Kindred Transitional Care Hospitals provide specialized aggressive, interdisciplinary care to medically complex patients who require extended recovery time.
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Shirley P.


Provided by YPmobile

It seems as if I'm in a different place when comparing it to my last visit and also a different state of mind. Special thanks to Ben and the team for all you have done.

Tommy W.


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I had my spinal surgery at Harris downtown and they did a great job and the surgery was successful. They asked me where I wanted to go for physical therapy and they offered Kindred and another place. I heard a lot about Kindred because there has been a lot of people from my church who uses them for physical therapy. They have all had a complete recovery from what I have seen.

On the bright note I am doing very well and now have movement in my legs and looking for a speedy recovery. I believe that it has a lot to do with Harris and the Kindred rehab team in making all of this happen.

Special thanks to John in the physical therapy team for the great motivation and hands-on Physical Therapy that got my legs working and the nerves back to recovery. If there is another awesome physical therapist such as John in the DFW metroplex I would love to meet them as well. But until then John tops my number one. Also special thanks to Tracy, Carrie, Pratibha and Robert who also works in the physical therapy department. They definitely have a winning team!

I'll tell you, Kate and Brittany from the night nursing team have been phenomenal. The whole group from the day shift has also been outstanding. Big thanks to Lamis for being such a sweetheart.

Thank you Dr.Kwaw for your constant visits and observation of my recovery.

Thank you Kindred.

Dolores M.


Provided by

The entire nursing team has been so helpful and supportive and wanted to let you know that I really appreciate each and everyone of you.

William J.


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I came to Kindred Southwest from an Abilene hospital. My doctor there recommended Kindred. I was there almost 5 weeks sure glad I took his advise. My wife wasn't able to make it up every day, but knew I would be in good hands.
The doctor that took my case was Dr.Adamo. He's one dam good doctor, very positive as well as being a very competent physician. Heard nothing but positive things.
Throughout my stay, I was happy with the care I received by everyone. I had 20 sessions of their Hyperbaric chambers for my wound. Brandi who over sees the chambers did an amazing job, she's very personable. One of my nurses I was really fond of was Shakuntala during one of our conversation she told me she was from Napel. Also Catina was one of my techs that really knew her job. I had put on additional weight the food was that good especially breakfast. The staff that cleaned had a sense of humor, which I looked forward to seeing them.

My recommendation is the highest for Kindred Southwest
William Johnson

Ida P.


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I started this pulmonary rehab program in July and at that point, I was using supplemental oxygen 24/7. My lungs were badly compromised and I had been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. I was also recently recovering from a double pneumonia. My neighbor had been through this program twice and she strongly encouraged me to attend. At that point, I wasn't exercising at all because I didn't have the strength to do anything. In addition to exercising, I have received a wealth of education on my disease. I found out that I can do a lot more than what I thought I could do, such as climbing stairs and exercising on the treadmill and the stationary bike for 20-30 minutes at a time. I am now off of oxygen during the day and I have an entire new attitude on doing more things instead of sitting at home and feeling sorry for myself. I think that therapists Tanya, Morgan, Ron and Lanya are very motivating and encouraging. Also, being in a group of patients that are in my condition helps greatly. I have learned so much and I am very grateful for Kindred's pulmonary rehab program!

Ida P.

Raymond D.


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Kindred Hospital Southwest aims to deliver the highest quality patient care. Every hospital employee I came in contact with was incredibly kind, efficient, professional and attended to all my needs.
If you ever need a hospital like Kindred, check them out. This was my second time of coming to Kindred. Wound care is pretty awesome, along with Dr. Shashikumar

Don J.


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I had read some things online and I knew that there were some pulmonary rehab programs like this out there but I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. I have to say that I was skeptical at first. Prior to coming here, I wasn't very active. Before I knew it, I was walking up to 1/2 a mile on the treadmill. Now I can't sit around and do nothing anymore. I am much more active and my friends tell me that I look much better. They have a very good thing here and I have benefitted most from the exercise. I love the staff here too. Tanya is great and has a great personality. Morgan is a ray of sunshine and Ron is a very good guy. I really like him. Their follow up is also very good. I had a lung doctor appointment after pulmonary rehab recently and an update of my progress was sent to my doctor within an hour of me leaving here. They also send updates to my primary care doctor and to my cardiologist. I also enjoy the camaraderie here. I feel good encouraging new patients when they start. I would recommend this to anyone in need of pulmonary rehab.

Bob G.


Provided by

I think that this program is very good and the people here are excellent and positive in every respect. Tanya, Ron, Morgan and Lanya deserve all the recognition. They are always upbeat and they keep you motivated by congratulating you on your daily accomplishments. I didn't know much about pulmonary rehab but I heard about this program though my neighbor who completed it and couldn't say enough good things about it. I also met other patients here that had been to other pulmonary rehab programs and they told me that this is the best one. When you get to be my age, you realize that society is not what it used to be. People involved in providing services used to be a lot friendlier and you just don’t see that very much anymore. The people at Kindred are an exception. Everyone from the receptionist to the employees you meet in the hallway are all very friendly and welcoming. The bottom line is what they did for me. I improved my walking distance by 125% from when I first started and that says it all.
Bob G.

Marshall H.


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This place has been outstanding. I'm going to hate not coming here anymore but I only have 6 more visits left and I will be done with the program. I wish I had 30 more! I was in pretty bad shape when I started coming here so I told my doctor that I needed some kind of rehab and he recommended Kindred Pulmonary Rehab. I knew what COPD was but I didn't know what to do about it. When I first came here, I had no idea what to expect. I assumed that it was going to be a classroom setting but then I saw that there was also exercise equipment here and and I was glad that I decided to come. I've exercised for most of my life but I found myself doing less and less due to my COPD. I began speaking with other patients and they all told me about their experiences with COPD. I was also having terrible coughing spells and I couldn't get rid of them. Tanya recommended a CPT vest and they even set me up with one that I could use at home. My cough has gotten much better since I started using that machine. I was also on continuous oxygen when I started here and now I find myself using less oxygen when I walk long distances, sometimes not using any at all. The therapists here are all great. Tanya, Morgan, Ron and Alfred are easy to talk to and they are truly concerned about my well being. I would highly recommend this program to anybody that has a respiratory condition. Reach out to them and seek some assistance. I did and I feel so much better!

Marshall H.

Shirley W.


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The best part about this pulmonary rehab program by far is the staff. Morgan and Tanya are great therapists and they deserve a big raise! This has been very beneficial for me and has gotten me up and moving. When I was diagnosed with COPD, it was very scary and maddening because although I used to smoke, I had quit 20 years ago. It's very daunting when you first hear this news. My shortness of breath was getting worse and my pulmonologist, Dr. Pender, recommended that I try pulmonary rehab. I asked if there was something in the southwest area of Fort Worth and he told me that Kindred Fort Worth Southwest offered this service. I soon received a call from Tanya and I began attending these classes. I looked around at the rest of the patients here and I saw that I wasn't alone. This was very encouraging and motivated me to do something. I was extremely impressed from the very beginning and everything here is very well done. The staff takes things very seriously but they make it very fun. I gradually realized that I was getting better and I know that my condition would never have improved this much if I had not done this. All of the patients here benefit tremendously from this program. One of the patients here was on oxygen when I started and he has gotten to the point where he does not need it anymore. I am almost done with my classes but I wish that I could keep coming here. I would love for there to be a maintenance program!

Shirley W.

Cavin W.


Provided by

A great group of people and always will to help me when i need anything. Thank you to everyone, especially Brandy and Ebony. Couldn't ask for a beret group.

Lou H.


Provided by

Alfred at Kindred deserves a 5 star from me. He has been so helpful in providing me useful information that I probably wouldn't receive anywhere else. He also took his time to read it to me as well to make me fully understand what pulmonary fibrosis really is. He has been so helpful and completely caring when it comes to my well-being. Cory he was one of my nurses has also been terrific. Everytime I push the call light she's always been there and I appreciate that. Always kind and courteous!

Also thank you to Angela from housekeeping for really taking the time to clean my room. Housekeeping probly never really gets too many compliments of great work but hospitals and patients need people like you. Telemabo my tech really a fantastic person a 5+5 star. Leona and Lori also super super duper nurses and case manager. Also thank you to Todd as I see you work really hard and with passion.

James S.


Provided by

When I first came in I was curious to know what would be available and how I would be treated. Not too excited about going home but a little apprehensive of what is ahead. As far as the nursing care that I received it has been great. All from my outstanding nurse's such Monica who was my wound care nurse, Lacey, Mickey and Becky.

I really do appreciate what you have done for me! You definitely got to learn me and learn what my needs were. You did a great job in making sure everything was taken care of.

Donna P.


Provided by

Great staff and they made me feel safe amd secure. Everyone makes you feel right at home and have treated my love ones with kindness and respect. The food is great as well.

Wanda L.


Provided by

Thank you Christy for all the support in therapy class. You really helped me out a lot. I hope you like the small gift I gave you. Marci and John also wanted to tell you as well thank you for the support that you gave me to.

Margaret M.


Provided by

I didn't even know that this pulmonary program existed until my pulmonologist, Dr. Connolly, ordered this for treatment for me. He told me that I was going to see that there is life after COPD. In the two years prior to starting this program, I was either in the ER or was admitted into the hospital almost every month. I would always wait until I was very bad shape before going to the hospital because I didn't know how to recognize if I needed hospital treatment or if what I was experiencing was something that I could manage at home. At one point, I tried walking from my bed to my nebulizer machine and I didn't make it. I had an asthma attack and I passed out, ultimately ending up in the hospital again. I needed someone to help me because I had a lot of fear and anxiety. My condition got so bad that I had to quit working and ended up on disability. COPD became this nagging companion that I did not want around me. When I first started coming here,I came in dragging and visibly in respiratory distress. I needed a breathing treatment as soon as I walked from the lobby to the pulmonary rehab gym. The therapists here then informed me of what the program consisted of, including the education portion, and I thought to myself "What am i really going to learn here? As far as I'm concerned, breathing is breathing. How are they going to help me?" Well, I found out pretty quickly that I had a lot to learn about COPD. I learned physical exercises, breathing exercises with the Lung Boost breathing trainer, and weight training. I also learned about recognizing COPD symptoms and how to use the COPD action plan to determine what I need to do to resolve those symptoms. Prior to this, I had no standards to go by. The staff here is wonderful and Tanya, Ron, Morgan and Lanya are very wonderful and compassionate therapists. They truly care about me and they do an exceptional job of teaching. I can easily understand and retain the information that they present during each session. I hung on every word that they said and did everything that they asked. I started to get my life back and I went from experiencing fear and anxiety all the time to feeling free! I can now go to the movies with my kids and grandkids and enjoy them without any fear or anxiety. My brother lives in Florida and the last time he saw me, he began to cry. He thought that he might be losing me soon because of the condition that I used to be in and I have done a complete turnaround. I also exercise at home and I now have a treadmill that I use frequently. I finally have that crippling companion under control! If I had to rate this program, I would have to give it an A+++. Thank you!

Margaret M.

Jeanette B.


Provided by

It’s been three weeks and I have not had any problems. Everybody seems to work as a team and I am a retired registered nurse and I know the difference. So I have bad excellent care and no complaints. I wish I could remember everybody’s name and put them on the list but I can’t. I would recommend anybody to come to this facility!

Terry H.


Provided by

Very recently I had an unexpected incident that put me into the hospital. I was unable to walk and not in the best condition. But now I feel that I owe a big thank you to the entire kindred team for getting me to where I am now. I’m going home and I’m very excited and I am sure that my family is happy to have me back as well. Thank you to the physical therapy team for all that you have done. I’m able to walk with some assistance but as we know I was unable to walk before. Thank you for the motivation and allowing me to work at my own pace but I’m happy that you never gave up on me. Special thanks to Erica for being one of the greatest nurses. PJ thank you as well for being down to earth and just a good person to talk to and having such an upbeat spirit. Demoniac you as well. Dr Ferree. Who is one of my doctors is one of the most down to earth and straightforward doctors out there. Without you and your advice along I don’t know where I would be today.

Special thanks to everybody from me and my family.

Diana D.


Provided by

When ask why I came to Kindred, my answer was my doctor highly recommended it. I was having breathing issues and was told that Kindred had one of the best Pulmonary department. My very first visit with the pulmonary team, I met Morgan, she was incredible. She talked to me at my level to where I could understand, the rest of the pulmonary instructors were great. They showed me many different things I can do at home that would help with my breathing. My entire hospital stay has actually been amazing. Every department has a important role there. While at the hospital my sister who lives in Ohio, she and I kept in touch about my progress , I always told her about the exceptional care I received.
My sister said that she wished there was a Kindred in Ohio her dear friend needs exactly the same type of care

I love you guys. DDial

Janice S.


Provided by

Kindred's pulmonary rehab program is absolutely wonderful. I don't want it to be over but I am at the end of my visits and will be graduating today. I had known for about a year that my condition was worsening and I was told that I should look into a pulmonary rehab program. The Kindred Southwest Fort Worth location was recommended to me and I began researching pulmonary rehab programs. I read great things about this program, called my doctor and asked him to get me into that program ASAP. Tanya was wonderful and the staff here never made it feel like what we were doing was work, but it definitely was. After the classes, I felt very positive and I felt that my emphysema wasn't in control of my life. Ron was also wonderful. He is a great teacher and I learned so much about my emphysema. He has a wonderful way of explaining things and made sure that I understood everything that they taught us about managing my condition. I am really going to miss these therapists and I do not want to stop coming to Kindred but I have graduated from this program and I feel that I am ready to put everything that I learned to use. I know that I can come back if I need this service in the future and I am looking forward to working with these therapists again.

Janice S.

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