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They like to overmedicate at this place, for example:

A Tamarac mother sued Fort Lauderdale Hospital and a psychiatrist who worked there, saying they overmedicated her teenage son with a cocktail of mental health drugs — some of which have not been approved for the treatment of children.

The boy, Emilio Villamar, died of a sudden heart attack. He was 16.

Emilio was found slumped over in his room at Fort Lauderdale Hospital — where he was being treated against his will behind locked doors— with blood dripping from his mouth or nose. He was taken by ambulance to Broward General Hospital, where he slipped into a coma and died.

Peter Ventre will lie on your medical records, get a copy.

David M.


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The secretarial staff is the most unprofessional I have ever come across in all my years on earth. They curse, scream, have private inappropriate conversations all within earshot of people sitting I the lobby. The nursing staff is a little better but not much. One nurse was running a meeting one evening and talking about Gods love, etc. I was awoken at 4 o'clock in the morning by this same nurse gossiping about another employee screaming at the top of her lungs where ever other word she was cursing. I emerged from my room and walked down the hall and looked at her like she was crazy. Her manner changed immediately to sweet and soft spoken like she was earlier.
The medical doctor that saw me should not work in substance abuse. When I told her that I was ashamed and ready to get myself on track she said she hears this everyday and I probably won't. I was dumbfounded. Shut this place down please.

Talley R.


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Where do I start ? This place is a joke. I think people may come out of here worse than when they go in. The Dr that saw me said " people that are bipolar like big asses ." I kid you not . It's dirty , the staff is rude and uncompassionate, and everyone is just thrown together no matter what the issue is. This could be terrifying to some . There was a patient that exposed himself repeatedly to patients and one that followed another female patient into her room and had to be tackled. It's basically pills and follow orders . No therapy, no organized groups . It's a joke . I watched the cleaning lady use a toilet brush to clean the bathroom sink first , then the toilet , and then use the brush on the sink again . That has to be sanitary , right ? Please don't bring a loved one here. I made it through but I new I needed a medication adjustment and have a medical background so I felt pretty confident that I could handle it . stay away !!!!!!!!!!

Melissa D.


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DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD GO HERE!! First of all this place is disgusting. My son had a episode 2 where he tried to hurt himself. I had him at Joe DiMaggio Hospital. He had to be transferred because they didn't take his insurance to be Baker acted. I let him be transferred here. They would not let me transfer him anywhere else after he got there. It would only let me talk to him for 10 minutes a day and only visit him once for one hour. The staff is rude. I spoke to the doctor he said that my son did not need to be there because he was not going to hurt himself and was going to let me take him home the next day. And then the staff lied and told him that he had done a lot more than what he had really done to change the doctor's mind. The doctor believe this stuff and not the mother. And kept him there an additional day because I kept fighting with them to get my son out of that disgusting place. They give children injections without parental consent and medication without parental consent!!

Nora D.


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0 STARS! This place should be shut down! I recently had a friend go here in need of psych help. He told the nurse that he was going to kill himself and the nurse told him he was a liar. He told the nurse that if he left the hospital, he would walk into oncoming traffic. The nurse let him leave WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW. Thank goodness he called me and I took him to a different hospital where he was immediately baker acted and treated. Do NOT take anyone here! I work in the medical field and what they did to him is absolutely disgusting and heartbreaking. What if he had killed himself? Do your research about this place about all of the children they have literally killed with psych meds.

Angel D.


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You would think this is a free clinic. My friend brings her daughter there, waits for hours and watches evertone on the waiting room leave frustrated one by one. So sad, no manners.

K D.


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Do NOT admit anyone that you love here. It is a living nightmare. We had a loved one become a patient here and nothing good came from it~ he ultimately lost his life. Now trying to get copies of his medical records has become equally frustrating. I've been calling repeatedly only to get transferred to voice mail with no response. Please, please learn from our sad experience and go elsewhere~ notice there are no email contacts for administrators or anyone on their website. Such regret for us....

Bon H.


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Major Dump! I was subjected to being in close proximity to crazy people coming off of heavy drugs. Long wait to be admitted (5 hrs.) The rooms are horrible. I had to wait 3 days just to see a psychiatrist. Then he wouldn't release me until the next day until I had a meeting with him and my family. I was released with no such meeting. I was not given meds until I saw the doc. who I had to wait 3 days for! Never ever send anyone there! I was transferred there from another hospital b/c there was no room. I will never go to the hospital for mental issues again. Never want to see that horrible place again!!!



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One thing I can tell you with ...

One thing I can tell you with absolute certainty is that in the psychiatry business, the culture of ‘looking the other way’ is the norm, not the exception. You would be extremely hard pressed to find anyone working in a psych ward that will speak up when viscous crimes are committed by staff against other human beings. The fact is that I’ve never once met anyone in the business that has done so. After years of research I asked, what is it that drives psychopaths to seek careers in psychiatry? I know exactly why. First you have to understand what a true psychopath is. It is a person who has no conscience, no sense of right or wrong, no guilt, shame, empathy, or anything within the usual set of characteristics that make one human. And they are attracted to occupations where they have power over others. To get others in a position where there are no witnesses, and in a setting where the psychopath seemingly has near unquestionable credibility. Once the victims are thrown into this scenario, the psychopaths are free to inflict any means of torture and abuse they want until they get their psychological ‘high’.

When your loved one makes those "help me" phone calls from this place , they aint lieing.



Provided by YP.com
The subjective experience of b...

The subjective experience of being forcibly injected with psychotropic drugs

and left isolated has created one of my longest-standing recurring nightmares.

There I was, a confused and frightened young person. I felt at the time that I

needed respite, advice, support and comfort. Instead, the impact of the coerced

psychiatric drugs felt like a wrecking ball to the cathedral of my mind, a mind

which was indeed troubled, but which I valued nonetheless. While on coerced

neuroleptic psychiatric medication, also known as antipsychotics, the more I tried

to focus and think, the more difficult I found the task. I developed a number of

physical side effects to the medications that some might consider trivial, but that I

found upsetting, such as muscle contortions in my legs and back plus blurry vision. All in

all, I felt humiliated, disrespected and voilated. I certainly did not feel a high level

of trust with my mental health providers that might have been more conducive to a

therapeutic relationship.



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First things first . If a love...

First things first . If a loved one is calling you from this sadistic Hell-Hole saying please get me out of here, do it. This place IS Abusive.

My "Crime", I was in florida and got sick from over drinking vodka and needed alcohol detox medication, That is how I became imprisoned at "Fort Lauderdale Hospital". My stay started with the door locked behind me, I realized this when I went to go out for a cigarette so I could focus on the intake paperwork... Too Late I was to be another victim of these sick people who run this place. Your intake includes a "BODY CHECK" by this rubber glove pervert who gets off on it. He tells me "SQUAT AND COUGH" I attempt to refuse such disgusting treatment and am told to comply or things "could get rough" so its NAKED and SQUAT AND COUGH.

The next day I am accused of mental illness, coerced medication is part of the program. 800mg seraquel, trileptal (some "mood stablizer" Squat and cough put me in a bad mood) and haldol 20 mg. "Mouth Checks" That's for patients who don't know or are afraid to refuse toxic amounts of CHEMICAL RESTRAINTS.

I will never forget at dinner when this young woman refused an "order" to sit down and said "No I want a salad, I didn't get a salad" was forcibly grabbed and removed from the cafeteria. I will never forget her screams of terror as she is dragged to the elevator and then pinned in the back of the elevator forearm across the chest by this sick sadistic control freak. No female actor in any horror movie could replicate a real life terror screams like I heard in real life as this young woman was assaulted.

I was realy upset by this, but to them it was a lesson to the other patients.

As for me " My refusal to take medication is a symptom of my illness" DSM IV, Whats my illness? Intelligence? Compassion for others?

Alcoholism, ya

Do not send your loved one to this place ! I heard over and over on those Phones "Get me out of here". This Place is a discrace to human rights.

Here is some information I found online that you may find usefull to other victims:

Citizens Commission of Human Rights International

6616 Sunset Blvd

Los Angeles, CA. USA 90028

Telephone: (323) 467-4242

1-(800) 869-2247

Fax: (323) 467-3720

e-mail: contact@cchr.org


http://www.mindfreedom.org is good also

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