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Patti B.


Provided by YPmobile

Hate hate hate this place. After spending 700.00 we received a once beautiful dress that had been horribly tailored. The dress was then too small. Received the dress 6 days prior to prom. When dress was picked up they were told it was too tight and we were told just pick it up in front it's fine. Loud blasting music on the whole time and you are treated like cattle. Dress was purchased just short of 2 months ahead of prom. No excuse to take that long.

Kaltrina Z.


Provided by YP.com

I wish i could give them 0 stars. I have spent thousands of dollars on expensive designer dresses at their stories and just recently I bought a sale dress that came in and I never tried at my event is this week and when I tried it on couple days before the event I noticed that the zipper is broken mind you this dress has the tags on every tax it came and it's broken they send me a damaged dress and will not replace it they will not alter it they will not do anything for me worst service worst manager Jill and worst quality of service Beyond disappointment I suggest anybody do not shop there do not buy online stay away from the store. Thank you Peaches for ruining a day that was supposed to be. A very special for me

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Kay G.


Provided by YP.com

The employees were so rude! I wouldn't recommend this boutique! They really discriminate upon different persons

Lauren W.


Provided by YP.com

Terrible quality dresses and the rudest employees I've ever met!! Absolutely the worst customer service I've ever received!!

WhenI received my (VERY expensive) dress, it was damaged, and the woman I spoke with over the phone accused me of causing the damage because of "my size" - in other words, because I'm bigger, a size 14. Not only did she make me cry and accuse me of being fat & a liar, I was reluctant to get any help getting a dress that was not damaged!! I did not even get an apology from Peaches for them sending me a dress with a broken zipper and damaged beading. Peaches Boutique is horrible! They don't care about pleasing the customer- all they care about is making their money and moving on. If you care about getting a nice, quality dressing and like being treated with respect - DO NOT shop with Peaches!!



Provided by YPmobile
Customer service horrible

Girls working there very unprofessional,rude,and the prices are VERY high!

Vanessa R.


Provided by YP.com

You had my daughter's dress in stock in her color and size. The dress arrived quickly and in perfect condition. My daughters eyes lit up when she saw the enclosed gifts(earrings and a teen magazine) thanks! Not only was she extremely excited to have her dress in hand, those little additions just put it over the top. This was her first homecoming and i am definitely your information for years to come. I would recommend your company. I had looked around the net for this dress as our local store had sold theirs but it wasnt in her true size anyway and getting a new one before her wear date was sketchy and from what other companies i found. I am so glad i chose to go with you.

Ilona M.


Provided by YP.com

I found the dress that I was looking for on the peachesboutique website and I was going to order it, but I was unsure about size. So today I've contacted their on-line store in effort get help in choosing a correct size for me, asked if they could measure some particular styles of dresses, Jill, the most rude operator I ever faced, said no-no-no to everything I asked for..... offered no solutions, didn't even attempt to help me or address any of my concerns about sizes. I asked her to call their store to check if store personnel could measure some dresses for me, and she replied that they are too busy with customers. I guess she didn't realize that I was also a CUSTOMER. Then she said bye and banned me from using live chat. I couldn't believe it..... I called the number and I was lucky enough, cause Jill picked up, when I ask her why she banned me, she said that what they do this to customers that argue with them. I asked if I could speak with her supervisor, but she claimed to be the store manager and that she was the most senior person. I am happy now that I didn't order anything from them, I can imagine trying to resolve any issues with an order, if they occur. No I see why there are soooo many negative reviews, no wonder with such approach to customer service.



Provided by YPmobile

Never order from them online! The do NOT send confirmation emails, then wait 2 days to run your credit card so you assume the order doesn't go through!! Then when you try to return the dress they tell you they do NOT accept returns!!!! Horrible....Horrible business!!!

Bryce P.


Provided by YPmobile
Very Very Aweful

The said it would take 10 min to steam we were there for an additional hour on top of all the other hours. Rediculous rules and fails to meet expectations.



Provided by YP.com
I give this place NO STARS and...

Its very annoying that I cannot rate this store with a zero- zero is not even an option. I give this place NO STARS and I WOULD not recommend this store to any girl who plans to look for a prom dress or formal dress. I ordered a dress..the white dress i received was dirty, stuffed in a small box, the zipper was jammed, and also the latch at the top of the dress was hanging off by a thread. I also ordered the dress in black but everything stated that I ordered the dress in white. I have no problem wearing white except this dress hides nothing. You can see through every part of this dress. The head of customer service told me to "sell my dress to one of my friends." better yet she told me to GO SELL MY DRESS ON EBAY. She also yelled at me over the phone and hung up. it took about two dozen or more phone calls before I could speak with the manager and he also was of no help. I will never waste my money here again. Its sad because I bought my own dress for prom with my own money and what I got was not what I bought. If I could return this dress and get my money back I would.



Provided by YP.com

We drove 2 hours away to shop here. Once we got there we noticed immediately there ridiculous rules in the store for example no cell phones usage allowed, and you have to register in order to use their dressing rooms; I’ve never seen anything like that before. I did not feel welcomed at all. And the wait just to get waited on or even get into the dressing room took FOREVER. The workers there were rude and snobby including the MANAGER JOANNA. My experience there was one nightmare after another; I have NEVER EVER experience bad customer service like this in my entire life. To make things worse I have brought my youngest daughter with and I had her wait on the bench with her older brother while I try to keep an eye on both my oldest daughter trying different prom dresses and my other two children on the bench. Well I called my oldest son to come and look at our final dress selection which took forever because they don’t have a great selection of dresses to pick from and my youngest daughter got up with him, but she had taken off her shoes while sitting on the bench. So it didn’t take long immediately when my daughter got up she stepped on a needle. I immediately asked to speak to a manager. Once the manager got there I asked her if they have a first aid kit so that I could clean her wound and put a band aid on; surprisingly they don’t have proper first aid equipment. They brought out some old peroxide that who knows how many people used and toilet paper from their one toilet DIRTY, STINKY bathroom. I knew I had to clean off her wound I felt very uneasy using their un-sanitized equipment but I used it anyways. Then Joanna the manager starts yelling in my face telling me that it’s my entire fault that this happened. So after she got done yelling at me she walks away. I walked up to Joanna the manager and asked her if I could fill out an incident report and she blew up and told me that she doesn’t have that kind of stuff there; then tells me don’t you think you’re going to use my insurance to pay for your daughter if anything where to happen to her. She doesn’t care about her customers and her boutique is UNSAFE for her customers. I have NEVER EVER experience bad customer service like this before. Her boutique is a catastrophe waiting to happen with all those needles on their floor. Luckily my daughter didn’t fall on her face and poke her eye out. Children do things out of the ordinary sometimes and taking off her shoes was one of them. That is why it is very important for them to have a safe environment for all their customers, but they don’t. I have never stepped into a boutique with so many needles all over the floor; it was a catastrophe waiting to happen. They didn’t want to be responsible for their unsafe environment. Seriously how hard is it to go around periodically with a magnet collector to pick up all the needles off their filthy floor? I will never ever refer anyone to Peaches Boutique; bad place to shop! Please do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time and gas going to Peaches Boutique. I ended up buying a dress at Dressed in Time in Green Field, Wisconsin. They sell the same designer dresses for less money and offer outstanding customer service. We saved $200.00 and we also saved money on taxes, because taxes are less in Wisconsin than they are in Illinois. And to top it off I brought my little daughter with me and she didn’t get hurt. This place is safe for every one of all ages. I couldn’t find one needle on their floor. Also they provided outstanding customer service.



Provided by YP.com

I needed a last minute Valentine's dress for a dinner. I came across PeachesBoutique.com and ordered on Monday. I followed the How To Measure link on the website and took my measurements. When my dress arrived on Wednesday it fit like a glove! Peaches is GREAT and my order arrived on time!



Provided by YP.com

I was told that Peaches is the place to go for dresses. My wedding is coming up at the end of the summer and was just shopping around with my bridal party looking for their dresses. This was the third store we went to. Each woman had different styles they wanted to try on but the same color. The ladies in the fitting rooms were very helpful and accommodating to each of my friends. They pulled out the dresses that they had at that location and similar dresses just so that my friends could see how each style would look on them. After 2 hours all together of trying on, 3 out of 4 of my bridesmaids had chosen beautiful lilac gowns. One of my bridesmaids needed to get measured and had the dress special ordered for her size since the store didn't have it, but we were told it would be here way in advance to get fitted and altered if need be.

We were all so pleased with the experience that we plan on coming back for our Bachelorette Party dresses for Vegas! I love Peaches and will let everyone know for sure!!!



Provided by YP.com

This place is out of this world!!! When you come in all you see are dresses in every color and the brightness just catches your eyes! It's like a kid walking in to a candy shop for us girls looking for prom dresses. The selection is like none other I have ever seen. After you pick 3 dresses from the floor, you get to work with your own sales girl and she brings you different options that fit into what you're looking for. I went in there with a dress list I printed off the website and they had my first choice there. I still tried on others just to make sure, but after an hour my mind was set! Everyone was so friendly! The best perk is that you get to register your dress for your school so no one gets the same dress in the same color! I will definitely suggest Peaches to all my friends!!! Loved it!!!



Provided by YP.com

I was a little hesitant to come in to this store because I have read a few bad reviews. I am a firm believer of experiencing things for yourself and making your own judgements. So with that being said, I had to shop for my best friend's engagement party that's in 2 and a 1/2 weeks. I called Peaches to get a little more info of what to expect. The friendly operator I spoke w/let me know it would be best to come in during the wk since wknds are more hectic. I went today and arrived around 11:45am to Peaches. You go in and they let you know the store policy, then you choose 3 dresses off of their display floor. They stock more in the back, but you have to wait to get in the fitting rooms to see any. The girl I worked with was friendly, and I just described to her what I was looking for. She brought me out options that I didn't see on the floor and I fell in love with one of them. After about an hr and a half of comparing the different ones to the dress I loved I finally made my decision. I was able to go home with my dress since I didn't need any alterations. My experience was over all great and the girls and managers were so friendly and helpful. I would definitely return here for any other dresses I would need!!!



Provided by YP.com
They do have a large selection...

They do have a large selection of dresses that the girls really like to wear. But you are making a HUGE mistake if you buy from their store. I just paid $519 last night for the exact same dress that I realized today they sell from their own store online for $450-with free shipping.

When I called the store to ask why I was charged $69 more to buy the dress in the store than I would have been if I had bought it FROM THEM online, I was first told it was because their online store was a different entity. When I pointed out that their "online store" contact information listed the exact phone number that I just called her on and the exact same address that she was standing in right now, she said it was more expensive because my daughter got to try it on and customer service.... REALLY?!?! She could have tried it on at your store anyway, then logged online from her cell phone and ordered it from you and gotten free shipping!!

Although she would have had to order it from the parking lot as customers are not allowed to use their cell phones in the store. Nor are moms allowed to go near their daughters dressing room while they try on the dresses.-- Just some of the $69 worth of customer service we got from Peaches...

The girls who work at the store are nice enough, but the management treat customers like they are all criminals. They stand around screaming at customers and use a microphone system to order people into dressing rooms...shopping at Peaches has the same feel as shopping at Walmart the day after Thanksgiving, except Peaches acts like they are doing you a favor by over charging you for a dress.

The best place in Chicago area to go for a dress is the Prom Shoppe in Oswego. They have a nice selection, fair prices and are really helpful. They don't treat you like you are about to run out of the store with an armful of stolen dresses, like they do at Peaches. The Prom Shoppe dresses were in good shape, not the make up stained messes we saw last night at Peaches. They even let my daughter take a picture on her cell phone of two dresses that she couldn't decide between to send to her friends to get their vote. We spent about $100 less on that dress than Peaches was selling the same dress for, and got it in a MUCH nicer atmosphere.. I guess a Place like The Prom Shoppe doesn't care if you take a pciture of their dresses because they aren't trying to keep you from finding out that you are being price gouged!!

If I could, I would return the dress to Peaches (which by the way has beads falling off it even though it is barely 10 hours from the store and has never been worn). But of course a place like Peaches has to have a no return policy.

Do your self a favor. Go to the Prom Shoppe in Oswego. If that is too far away and you have to endure Peaches, go there, try on the dress you like and find the right size, then LEAVE IT, and go find it for $69 less online

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