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Debra L.


Provided by YP.com

O star: A pack of monkeys could have moved me with less damage...not one item was spared; everything was damaged. The truck driver sent me a picture of some of the damaged furniture being thrown into the truck! They convinced me NOT to take extra insurance so I was given $196.00...that did not even come close to covering the top of a roll top desk, let alone lamps, glassware, and keepsakes. The CPI insurance company was no better...My advise? Avoid this company at all cost!!!

Z A.


Provided by YP.com

0 Star - Worst moving company ever. My move was scheduled for Friday between 10-noon but the actual pick up didn't happen until Saturday 5pm. I was told that someone will call me 24-48 hours before pick up, but that never happened. The sales representative (Charles) is extremely nice until you sign the contract. The movers were unprofessional as well. They kept hitting on me and I didn't feel comfortable staying with them alone in my apartment. They broke my bed frame, and I lost a few things including bike components that were mounted to the frame. This is really the worst moving company.

Joy T.


Provided by YP.com

I chose this company because of their low quote even though I felt pressured to make a decision. But in the end, nothing but a recording of the conversations I had with the sales people and the movers will validate my case with the company. In summary, I felt cheated of about $350, I lost one whole box of belongings, a few of my goods were damaged, and my new pair of scissors was 'accidentally' stolen by the movers. But I can only be offered $25 for compensation since I cannot provide proof and my signature is too powerful in protecting them and reminds me so much of how big a mistake I made when I was stressed and moving alone.

I think their main flaw was the lack of communication between departments and even within the individual teams. The agreement I had when I talked to a quality team member on the phone was not reflected accurately in the contract. Throughout the whole pickup process, I was treated like a foolish little girl whose words had no power with no one to validate my words. When I tried calling and asking to talk to the same person that gave me that guarantee, they wouldn't let me and someone else spoke with the movers. From their conversation, I was laughed at and I couldn't do anything because of my huge mistake in signing the agreement believing the person, thinking that the word 'OPTIONAL' was sufficient proof on the agreement. From that, I felt cheated of about $350 - paying for a shuttle that wasn't used. Later on, during the delivery process, the movers were different people and they seemed nice and wanted to assure that I had all my belongings. In the end, if I didn't catch that one box and some stools were missing, I would have lost two boxes instead of one - one box is still missing to this day and chances are I won't be able to get it back. My pair of scissors was taken 'accidentally' by the movers when they left and they denied having it when I called them about it. The claims process took 4 months, some of the people in Customer Service were very nice and really went and checked for my box, while others didn't sound like they cared, and in the end, I was only offered $25 because of my signature and lack of initial protest. I chose to reject that to keep my right in writing this review.

What I learned most about this experience is to be very careful of what you sign, be suspicious, and check and triple quadruple check both when the belongings are loaded and when they are delivered. Take pictures of all your belongings before and after.

Alan K.


Provided by YPmobile

I chose to hire All united moving & storage to handle the move after talking to them on the phone. Their quote was very low. The movers arrived on time and were properly equipped. I couldn’t believe how easily they carried my furniture. It was a 3rd floor walkup and the stairs didn’t seem to bother them at all. Everything went smoothly and they were done in just an hour and half. They gave me a 5-day window for the delivery and they delivered on the 4th day. Nothing was broken or damaged. The movers were just so meticulous, I must say!

Vernon B.


Provided by YPmobile

All united moving & storage took such great care of all my belongings. They showed up on time to beginwith on such a short notice. They packed everything skillfully and then loaded them to the van. The whole thing took just over an hour to complete. I couldn’t run away from St. Louis, MO any sooner for Kansas City, MO and it’s like the movers really couldn’t either. The delivery was made on time and all my belongings were safe inside the van. Thank you so much!

Brooke C.


Provided by YPmobile

If I could rate this company with zero stars, I would. They have been extremely unprofessional and I have never been more dissatisfied as a customer. Of the 12 different moving companies that contacted me about assisting me in my move from DFW to CA, I went with these movers based on the great reviews I read. Let me start off with saying that this company contacted me one month prior to my move and knew that I was based out of Dallas. After going through my inventory list, pick up date, and location of my new residence, they guy I spoke to told me they would be at my place on 9/23 to pack all of my things and that it would take approximately 3-4 days to deliver my stuff. I do not have much as I lived in a one bedroom, 670sq ft apartment. Come 9/22, they call me to say they would be arriving on September 24 between 11-4 pm. When I told them that I had scheduled my move for the 23 they replied that I was given a 2 day window. No one ever mentioned a 2 day window to me, they simply asked when I needed my stuff gone and I told them. Come the 24th they inform me that due to the holidays, they have fallen behind and will be arriving on the 25th. At this point I'm frustrated. I had planned to drive from Dallas to CA on the 26th and had much to do prior to that. So they give me a window of 12-4. On the 25th they call me around 10 AM and tell me they are on their way. At 1:50 they call to say that they are having issues with the truck and haven't left. We call the company and get put on the phone with Kevin, who asked my boyfriend why did we book our movers out of Houston when they have drivers in the Dallas area. Your movers called me knowing we were booked out of Dallas so he asked why did they not inform us of this when we booked the move. We also inform him they we have to be out of the apartment by the 26th so they really need to arrive that day. So Kevin tells us he will try and get a truck from Dallas out. They call back and say they have a truck and it'll arrive after finishing another load. The original drivers call and tell me they are on their way and will arrive at 5-5:30. Confused why the drivers from Houston are coming, we inform them that movers from Dallas will be arriving and they tell us that they were told to come get us since they had resolved their issue with the truck. We had dinner plans that night as it was supposed to be my last night and all of my friends and family were attending to say goodbye. The movers end up arriving at 7pm and take two and a half hours to pack my apartment so I did not get to say goodbye to my friends and family. We ask when they expect our stuff to arrive and they tell us it depends on we arrive first so we tell them we will be their Monday. Instead of answering our question, the driver asks for his tip and leaves. We end up having to find somewhere to stay the next day after we cleaned out my apartment and we leave on the 27th and arrive the next day. After two days we call to check on the status of our movers and they tell us the system is down and to call the next morning. I call the next morning and the lady who answered the phone sounded frustrated and informed me I needed to wait for them to call me when a driver is assigned. Two days later I call again and ask to speak to a manager and they tell me the managers left for the day so I inquire of my status again and she tells me they assigned a driver and once they arrive it'll take 2-3 days to load the truck and head out. I inform her we are to head out of town on Tuesday and that we took a whole week off work so that we could be there when the movers arrived and have time to get settled into our new place. I call again yesterday to speak to a manager, get transferred to voicemail and leave my number, and never heard from them. My stuff was picked up ten days ago now and I have yet to hear anything. Had they just given me an honest time frame then I would not be upset.

Carl D.


Provided by YPmobile

All united moving & storage conducted our move from Topeka, KS to Paterson, NJ. The best thing about this moving company is their price. They charge very low prices compared to other moving companies. I’m not completely a fan of the movers because I think they lack experience. None of my valuables were damaged though. I just thought the movers could have worked faster. Another good thing is that they only use the amount of packing material that is needed. I have paid more than 500 dollars only for packing materials in the past. So this was really good. Hiring this company was a really good idea if you want to save some money. But just make sure that you instruct the movers well.

Fredrick S.


Provided by YPmobile

Every relocation is difficult but hiring All united moving & storage really eased my move. They quoted a price that was very fair and the best part is that they stuck to it till the end. The movers were punctual, skilled and efficient. They finished wrapping up my 1400 sft apartment in just 3 hours. Their speed was really unbelievable. They delivered on the 4th day from a week long delivery window. My valuables were all delivered safely. I have relocated with movers before but never did I have movers as efficient as the ones from All united moving & storage.

Warren M.


Provided by YPmobile

My wife and I were very worried before moving from our home state. We didn't know anything about moving companies. A friend of mine suggested that we talk to All united moving & storage. When I called the company, they seemed very friendly to me. They called me back with a very affordable quote and we hired them instantly. The movers showed up right in time on the moving day. They packed everything quickly and then loaded them onto the van. They delivered right when they said they would and our valuables were unharmed. Thanks you All united moving & storage for making our move so easy.

Carroll W.


Provided by YPmobile

All united moving & storage is often panned by a lot of people for their prices. But the quote they gave me seemed more than reasonable given the distance they had to cover. I was well aware that the delivery might take a while but fortunately there was no delay. The credit really goes to the movers. They maintained the schedule throughout. Their packing skills were amazing and I was blown away by easily they carried everything. It really was a mighty effort by the boys. All my belongings were transported in great condition. They even unpacked everything and put them in place. The bill matched the quote and I was super happy.

Alexander K.


Provided by YPmobile

My main concern for this move was my favorite couch. I bought it just a year back and it is the most favorite thing of mine. But it’s really heavy and huge. When I called All united moving & storage for a quote to my stuffs from St. Louis, MO to Little Rock, AR. I did inform them about the couch. I couldn’t figure out how to get it out of my apartment and down three sets of stairs. But the movers had no issues whatsoever. They picked it up like it weighed nothing and simply maneuvered through the hallways. The stairs were no issue either. I suppose the movers had years of experience to deal with huge pieces liked this one. All my belongings, along with my favorite couch, were delivered safely on time. I am so thankful to All united moving & storage.

Arnold T.


Provided by YPmobile

All united moving & storage made my last move seem almost effortless. They gave me an amazing quote and sent over four movers. The men weren’t very chatty but that wasn’t a part of their job. They were experienced enough to know what to do and how to do it. They very efficiently packed up all my belongings and then loaded them on to the truck. I wasn’t sure if all my stuffs would fit into that one truck, but they quite easily managed to do it. Even the delivery was made on time and none of my stuffs were broken or damaged. This company has been in the business for a long time and it showed in the professional way they handled everything.

Erik C.


Provided by YPmobile

The men from All united moving & storage blew me away when they conducted my move from Austin, TX to Indianapolis, IN. The crew was so efficient that they finished a job in 3 hours that would have taken me 2 weeks. They arrived on time and inspected everything first. Then they packed up everything very fast. They carried huge pieces of furniture quite effortlessly. I was really surprised seeing how skilled and strong these men were. They were priced very reasonably. It was the easiest possible relocation.

Jordan M.


Provided by YPmobile

Customer care services of All united moving & storage were so prompt. They called me back in just ten minutes with an amazingly low quote. The movers arrived on time and packed up my 3-bed apartment in just 2 hours. Boxes were literally flying out of my apartment! The movers were just so professional and efficient. The delivery was made the next day. I checked the inventory and nothing was missing. Not a single item suffered the slightest of damage. I just can’t help but praise this amazing company.

Anthony P.


Provided by YPmobile

I hired All united moving for the reputation they have among people who have moved with them. I found their customer service to be quite prompt and the quote I got was very reasonable. The movers sent from the company were quite skilled at packing and loading, very punctual as well. They were extra careful while packing my breakables. They delivered everything on time. I was excited when they delivered all my stuffs and everything was intact. I think I got the best crew ever. I am very thankful to these guys.

Dan T.


Provided by YPmobile

All united moving & storage handled our move from Dallas, TX to St. Louis, MO very professionally. They gave us a very reasonable quote which they stuck to in the end. The movers were great. They packed up all our belongings in no time and then loaded everything onto the van. They were quite literally in and out of our house on the moving day. They delivered everything on time and I was glad to see that none of our things suffered any damages. The movers even helped us unpack and assemble the furniture. It really turned out to be the easiest move possible.

Marty F.


Provided by YPmobile

Upon a glowing recommendation from a friend, I decided to hire All united moving & storage to handle my move from Houston, TX to Montgomery, AL. They made my move so simple. I just called them, got a quote and provided the details. They took care of everything else. The movers arrived early. They packed everything carefully and loaded them to the truck. They delivered every piece of my belongings in pristine condition. All united moving & storage is an amazing moving company in my opinion.

Wesley R.


Provided by YPmobile

Words are not enough to praise All united moving & storage and how they handled our move from Dallas, TX to Denver, CO. They showed up on time with all the proper tools. The movers were all very experienced. It really showed in the way they worked. They wasted absolutely no time while packing and loading everything. They made the delivery 2 days later and all my belongings traveled very well. The movers deserve a special mention for their energy. They were just a force to be reckoned with.

Ben W.


Provided by YPmobile

My move from Carlstadt, NJ to Colorado Springs, CO was handled superbly by All united moving & storage. It was so easy getting a quote from them in the first place. On top of that, the customer service was very prompt and friendly. The movers were just too good. They showed up on time with all the proper tools. They immaculately packed everything. Then the loading process went very smoothly as well. Even they delivered everything on time. It was such an easy move, thanks to All united moving & storage.

Julian K.


Provided by YPmobile

It was the capable hands of the movers from All united moving & storage which made our move from Topeka, KS to Minneapolis, MN so smooth. They handled the move with efficiency, capability and organization. The movers were completely in-sync with each other and it only enhanced their efficiency. They carried huge pieces of my furniture quite effortlessly. They delivered everything 2 days later and each item was completely unharmed. They charged me exactly what they quoted and I was thoroughly impressed with this company.

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