showed us indicated that the truck had not been in any accidents was safe. We later took the truck for further inspections only to find that they had NOT told us the truth. The truck had been in an accident that had compromised the frame of the truck, front end, radiator and other damage. We went to a Honda dealer in an effort to make sure that the truck we purchased was safe, what a mistake that was. I am so disheartened that these business practices still exist today. We will make sure that other parents in the Jacksonville area know NOT to buy anything from Lou Soub Honda of the Avenues or any other Lou Soub dealership. This dealership will do anything to sell a car even stoop so low as to lie and put your family at risk!



Provided by YP.com

Worst experience ever!!!! From start to finish. Instead of offering competitive car prices, they try to sell you on monthly payments, while promising to lower the sales price of the vehicle and never doing it…. I would not recommend using their finance department. They are all liars. They are the worst group of unprofessional people I have ever come across. They made so many mistakes then constantly threatened to come and get the car from me if I didn’t drop everything I was doing to fix their mistakes. They made me think it was the finance company who was giving them this deadline, when in fact it was them wanting their money. If they wanted their money timely, they should do their job correctly. On Friday, almost a month and a half after I got the car and THREE ADDITIONAL trips to the dealership to give them additionally requested information and paperwork, I received a call from the dealership telling me if I didn’t have MORE information in by 5pm, they would have to come and get the car… they called not only me but ALL of my references, looking for me telling them the same thing. The finance company called me later on that afternoon, and advised me that it was the dealership who wanted the car off their books, and they were willing to work with me regarding the paperwork. They also informed me that the paperwork missing was something they advised the dealership over a month ago… I never returned the call to the dealership…. I dealt with the actual finance company from then on…. I figured if they wanted to come get it, so be it…. This is only the TIP of what I dealt with… I don’t even want to drive by that place….



Provided by YP.com

Trust your instinct and trust the multiple POOR reviews you will read about Honda of the Avenues - I didn't and that was a mistake!!! After dealing with the Internet Sales Department (salesman to remain anonymous) they told me that they had the car that I was looking for and was told it was a beautiful car. I asked them the condition it was in and specifically asked if there was any minor issues such as scratches, dings, dents, etc and he assured me that the car was "like new" and it is "nicely cleaned and looks beautiful". I then double checked with them and told them I would be driving over 3 hours to get this vehicle and he assured me "it was like new". After my 3.5 hour drive there I noticed immediately several flaws with the vehicle - there was a large depression (bigger than a ding) in the front bumper surrounded by scratches, the rear bumper had a significant scrape with paint removed and the interior power adapter cover was missing (not a huge issue in itself but just noteworthy). I noticed all of this within 5 minutes, I am sure given more time I would have found many other issues after the lies they told me. Now maybe I have a different view on things but when I questioned him about the condition of the car and that I had to drive 3+ hours the salesman said that he considered that condition "like new" and felt no remorse that he made me drive 7 hours round trip and waste an entire day all because he never told me the true condition of the car. To me "like new" is a clean car with little to no damage. These guys are your stereotypical slimy car salesman and I would never suggest even considering them for a car!!!! STAY AWAY!!!!!



Provided by YP.com
Don't bother .. They use every...

Don't bother .. They use every used car salesman trick in the book .. A very dishonest bunch



Provided by YPmobile
Mark Stapelton service stinks

Very unprofessional, can't give a damn attitude. Well, forget the Honda bumper to bumper 36,000 mile warranty. According to Mark, brake rotors are not warranty items. Also Mark, act like you even give a damn when someone buy's the top of the line accord, and can't even get a dealer to back up the product. Honda of the Avenues stinks, get new service employees fast.



Provided by YP.com
Honda of the Avenues suprised ...

Honda of the Avenues suprised me to say the least, and far surpassed my expectations. When you go into a car dealership and expect to get bombarded by pushy salespeople and the run around from the managers. THIS IS NOT THE CASE AT HONDA ON US AND 9A. I was greeted by a very nice young man who worked very hard to get me the best deal possilble. They were much more caring and attentive to my needs than the other two Honda Dealerships I visited. I agreed to purchase the car, and the finance manager Jacob (who was very cute I might add) was fabulous. He took extra time to go over the different packages and finance options they offered and found one that fit my needs and my budget. Honda of the Avenues gets 6 stars in my book. Anyone who reads this that is looking to buy a car should go down and see these guys, they are great!



Provided by YP.com

I purchased a new car from Honda at the Avenues. During the time of the sale, the salesman was overly accomodating, acting like he really cared. I put down a large down payment, signed the agreement and left with a temporary tag on the car, thinking the deal was done. Long story short, after numerous calls to the salesman for 2 weeks he finally calld back stating he dont know what happened and it may have to get financed thru some other company...wth? Here it is the day before my first payment is due and he's just now letting me know that financing has basically fallen through, after I've had the car for over a month! How come no one from Honda bothered to contact me with this info before now? I'm getting my down payment back ASAP and going somewhere else!



Provided by YP.com
Awesome Dealership.

Best Honda dealer in Jacksonville. The staff is so helpful and nice. Chloe is the best! :D



Provided by YP.com
Excellent Service

I was happy to finally find a Honda dealer in Jacksonville with straightforward business practices who knows what they're doing. No hassles and I love my new car!



Provided by YP.com
Finally an honest car dealer!

We have been to another Jacksonville dealer (that shall remain nameless), and they were always jerking us around. Through the website we got in touch with Chief Warren and he was totally straightforward and easy to work with. Thanks Chief and all the helpful staff at Honda of the Avenues!

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