With an eclectic Greenwich Village vibe, Guys & Dolls Hair Salon is Fort Lauderdale’s top-rated hair salon with over 1500 5-star reviews. Our talented hair stylists (all Master Colorists) are unique and very special. It is for this reason that Guys & Dolls Hair Salon does not fit into a typical hair salon category… I guess you could say that we are atypical. From the outside, the salon looks quite un-assuming; however, as soon as you walk through the door, in addition to being greeted by Dexter, you experience sensory overload and feel the positive energy that permeates through the entire salon. Our services include hairstyling, haircuts, hair color, highlights, lowlights, expert color correction, & keratin treatments. We use only the finest, professional grade hair products – featuring BES & Schwarzkopf hair color, and AG, osis, Crome, and other styling products. Using the best color available along with an impressive assortment of professional retail products, your hair will shine on for months. So whether you want to go with what works for you or if you are adventurous and want to add some excitement to your hair with color & highlights, make Guys & Dolls #1 on your list. If frizzy hair is getting you down, come in for a Keratin treatment starting at $99. At Guys & Dolls, we do over 100 colors each week and 100 Keratin Treatments each month using the Aerovex Healthy Air System. Remember, while we could keep a fancy Las Olas address and have the salon done in marble, chrome, and leather, all that means is higher prices for you. Our location is convenient, our salon is clean, cool, and funky, and we do not charge Boca, Weston, or Las Olas prices. Other Fort Lauderdale salons charge over $300 for balayage & ombre – at Guys & Dolls we offer $99 Balayage & $99 Ombre. We maintain a gender-neutral environment to ensure everyone’s comfort. Our work is second to none and WE GUARANTEE OUR WORK.
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Mary N.


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I will never return to this salon. I believe some of these reviews are paid or manipulated. The owner was passively condescending to me. I asked for a master stylist. His response to me was "I like to think ALL my stylists are experts". first red flag. He assigned me to a latin gentleman who was nice, but there was a huge language barrier... I showed him a photo and described in detail what I wanted. I know I'm not going to look like the model in the photo, but here's an idea of what I want. Without showing me or describing to me what he felt I wanted, he loudly exclaimed he knew what I wanted. smh. I trusted who the owner assigned me. to make a long story short....the color was great! The shampoo woman and shampoo sink left a huge bruise on my neck for the next 4 days....It was really sore. I've never had that happen before. The cut was horrendous!!! it was NOTHING like the photo or what I described. I have very fine hair and he chopped up my ends....my hair looked thinner at the ends..he did a horrible job blow drying my hair...he literally yanked my hair several times almost pulling out strands of hair...I kept saying ouch respectfully but he didn't seem to catch on...I was shocked at the end result...so now my ends are fly away and very thin looking... My visit took almost 3 hours. Not ONCE was I offered coffee or a drink for sitting there for 3 hours. My stylist kept flitting around talking to everyone while I just sat there...he didn't offer me a magazine or anything?? I am a busy person. 3 hours at a salon is ridiculous unless they are doing corrective color or something!! it's not pampering. the women next to me wasn't happy either...she made her stylist restyle her hair after it was blown dry. in the end, I wound up paying $275 for this disaster. NEVER AGAIN! His photo taking at the end is meant to manipulate. It's about "appearing" like a fabulous salon. What better way than to take a permanent photo of a person smiling.

Rebecca H.


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I just returned from a trip to Florida . I got a Keratin treatment and hair cut - Francisco did a great job! My hair is silk smooth! I live in NY and time my Keratin treatments for when I am in Florida.
Jonathan and his team are the best!



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Simply The Best. I have been a client at Guys & Dolls for over 3 years and after reading the previous review, I felt compelled to give my opinion. The core staff at Guys & Dolls has remained stable and over the last 2 years they got so busy that they have added several new stylists. I met Rose in May when I got a keratin treatment. I usually see Francisco, but he was booked and Rose was available that day. Rose is a gem! She is easy going, funny, personable, and cares very much about her work. When I had a keratin treatment in New York city last year, I swear it took less than 45 minutes for my thick, curly shoulder-length hair. At Guys & Dolls, Rose did not rush, she was meticulous in her work, and it took her almost 3 hours. The end result: my New York keratin lasted only 6 weeks and my keratin from Rose is 5 months old and still looking great. It is almost funny to read that and I actually asked rose about it on Saturday and she said the lady is a whack job and a #$%$ . I did not need to hear anything more. It made me recall my first visit to Guys & Dolls and I got a full head of highlights. I called Francisco back 2 days later and let him know that is was a bit too light for me and he said No problem, we guarantee our work. Just stop by tomorrow and we will take care of that for you, no charge to you . I recommend Guys & Dolls to everyone and the only thing I ever hear back is Thank You, they were awesome . That is why I keep coming back for over 3 years.



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Horrrrrible! Stay away. I made an appointment with Michelle but when I got there the owner informed me my appointment was now with Rose. I wanted simple blonde highlights. I even showed her a picture. She ruined my hair!! I had thick orange stripes on my head. There was no ryhme or reason to where she placed them either. Some were in the front by my face while there was only one on the back of my head! In addition the underneath of my hair was dyed ALLL blonde not even highlighted!! To top it off she didn't even brush my hair after washing it. I left the salon embarassed and moritified! I went to a different salon to fix my hair and had to spend an additional $320 as repairing a bad color job is more expensive than getting an actual color job. The hair dresser who fixed my hair was appauled, to say the least, and said that Rose should have her hair dressing license taken away. Stay away from this place! Rose is clueless about hair color!!! She will ruin your hair like she did mine!!



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LOOK NO FURTHER - Here's Your Hair Salon. Guys & Dolls is the ONLY place I will ever trust with my highlights! Dawn & Francisco & Michel aren’t just amazing professional hair stylists and colorists, They have also proven to be a good friends to all those who are lucky enough to experience Guys & Dolls. I found Guys & Dolls through CitySearch a couple of years ago, and over the years I have been lucky enough to try ALL of their stylists and even now that I’ve moved to Tampa, I won’t ever let anyone else touch my hair – they ARE that brilliant, especially for difficult blondes like me!

Guys & Dolls does THE BEST work creating multi-dimensional, long-lasting and natural-looking blonde highlights in Fort Lauderdale. In the many years I’ve been in FL, I’ve tried out most of the big-name hair salons imaginable, searching to recreate the healthy, natural-looking blonde of my youth from the bleach-out, sun/salt/chlorine damaged locks my active lifestyle created. With all the places I have tried, I never returned to the same place twice because I never got personal attention, I always paid way too much, and I always left with the same, generic blonde “Do” you seem to see on every soccer mom and street corner in Weston. So, to say I was a little disillusioned by the time I read Guys & Dolls reviews on CitySearch and made an appointment is an understatement. But, I was SO pleasantly surprised with the team at Guys & Dolls!

First, they spend A LOT of time with each of their clients. My appointments tend run about 2 hours with rare overlap in appointments. Dawn & Francisco & Michel have never once been late or kept me waiting, or taken calls during our appointments, and I’ve never ever felt rushed.

Second, the staff are color specialists. At your first appointment, you'll receive an assessment of the quality of your hair and what sort of cut/color you’re looking for and will offer you advice about how to make that work with the shape of your face/features and your individual coloring/complexion. Then, you'll get advice about what color or combination of colors will work best with your unique skin and eye coloration. (They typically weave in 2-3 different color highlights into my hair, alternating every other appointment between highlights and lowlights.)

The result, for me, is that my hair looks healthier than it has in years (despite the damage I inflict upon it!), and I finally have my youthful blonde back. They've done such a tremendous job masking my dishwater blonde/brown locks that I keep receiving compliments on the cut/color – even weeks after my appointments when I think the roots are starting to show. In fact, they do SUCH a tremendous job with my color and cut, that I don’t even really have to come in to see him for touch ups that often – maybe once every 2 months, since the highlights grow out so naturally. (That’s bad for him, but good for my pocketbook!)

Lastly, they are just a really decent human beings and a whole lot of fun to talk to during the appointments. You can tell that they have good relationships with everybody at the salon. Also, unlike a lot of other hair stylists out there (and again, I think I’ve seen a lot of the best Fort Lauderdale has to offer!), they seem to really take pride in their profession and in getting to know their clients and helping them be their best selves. The entire team at Guys & Dolls have created such a welcoming, “family” environment, that I look forward to the drive out there and won't be seeing anyone else anytime soon.

Thank you, Dawn, Michel, & Francisco!



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Found Guys & Dolls when searching for salons that take spafinders.com gift cards. I verified that they did take spafinders and then proceeded to book an appointment. I told them upfront that I had a $250 gift card and asked if that was enough for color, highlights, and a cut. I was told that it would definitely be enough.

My boyfriend reluctantly went with me to Guys & Dolls, and when all was said & done, I had beautiful color, cut with amazing highlights, a mani/pedi that was sheer ecstasy, AND a cleaned-up boyfriend with a great new style and highlights. The entire experience was surreal - the shop was eclectic to say the least - great music & coffee and the cutest greeter named Dexter. Although I went on a Tuesday, the place was rocking - every chair was busy and it was incredible energy throughout the salon. For my boyfriend to get a cut & color spontaneously you had better believe that he was impressed by what he saw going on inside. To be complete, my stylists' name was Ali (a cute, adorable blonde Swede) and Francisco took care of Jeff. As Arnold once said, I'll be back!



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I was ready to commit suicide - my hair was three different colors and looked like a test pattern. I searched google, yahoo, citysearch and this salon kept showing up with awesome reviews. The website was incredible and I had a good feeling about this, so I booked an appointment and whent he day arrived, i showed upat the appointed time. I was lucky enough to get Alethea - she was so tall and so gorgeous that I feared she would have atitude - she was the sweetest kindest person I have met in a long time. But more importatnly, she knows hair & color. When I saw the final result I was in shock - I could not believe that was me! I am now a belioever and a lifetime client. Thanks.



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AN HONEST HAIR SALON - Being happily married for over 30 years, I needed to help my wife with a big problem. She takes very good care of her physical health (i.e. her body) and works full time as a nurse, but she has been depressed lately about her hair. She goes to the same lady for years and years and this last year it seems that the stylist has lost interest in my wife's hair and just cuts her hair straight across the back - the excuse being that with such fine hair, nothing else can be done with it. This has got to the point where my wife is in tears over her hair. Never having gotten involved with her beauty decisions, I felt compelled to do something for her because her birthday was coming up and I wanted her happy. All of my research led me to Guys & Dolls and I went alone on a Thursday night to personally check them out. I was greeted immediatley and was pleasantly surprised to see the place looking exactly like in the pictures on line. I told my tale of woe to the receptionist - which I later found out he was the owner. He told me point blank that he hears this type of story regularly and he could definitley help me out. I wanted to surprise my wife, so we came up with a plan and she was elated when a confirmation email arrived that night to remind her about her appointment the following day. She left home with limp blah hair and returned home with the cutest pixie, full of body and it was perfect for her face. She even made an appointment to go back for color and I dont remember ever seeing her so positive and excited about her hair. And what really made ME pleased was the itnegrity of the salon - I had given the owner the O.K. to do what ever needed to be done with a $200 limit, and the bill was only $55 - I think most other salons would have used up the entire $200 budget, but Guys & Dolls were so honest and proper and treated my wife so right that I am shocked. I can hardly wait to see her after they do her hair color. These internet reviews were accurate and right-on with their assessment of this hair salon. Kudos.



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What an incredible salon, from...

What an incredible salon, from owner to shampoo staff! I was at "desperation point" after a haircut two years ago that virtually made it impossible to make my hair look anything close to styled. I wandered shop to shop, trying to get my hair back into something I could feel good about, with often disastrous results. Stylists talked a good game & I then underwent a series of cuts & colorings, each one, far less than good & when I attempted to speak to the stylist about what I wanted or did or did not like about a cut or color, no one seemed to care much.

After asking a stranger where she got her hair done & doing my own on-line research, I called Guys And Dolls & booked an appointment. Life struck & due to a medical problem, had to reschedule the appointment & Jonathan was so kind & understanding, I just knew I might have found the salon of my dreams!

Today was the big day & I can't begin to express what wonderful people staff the shop & what an incredible job Francisco did with what had been admittedly a horrendously choppy cut & hair that was long overdue for color. The cut & color are exactly what I wanted, & best of all , this is a salon that stands head & shoulders over most! They have gained both a new client & a huge fan!



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GREAT 1st IMPRESSION I am new...


I am new to Fort Lauderdale from Cincinnati and had no one to ask about where to go for my hair color. I did not know any neighbors or anyone at work to ask, so with this being 2012, I went online for information. After a couple of minutes searching, I had narrowed my choices to 2 salons, Guys & Dolls and AFX. For whatever reason, I called AFX first and tried to explain my situation. The guy was very short with me and didnt seem to care - I just figured he did not want to make small talk, so I got to the point and tried to make an appointment. This was on a Tuesday and I was told that the only thing all week was Thursday at 3:45 Although it was not an ideal time for me, I was going to make it work because I needed color desparately. I then asked about pricing and the guy told me flat out "Dont worry about prices honey, we'll work that out once you're here in the chair". That remark was the straw that broke the camels back and I politely ended the conversation. The last thing I wanted was a $300 bill thrown at me after the fact, so I called Guys & Dolls. A guy answered the phone (he was the business owner I found out later) and he couldn't have been nicer. When I told him I would be new to the salon, he just stopped and said "Welcome" in the most inviting and sincere tone of voice. He asked how I found them and he asked me several other questions so he would be sure to give me the proepr amopunt of time and put me with a stylist he felt would be good for me. I told him the length of my hair, my color, what I wanted to do and he never cut me off or rushed me. I felt he genuinely cared about me and my hair and that he wanted to make sure he got it right. He asked if I had any other questions, so I figured let me ask the dreaded questions: price. He could not have been nicer - he told me that a colr touch-up was $50 and that highlights started at $65, with a full head of highlights at $125 for normal length hair. He even went on to tell me about the color line they use. And then he asked me where I would be coming from - he wanted to make sure I would not get lost finding them. Well, that was the icing on the cake and I was thrilled that they could take me the same day. It goes without saying that my visit lived up to my expectations. I was greeted by name when I arrived, offered a beverage, and was told my stylist would be right with me. As I was waiting, I couldnt help but notice the decor of the place - I wasnt sure if I was in my living room, an antique store, or a salon - whatever motif it was, it worked. I ended up getting a full head of highlights, color, and a cut. As I left, I lookd like the person I had wanted to look like my entire life - I was thrilled that Jonathan took some beofre & after photos of me - you would not belive it was the same person except for the same shirt in both shots. I am so hooked on this place and they have me for life... I almost hope I dont have to move again becasue I dont want to find another salon. Would recommend Guys & Dolls 100%.

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