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Angela H.


Provided by YPmobile

Yelp does not have a no star option that is why one is highlighted. Had a Groupon for this company for a detail. No hard feelings on Groupon. In fact, I hope they drop this company from ever doing Groupon again. Horrible company. Did not have any employees to fulfill an appointment for a detail. How does one even run a company when they have no employees. You have no right to even advertise services that cannot be fulfilled. I will NEVER go back nor will I recommend this company.

Dave W.


Provided by YP.com

Purchased a Groupon for my wife to have her Mustang detailed. The first 2 appointments she set up for them to do mobile carwash, they never showed up because they were running late both times. My wife finally took the car to them. Once they were done, my wife had to go back over the car and show them spots that were clearly missed. I would not recommend this company to anyone and I would not get the groupon...terrible service.

Gwen H.


Provided by YPmobile
Used to be great, something changed

What happened ???? My husband and I have been going here for about 2 or 3 years. Always loved it. Not now. Prices haves doubled. Didn't offer us Early Bird like before. We won't be back.

Olga R.


Provided by YP.com

i purchased my window tinting thru groupon..about a month later i decide to use my coupon and was given an appt. after arriving at my appt i left and was called 10 minutes later to come pick up my car because they didnt have my tint in stock.. a courtesy call would have been helpful... i made yet another appointment and was told to drop off car by 9;00 am and i was literally the 2nd person for window tint...after job was done i was then told do not lower windows for 3 days...i waited 4..tint on my front passenger window was coming off and on drivers side as well...i called big city numerous times and left messages asking for my tint to be re-done...no return call NOTHING! i then contacted GROUPON and filed a complaint on their services...i was given a number to call AGAIN and see if issue could be resolved...took my car in yet AGAIN...and no problem 9;00 dropoff ( i waited) and in about 2 and half hours my tint was done...i went home and noticed something wrong on my car....a HUGE scrape on my back door (drivers side) looks like someone sideswiped my car with another car....that was not there when i took my car in....half the employees there look very young and wondering if they have a license to move/drive cars....well i have taken my pictures and called the business again...left yet another message after speacking with a young lady named SHANNON and she said she will talk to the manager and have issue resolved....i trully dont believe it will be brought to anyones attention...so if anyone has an email or contact number to file a complaint can you please let me know...thank you!!


# not a happy customer

B M.


Provided by YP.com

If I could give this place a ZERO, I would. Absolutely awful experience!! I bought the Groupon for the Platinum package. Didn't receive half of the services that are supposed to be included. They soaked my car so badly it wasn't dry for 3 days and now smells absolutely awful and I cannot get the smell out. I have a 3 month old and can't even put her in the car. They broke my driver side door, soaked the car so badly my power locks stopped working!. Windows were all streaked, terrible wax job. The carpets and seats look bad. The list goes on and on. Tried contacting the owner 4 or 5 times. He kept saying he would call back and set up a time to meet. Just gave us the run around. They ruined my car. The girl that answers the phone is rude and the overall customer service is dirt. DO NOT use this place!

Marrissa G.


Provided by YP.com

I bought a Groupon for the Platinum detail package, and took my car in today. When I arrived I was greeted by a very courteous gentleman and he walked me in to the lobby to sign in. Dropped it off and they called a couple hours later for pickup. I was absolutely blown away by the detail job that was done, my Escalade literally looked brand new! It's been YEARS since I've seen it look this good! I'd even say they did a better job than the Cadillac dealership! I will definitely be back! Thanks to all of you at Big City Detailing for a great experience from start to finish!

Heather D.


Provided by YP.com

I purchased a Platinum Cleaning groupon two months and had them work on my car today. Very happy with the job they did! The interior of my car was really bad after a road trip--they did a great job getting the car hair and dirt stains out of the carpet. Outside looks great and they did a good job cleaning under the hood. The staff I dealt with today was professional and courteous and finished my car on time. My only suggestion would be with contacting them--maybe if someone could man the phones a little better because each time I've called I had to leave messages. But other than that I would definitely use them again.

Oli W.


Provided by YP.com

Just purchased a Groupon online. I went to the Baymeadows location- Pretty shady looking characters around, guy walks up to my truck, asks me what I was there to have done. Advised that I wanted the full detail, he said "OK, pull on back." When I told him I had a Groupon, his attitude changed. Told me there were 3 people ahead of me, and that it would be an hour and a half. I asked about an appointment, he said I could go inside.

I went inside and noticed there was one car, with one guy working on it in the bay. As I turn the corner one (of 7) guys asks me what I needed done. I advised that I has having a detail. He said, "OK, let me get your keys." Again, I advise, I have a Groupon. He says "oh!" And calls someone else over- I try to make an appointment, the guys says I can come back later today.. Again, Groupon, "Oh, we are solid today..Can you come back tomorrow?" Moral of story, Do not buy a GroupOn and expect the same service for someone that is paying full price.



Provided by YP.com

I purchased the Platinum Package and I can say that my overall experience was great at Big City Carwash. A superb job shampooing my carpet. Plus, the outside of the car looks great!

Anthony, who worked on my car was as pleasant as can be. He went the extra mile to make me happy. He offered to retouch anything that didn't meet my standards, which is what great customer service is all about.

But on the flip side, I noticed a few dirty areas in the interior as I drove away. Also, my leather seats weren't conditioned, which was part of the package.

I'm satisfied with the overall service and would recommend them to others.



Provided by YPmobile
NO More Bubbles

After 2'days details, I'm not going back 2 Bubbles. This place takes a little longer but puts all that time and effort into your service. Great Job!



Provided by YPmobile
Awesome Detail Service

Took both my car/truck in when i saw quality and detail of service. They really work hard @ their job here.



Provided by YP.com

This business is awful. I took my car to be detailed and they didnt even clean the inside of the windows! I dropped my car off at 8am and at 5pm pick up the seats were soaking wet! They took all the change out of my car and acted like they had worked so hard to take care of my car. I took it back to give them a second chance and once again they didnt fix the issues I pointed out including cleaning the inside of the windows. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME!!!



Provided by YP.com

I had an appointment for getting my windows tinted at 9 this morning. Bad bad idea. I got a call on my cell at 8.55 when I was almost there, telling me that the tint guy is running 30 minutes late. No big deal was my response. I should've taken a hint right there. It's after 10 am and my keys are still in my pocket with no sign of the tint guy. And when he shows up, he looks like he just smoked a joint. Talk about being professional. At 12 after 3 hours of waiting in the smelly lobby, with no sign of the person in charge, I decided to look for my car. Walking down the corridor I heard loud music which I didn't think much of. Everyone needs entertainment. I walked up to the rear of the building looking for my car, and there was the guy hanging out with someone who didn't look like she worked there, with my car off, the radio volume blasting loud music and A/c on high. That was my car they were using and abusing for their entertainment. Mind you I did not mention anything to the guy. Instead I walked up the front and waited for the manager to return and told her about it. About 1 pm I decided to stroll down the corridor and I hear the radio again. I just gave up. I asked them to run my car thru the wash which I needed to after all the soap residue from the window tinting process on the inside and out of the car. When the car was ready I got to take a good look all around. I found strips of rubber around the rear windows completely missing and half way cut off from the blade used to cut the tint film. There were still 2 pieces of rubber from around the windows hanging loose. I asked for the manager. As soon as she came out there she tore the hanging rubber parts without bothering to even talk to me. And when I asked for an explanation, she started yelling and cursing me saying that I'm making excuses and lying of accusing them of damaging the car, and that they would do nothing of that sort and this a professional business. She added, when you take your car to a mechanics shop, you don't know what goes on back there. Was that an explanation or a cop out? She was yelling so loud, she would not let me speak. And she called herself a professional. Then she got on the phone with someone lying about me cursing and that I was making an issue out of nothing. I was left with no choice but to leave that place. The payment for the service had to me made in advance. Now I know why. I have never experienced anything like that before. I'm sorry I took my car there. When I got home I found black melted goo on the edge of the trunk where it meets the rear glass and also residue of it on the weather stripping inside.

Oh yea, while I was back in the lobby, I heard loud blaring music from the tint room, which I'm guessing was from the car he was working on next. Who ever he/she was probably doesn't even know how their car was abused while there.

Guys, save yourself some trouble and headache. Spend a few extra dollars and take your business elsewhere.



Provided by YP.com

i purchased two groupons to try this business out. it is the Big City Car wash located on Baymeadows (not to be confused with one in Orange Park). I brought my car in first several weeks ago. dropped it as soon as it opened. they told me the car would be ready by 4. i live over 20 minutes away, so i tried calling to check the status. no one ever answers the phone and no one returns messages. so i made sure to show up at 4 and they were still working on it. i waited, watching them, for an additional TWO hours - they didn t finish until after the sun set, so it was impossible to check the quality of the work. the next morning, i saw streaks of wax where they missed buffing out entire panels of the car. they didn t even vacuum the leaves out of the trunk. some of the interior looked great, but pretty much everything they left for the end of the day was done in a supremely substandard manner.

unfortunately, i still had one groupon left, so we brought my husband's car a few weeks later. we didn't have time to sit there and wait for the car to be cleaned, but reminded the manager about what happened last time - she told us that they would have the car ready by 5. again, we tried calling to check the status - no answer, no reply to our messages. so we drove back and again, we were kept waiting until 6:45PM. this time, in addition to the streaks left behind on the paint, in the interior, the whole passenger side of the car was untouched - dusty and dirty. i'll try to post a couple of pics i took the next morning of the car's interior.

weird, because there were some aspects of the job that looked decent - during the total of almost 4 hours I was waiting, i could see how the workers handled their jobs. the workers appeared to put forth an effort at times (they alone earned the single star i gave in this rating), but management is dismal.

how do you run a decent business if you don t provide a way for your customers to communicate with you? when you don t even attempt to stick to the schedule that you set? when the work itself is hurried, substandard and incomplete? if you have difficulty finishing jobs on time (even when your customers make an appointment), why do you have a guy spinning a sign at the entrance?

all the advertising in the world does not make up for poor management and poor quality of the service. to anyone considering this business, be forewarned...



Provided by YPmobile
Don't let the Groupon fool you!

Spend the time and do it yourself...you'll get better results! They left half the wax on my wife's car and the interior was soaking wet, even after they had her car for over 8 hours!! You'll do better by running your car through at Daily's and vacuuming it with your shop vac! The guys were nice enough, but their work left a lot to be desired. I should have heeded the reviews I read instead of thinking it couldn't be that bad...well, it is! Don't let the Groupon fool you...

Kevin P.


Provided by YP.com

WORST COMPANY EVER! NO STARS (it forced me to pick at least 1 star) !!! it took a week to even get ahold of someone to schedule an appointment- apparently their office phone is a cell phone. I left a message the first time, was told they would call me back the 2nd and 3rd time because they were busy and the 4th time the mailbox was full so i couldn't leave a message...remind you this was all to schedule an appointment. i should have switched company's then! i finally got my appointment scheduled (*fyi i was doing their $179 package not a $20 car wash*). my appointment was this past Monday 1/7/13 at 10 am. i received a call at 9:40 that they would be here at 10:15. At 11 am i had not heard from anyone yet- so i called and they said they would be here soon- so i rescheduled my appointment (it takes 3-4 hours so i wanted my car back by 3 in order to go on with the rest of my day after work). i rescheduled for today-Friday 1/11/13 at 10am so that i would get my car back at 3pm and i could begin my weekend. come 11:10 i had still not heard anything from the company to pick my car up to detail- so i called and got no answer. i waited 10 minutes and no call back. so i called again. where an aggravated, rude, and defensive employee answered the phone and tried to explain that it wasnt her fault that an employee had not shown up to work today and the fact that they were late to our SCHEDULED appt was beside the point. I told her i needed her here by 12...for my 10am appt. she replied she would try and hung up. come 12 i had not heard back from anyone so i called and asked for the manager with the intentions of cancelling my appointment (let me remind you this was for a $179 car detailing package- that's not cheap). i spoke with the manager John who had no idea of the situation and was very concerned with the poor service his company had provided. he said he would be at my work to pick up my car in 20 minutes ( we are about 5 miles away from each other)

Melissa J.


Provided by YP.com
Wow... All I can say is wow.. ...

Wow... All I can say is wow.. This was a great group of people that spent a lot of time on my car and did a phenominal job. I not only recommend them but I will be going back.

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