Offering veterinarians and pet care services. The Richman Animal Clinic strives to provide the highest level of care for pets in Richmond Heights, Willoughby Hills and surrounding areas. We provide a wide range of services, from routine care to meeting dental needs, diagnosing allergies, addressing skin issues, and providing nutritional & behavior counseling to address problem areas. Our clinic also offers the latest in technology to give you, our clients, the most up-to-date support to treat medical problems and conditions. In addition to regular check-ups, we perform routine surgeries including spays, neuters and dental cleanings. We were the first animal hospital in the Cleveland area to use laser therapy as a method for treatment in healing injuries, and providing pain relief for common ailments such as arthritis and disc problems. Our goal is always to provide the best care for your animals so they may live long and healthy lives.
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Judi L.


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Best vet Dk Richmond really cares about animals.

Emilia G.


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I do not think I could put into words how much Dr. Richman and his staff mean to me and my fur family. He is the first vet that I have met that genuinely cares about the wellbeing of my animals. Each visit here is a pleasure, and I was pleasantly surprised the first time that I received a phone call from the office just to check in on my senior dog. I have never worked with a vet that takes the time to call and check in and see how things are going. I recently had to put my 16 old collie down and I could not have asked for a more supportive group of people to help me through the process- I received a sympathy card from doc in the mail and a paw print from Charlie that I will cherish forever- during his last few months Dr. Richman did everything possible to be sure that Charlie and I were both doing well, I will never forget that. I will not be taking my 4 dogs anywhere but Dr. Richman’s office.



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Dr Richman has been taking care of our new puppy since we adopted Austin at the end of summer. My wife and daughter really like him and we found all his puppy rules to be very helpful housebreaking Austin. The staff has called us a few times to make suer things are going ok and if we have any questions. My family always has a lot of questions. Dr Richman seems to genuinely like our puppy and us. But, we were pleasantly surprised when Austin was spayed and my daughter, who was very worried, received a text and a picture right after surgery showing Austin waking up and letting us know things went fine. Then she even more surprised when Dr RIchman called that evening to make sure all of us were ok. I never had a doctor of any type call after a surgery. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr RIchman and his staff to anyone that loves their pet.



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I finally found a good vet. My friends say I'm hard on people I do business with but I just expect what I give at work. This animal clinic is very good. From the receptionist to the nurses and especially to Dr RIchman, everyone takes pride in their work is honest and fair. Dr RIchman recently helped Amigo through an illness that was difficult to diagnose and heal. Dr Richman ran some tests, did an exam, asked me a lot of questions and then fixed my boy up. He explains things well and in simple language for someone not medical and his charges are fair. I recommend Dr Richman and give him 5 stars and so does Amigo.



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Dr Richman has been our Vet fo...

Dr Richman has been our Vet for about a year now. I was unhappy with our old Vet and thought I'd try someone with high ratings with good online reviews. I've been very happy with Dr Richman and so have my dogs. Although my dogs are a little nervous on his exam table as soon as they jump down and get a biscuit they could go home with him. So could I. He practices the way I practice law - stright forward, witha sense of humoe and without any BS. He is compassionate and I feel he really cares for the animals. I asked for a tour and to my surprise his nurse took me all the clinic anf even showed me the surgery room. His staff is friendly and will fit me in when it fits my schedule, usually the same day is we have a problem. He even called the night Max has a surgery to see if both of us were ok. I highly recommend this Vet and his practice.



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This is the best Vet I have be...

This is the best Vet I have been to. I travel alot and have been relocated many times and the one constant has been my dog Apache. We have been all over the country and now we find ourselves in northeastern Ohio. We needed to have a few things checked out and we checked the internet and made some calls. Dr Richman came highly recommended. He was pretty cool with Apache - he's a 100# Rhodesian Ridgeback and a little intimidating. Well, he liked Dr RIchman right away and especially when we were finished and he got some biscuits. The doc was personable and funny. You never find a funny doctor, like they get their sense of humor removed in school. He was funny, but more importantly, he was right with what was going on with Apache. That was most important. His staff was nice and no one was scared of my dog. I think this is a good vet and a good hospital.



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I met Dr Richmond for the firs...

I met Dr Richmond for the first time last week. I needed a new vet for my Precious. Her last vet didn't like us. My baby has lot of problems that were never taken care of. This vet told me what was wrong and how to fix her problems. He did some blood tests and called the next day. We have some surgeries set up next week to get her fixed and make her teeth clean again. He wasn't expensive compared to the last place and this dr treated us real nice just like I wanted. His nurse took a picture of my Precious and I just saw it on Facebook for this animal hospital. I am happy with how they treated me and my dog. I give them a very good rating.



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My puppy and I are new to Rich...

My puppy and I are new to Richman Animal Clinic. This week Zoze finished his puppy shots and is just about housebroken. We have been to see Dr Richman 3 times and each visit was more comfortable than the previous visit. We've become familiar with Dr Richman and his staff and my puppy really likes them. Our first visit was just ok but the last 2 have been great. I found out Dr Richman put one of his favorite patients to sleep just before our first visit. I don't know how he does that. We've learned about housebreaking and his 3 famous puppy rules. I was taught what to feed and what not to feed. We learned some tricks to make housebreaking easier and training better. My sister has a puppy a little older that Zoze and she didn't learn any of these things from her vet. Dr Richman has always spent all the time he's needed to with us and asks us if I have any questions when we're done. His tech is very gentle and his receptionist really likes my puppy. I like Dr Richman a lot, he makes me feel good about how Zoze and I are doing and more importantly I feel he likes Zoze and I trust him.



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My friend worked for Dr Richma...

My friend worked for Dr Richman last summer and told me when I finally got my dog I should go see him and no one else. Well my fiance brought home my puppy last week and I was so happy. I went to meet Dr Richman today and he spent quite a bit of time with me and Smoochie going over training, housebreaking, what to feed, what to expect and a time table of care and housebreaking. It was so helpful. My questions were answered before I could even ask them. Like my friend told me - Dr Richman was really helpful and he made it all fun. Nobody does that anymore. I always heard that he wasn't like any Dr I would ever meet and now I know what she meant. Smoochie and my fiance really liked him, too which was very important to me. I didn't want my puppy to be afraid of the vet like so many pets I've heard of. The prices were what I expected and I thought they were fair especially with all the time I was given today. You know sometimes friends can lead you in a wrong direction but not this time.



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I just met Dr Richman last wee...

I just met Dr Richman last week. I called his office because my previous vet would not see me for euthanasia for my dog. I don't really understand that then or now. I called Dr Richman's clinic and his very nice receptionist talked to me for a while to understand what was going on and why I was so upset. She fit me in that morning. Everyone was kind to me and very gentle to my girl. She was with me for a long time and helped through some very tough times. Dr Richman was able to examine her and right away he was able to tell me why Bertha was dying. With help from his nurse, Dr RIchman gently put my girl to sleep. It was quick and painless. I know I was so upset that morning, I wasn't able to thank him, just cry. So, Dr Richman and your whole staff, thanks so much for helping me when I needed help.



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Dr Richman cleaned my dog's te...

Dr Richman cleaned my dog's teeth last week and all went well. He has done this a few times on Brush over the last few years. I think his care is great, his staff is friendly and the service is just what I like. He explains things well and even asked if I wanted to stay for surgery, I'm a dental hygenist. I didn't but I was amazed that Dr Richman was comfortable enough to make that offer to me. I think I get quality service for what Doc charges. I think his charges are fair and honestly more than once I think he's cut me some slack when I was going through a bad time. This is a good splace to take your pets for good care at fair prices.



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I am not sure about Dr. Jeff b...

I am not sure about Dr. Jeff being all about money, but he sure is all about funny! This economy has been hard on all of us and it was so nice to go into a place that hasn't raised their prices to try and stay ahead. I hope that if Dr. Jeff needs to turn down over-extending his donations to keep prices low, then he continues to do that so I can keep going back there with my two doggies!



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I just returned from overseas ...

I just returned from overseas and needed a good Vet for my dog. Dayan was my service dog and partner and he started having problems getting up in the morning. I owe this dog many times over. I started researching vets in Cleveland that were good with arthritic dogs. When I first met Doc Richman he just talked to me until Dayan warmed uo to him and nuzzled his leg and bumped the treat jar. Then they were friends. That was important, many people are scared of him. we discussed options and treatments after taking some xrays - had to sedate him a little. We decided to use some pills and a chewable supplement that Dr Richman said the dogs think is a great treat. We also started on these injections to help his cartilage. The best part was the laser. Like something out of the XFiles. But it has really helped us so far. Dayan is not up to running but neither am I. I wish Doc Richman could laser me. I really appreciate a straightforward approach and the honest way of Doc Richman. I'm difficult to please but I strongly recommend this Vet and his staff.



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I have been taking my animals ...

I have been taking my animals to Dr RIchman for a long time now. I have referred my friends, family and coworkers. I think this is a good animal hospital with a really good Vet and fair prices. i've been through lots of adventures with my animals and Dr Richman can make them better whenever it's possible. He explains things well and always has a biscuuit ready for Bob. Over the years many things have come and gone in my life but Dr Richman has always been there for my dogs and cats.



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I recently had my first visit ...

I recently had my first visit to see Dr Richman based on online reviews. My visit went well although it was only routine. When I initially contacted this clinic I did it through their website and I spoke to a very informative and pleasant receptionist who called me and that I later learned was Doc's wife. We set up most of Milton's file over the phone. I had an appointment last Saturday morning. When I pulled in the parking lot it was crowded but I still was able to find a spot to park easily. The grounds were well kept up and I found an area to walk Milton before we went into the clinic. The waiting room was clean and it did not smell at all. How refreshing. I spoke to Maryanne and was quickly moved into an exam room. One of Dr Richman's techs Robin then came in and took a picture of us for Milton's file. Then Dr Richman came in and we discussed Milton's history and previous records. Dr Richman was relaxed and took his time with us despite it being a busy saturday morning. I also me an intern from Ohio State that was spending her summer in this clinic. That was a good sign, I know Ohio State only places their students at good animal hospitals. Milton seemed to like his visit and so did I. Dr Richman was strightforward with us and pretty funny. I could tell he really likes what he does. He gave Milton a few biscuits and my dog was in love. The checkout was efficient and pleasant. We needed some heartworm pills and flea medicine and they were priced less than what I usually spend online. For a first visit I was very pleased. It seemed like the pet owners coming and going were happy with Dr Richman and two that I spoke to briefly had both been with him for a long time, That' was good to hear. They spoke well of him, both a man and a woman separately. Since I just moved to northeastern Ohio this Vet was a good find. The ratings are true. I also give him 5 stars.



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Good Vet and nice staff

I took McBain to Dr Richman last wek based on reviews I read online. I liked Dr Richman's straight forward attitude, knowledge and sense of humor. He quickly zeroed in on the problem, performed the tests necessary and told me how to make McBain better. It was great that he ran the test that were needed and not a ton of tests to work up a big bill. I found his honesty and straight shooting refreshing. I had gone to an old fashioned Vet before that was way behind the times and we needed to find a more up to date progressive Vet. The building was neat, well taken care of and clean. Dr Richman's staff was very helpful and even called me a few days after our visit. I received a welcome letter yesterday and just found McBain on their website. It's - very helpful for answering the questions that I had. McBain and I have found a new home.



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New Christmas Puppy

I had my new puppy at Richman Animal Clinic last week for our first visit. I checked around for a good Vet that was honest and not outrageously expensive. I read the reviews and this Vet seemed to fit what I was looking for. Our visit was a good one. Dr Richman went over lots of important things with me and spent all the time I needed. My puppy really lliked him, too. Dr Richman went over housebreaking, shots, worms, feeding and training with me. Even gave me some homework to do. I wasn't crazy about that, but his recommendations are working and Lurch has accepted the changes without too many complaints. Alot of things with animals have changed since I had my last puppy but it should still be that the animals come first. I was very happy to hear this Vet and his staff say that to me. I was pretty nervous but I was put at ease the way things are done here. I heard Dr Richman laughing with people in the next exam room while I waited and I thought that was great that a Dr had a sense of humor. He got me laughing too and said we laugh here unless there is something serious going on. I like that. Lurch is a mix of we don't know - just that he is going to be big. So Dr Richman even made up a funny breed for him to be. I'm glad I checked this place out on line first and I agree that Richman Animal Clinic is a good place. I recommend it.



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Highly Recommended Vet

I met Dr Richman a long time ago when we were both much younger. He has taken care of my dogs and cats through many adventures, illnesses and accidents. My pets are very important to me and my family and we know Dr Richman can make them better. Sometimes he looks at me like my dog does with his head tilted and jut shakes his head. He's good with my kids and my husband and even my mom likes him. Dr Richman and his staff have always been honest with us - with good news and bad news. He usually has us laughing and then we know that our pets are going to get better. No one laughs in a doctor's office but I usually hear laughter coming from mone of his exam rooms. This is a good place and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves their pets.



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I LikeThis Vet ALOT

I brought my Rico to Dr Richman after reading the onlike reviews. The building was clean and well maintained. Actually the grounds were worked when I was there. The receptionist was very nice and answered my questions as I registered Rico. I had a lot of questions, I was angry at my previous clinic and vet. Dr Richman took a history and put me at ease with his confident manner. He told me his job was to make the pets better and he did. I really liked his assistant as did Rico. Now Rico is 117# of goofiness that can be intimidating at times but Dr Richman just gave him a couple of pats on his head and Rico fell in love. Nice to meet a vet that isn't scared of my dog. The charges were fair and the follow up call were greatly appreciated. Sometimes you read online reviews and they are way off but the reviews for Dr Richman were accurate. I found our new vet.

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