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Jerry P.


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I have been Dr.Yang patient for years for many ailment. Alergy reaction, back pain and frozen shoulder. For each ailment, I feel and see the diffrerence on first visit. Highly recommended. A couple people whom I recommend to visit for various reason like back pain and other pain they also have the same experience.

Zoey W.


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I highly recommend Dr. Yang and the use of acupuncture to treat fertility issues. I conceived my first child quickly, without intervention; he went to term and is now a healthy 2 year old. When we tried to get pregnant again it took 5 months, and that pregnancy ended in miscarriage after 8 weeks. After the miscarriage, I diligently charted my waking temperatures and cervical fluid. I found that although my husband and I were timing intercourse correctly, my luteal phase (the time between ovulation and the start of the next period) was too short to allow a fertilized egg to implant. Personally, I did not want to go down the "fertility treatment" path, so I tried acupuncture.

Dr. Yang has a wonderful, calming bedside manner. She looks at whole-body wellness while focusing on the individual's issues. To help me, she gave me a one hour acupuncture session every week, combined with herbal pills and patches for when I am at home. She also gave me advice on how to "warm up" my reproductive area by what I drink. (She calls the things you do out of the acupuncture office "homework.") From the beginning she tried to set the correct expectation that it may take 2 or 3 months for my body to change, but within my first month of treatment I was pregnant! Including our time prior to the miscarriage, we had been trying for about 10 months.

I am still seeing Dr. Yang monthly while in my first trimester (and possibly beyond) to try to keep everything balanced for the baby."

Christin Y.


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I had numbness and loss of straight in my hand for many months. Dr. yang's treatment approach has been very good and helps a lot. Highly recommend!

Grace S.


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I feel much better from Dr. Yang's acupuncture treatment.
Dr. Yang has 33 years clinical experience. I think that DO make the Big different.
Office is nice and clean with relax music.They don't file insurance , accept credit card, check. I need file insurance myself.

I initially came to her bc no other treatment for my neck pain and severe headaches had worked. I had been to a family doctor, an ear, nose and throat doctor, a neurologist and a chiropractor. I was desperate for some relief. I felt significantly better after my 2nd session. Currently, I have no neck pain or headaches .
Then, she start working my sleep problem. Dr. Yang has even helped with my sleep. After taking sleep meds for the last 6 years, I am sleeping with just strategically placed herbal patches. Dr. Yang has teach me the acupuncture point for sleep ,and I can use herbal patch apply to the point. It's really work.
The acupuncture doesn't fact at my last visit, I was so relaxed that I couldn't stay awake. The treatment also help my stress ,too.
I love the music in the office.
Dr Yang is compassionate, caring and very knowledgeable. I will continue to see Dr. Yang when any medical issues arise. I'm a believer!!!!

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Gary P.


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I’ve had lower back pain for years. Not only did I find Dr. Yang’s clinic, I also found relief. With each spine adjustment treatment, I could feel the difference from the time before. After the four treatments, the stiffness in my lower back is gone and I’m even sleeping better. I can move easier now and seem to have more energy.
Thank you Doctor Yang!!



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My experience at the Yang Health Center is excellent. My treatments have enabled me to find a solution to my knee pain and a shoulder injury. Dr. Yang has greatly improved my general health as well.



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Acunpuncture helped my infertility and allergy

I started seeing Dr. Yang in 2000 because I'd heard that acupuncture could help with infertility. I have had female problems since puberty and was having problems conceiving. Shortly after I started treatment, I noticed that other problems started to disappear. I had irritable bowel syndrome my whole life, and it was now gone. I was very high strung and nervous, depressed, and those feelings and behaviors went away. I had allergies for years and with acupuncture and herbal treatment they too were gone. People noticed a difference in me at work and I had never physically felt better. After 4 months of treatment, I became pregnant with my first child. I received treatment throughout my pregnancy and afterwards for thrush and hormonal imbalances. Now I have three kids. I have gone to Dr. Yang for everything form colds to back pain and have always gotten relief. Dr. Yang knows my body and has always taken time to get to know me as a person as well. She looks at me as a whole being and targets her treatment based on that knowledge. My children have even gone to her for patches and prefer seeing her to any other doctor because they feel better from her care. I consider her my primary physician. My husband is now starting treatment because western methods for insomnia and other issues have failed. I cannot say enough about how Dr. Yang has positively influenced my life as a whole and that of my family. She is a treasure.



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My low back pain,sinus,heart problem are better

My name is Teresa Hubbs. I have been a patient of Yang Health Center for 9 years. My chiropractor sent me to Dr. Yang for lower back pain. Treatments have not only helped with back pain but also with sinus infections, sore throats, menopause, and most of all heart palpitations. Dr Yang was very patient and persistent with regulating my heart! Only after a check up with my doctor to make sure there was not a serious heart problem. Unlike some acupunctures, Dr. Yang works with all patients with individual care. Not just 20 or 30 minutes and you are done. She works toward getting you well . Sometimes it might require a few visits buy always well worth it!

I enthusiast recommend f Dr. Yang and Yang Health Center.

Teresa Hubbs, Kokomo, Indiana



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Better life,no pain

Thanks to Dr. Wei-Chen Yang O.M.D. D.C. Dipt Ac:

I am able to enjoy life a lot better.

I have had back pain for many years. I have to say Acupuncture has been the best treatment yet.

I don't have to take pain pills everyday and the treatment last for me several months. This is better than taking pills every day to relieve pain which can have side effects.

Among other problems ( shoulder, neck, ankle, etc.), I have had the Acupuncture treatments in these areas and it works.

This treatment is like any other medical problem one might have. Some medicines will work and some won't. Each person is different, but Acupuncture is one that has suprised me. I never thought this would ever work, but thanks to my Lab (Brutus) who has spurs in his back, now walks and jumps without any pain after my wife took him to a animal Doctor for Acupuncture. This is what made me try Acupuncture as a last resort to my several ailments in life.

Dr. Yang is a very caring person toward her patients, and if for some reason your treatment doesn't work or their is a more complex problem that needs to be taken care of by Western Doctors, Dr. Yang will inform you of seeing someone else to fix your problem.

I have to say, Acupuncture is the best thing that has happened for me, and it's better than taking pills everyday.


John Dondun IN



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Dr. Yang is very professional, gentle and knowledgeable in her field. I came to her with corpul tunnel issues for which my doctor suggested surgery. In approximately, six months or less, she cured the pain in my hand and arms and the tingling in my fingers. I return periodically because my online job required constant computer work.

I love Dr. Yang and I highly recommend her.



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Acupuncture helps me

I am 62 years old and I have very poor circulation in my left leg. My son suggested that I try acupuncture, and so I began visiting the Yang Health Center for acupuncture treatments. I cannot believe the amazing improvement in my ability to walk without pain that has resulted from the acupuncture treatments. I would recommend acupuncture for circulatory and pain problems. I have been so pleased that I have actually bought gift certificates for 3 friends so that these friends can have the opportunity to let Yang help them.




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Shingles's pain is gone

I have Shingles for many years.I have a lot of pain.I see Dr. Yang for acupuncture.
After 4 treatments of acupuncture my shingle pain on my head feels good -- pain gone.

Amor P.

Hays M.


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I’m a patient of Dr.Yang and would highly recommend seeking Traditional Chinese Medicine. I injured my jaw (overextension of the jaw through yawning). My jaw bone dislocated (1st time for any jaw problems). The pain was horrific. I sought western medicine which helped the jaw to relocate; however, I still had pain. Then, I learned about Dr Yang, Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, and Herbal Therapy. On the day I called for an appointment, Dr Yang treated me. I experienced immediate relief from the pain. Dr. Yang is very knowledgeable and listens well; she provided the right therapy which led to my quick recovery of my jaw injury. The office is very friendly and staff is very nice.

Sue S.


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I have back pain down my leg so I was walking with a limp and sharp pains.I see M.D. ahd Therapy still not help.
They were great. I walked out without pain after the first .



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My low back pain and hot flash is much better. The best treatment I have

History: hot flash night sweat 4 years
I saw Dr. Yang for low back pain after low back pain is better.
I started treatments for hot flashes only two short weeks ago and felt immediate results after my first treatment. I would say that the result was about 80% improved. My night sweats were minimal whereas they had been occurring throughout the night. They had subsided to approximately one or two.
Thank you Dr. Yang From: Ruby M



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I am Duane E, a 70-year-old ma...

I am Duane E, a 70-year-old male. For at least half of my life I have suffered from osteoarthritis, in various parts of my body. About 25 years ago I injured (along with my arthritis) my lumbar vertebrae. Since then I have suffered various degrees of lower back pain.

About 18 months ago I began experiencing more acute lower back pain. In working with my orthopedic doctor, I have had cortisone shots (as many as four at one time) which helped for a while, and I have used pain medication extensively. I have been unhappy with the side effects of the medicine, even though they did help with the pain.

On October 22 of this year, I was evaluated by Dr. Wei-Chen Yang and had my first acupuncture treatment. I am so happy to report that I have not needed any pain medicine since that first treatment, 19 days ago!!!!!!!! I look forward to a more pain-free life, and one in which I don’t feel “loopy” from the meds. What a relief!!! As the reader can see, I am a big acupuncture fan now, especially with Dr. Yang.

Rubi Z.


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I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Yang as I was desperate to find an answer to my sleeping problems. I found her to be a very caring and professional person. I was surprised how much my general energy level improved after the first appointment and continued to improve through subsequent appointments. While working on my sleep issues, she has treated my hip pain through cupping. I haven't known such relief for a long time. Exercising is more comfortable for me and I have found it easier to lose weight. The quality of my sleep has improved tremendously. Her treatment has been a true blessing for me and I wished I would have seen her years ago.

Hannna S.


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I must admit that I was a bit apprehensive about trying acupuncture to treat my chronic lower back issue and corresponding drop foot problem, but a recent cruise opened my eyes to its benefits. On a whim and because I had the needed time on my hands, I decided to try acupuncture from a licensed doctor on the ship to see if I could gain some pain relief for my lower back and right foot so that I could tackle the land excursions. I must admit that the treatment opened my eyes to its benefits as I doubt that I would have been able to tolerate the extensive walking for each of the excursions. The treatments were painless and left me energized afterwards.
Upon my return , I elected to pursue further treatment as a means of fully curing my problem. I reserched several acupunturists who specialized in treating spinal issues. Fortunatley, I concluded that Dr. Wei Chen Yang of Yang Health Center was the appropriate choice, and I 've been extremely happy with my decision. She demostrates a full understanding of my issues with a sincere interest in improving my condition. She takes the necessary time to explain each and every treatment for me as well as prescribing the necessary exercise I need to work on to gain the appropriate strength in my right calf, ankle and foot.
Dr. Yang has been very helpful in improving my condition. My foot and ankle do not swell nearly as much as they did before which has substantially improved my quality of life. I wouldn't hesitate recommending her to others who suffer lower back pain.
John J

Nancy G.


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I have been suffering with leg pain and discomfort for over2 years. I have seen a
neurologist, chiropractors and my family doctor with no results. After 4 sessions with Dr. Yang, I have improved remarkably so that I am now able to sleep much better with out the use of pain


Dr.Yang help my sleep in one treatment

After only one session with Dr. Yang I noticed dramatic results. I have been taking prescription medication for 8 months to sleep at night. After one acupuncture session with Dr. Yang, I started to sleep my first nights of natural sleep without medication! Now after 3 session, I am happy to say that I don't need my medication to sleep at all. I have suffered from depression, and also noticed that after my first session my mood was elevated, I felt relaxed and calm, very content and happy! After 3 sessions, I am noticing an overall sense of well being and relaxation in daily life.The best thing about receiving acupuncture from Dr. Yang, is not only the fast results, but that I don't need to see her once a week forever, the quicker my recovery the less I have to have treatment.She is very professional with a kind and attentive bed-side manner. I can't say enough good things about my experience with Yang Health Center in Carmel and the staff. The staff are caring and the treatment really works! After years of acupuncture treatment in other countries, I notice that Dr. Yang is one of the best.Yours truly,Joanna

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Dr.Yang is a licensed Oriental Medicine Doctor (China). She graduated from China Medical University with 6 years study,and two years post graduate training.Dr. Yang also has NCCAOM certified.Acupuncture License Indiana
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Dr.Yang has 35 years clinical experience,she is a licensed Oriental Medicine Doctor (China). She graduated from China Medical University with 6 years study,and two years post graduate training.Dr. Yang also has NCCAOM certified.Acupuncture License Indiana

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