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Albe P.


Provided by YP.com

The education is top-notch. Only through comparison with what other daycares are learning in our new city now did we realize how much advanced the content our 4yo was learning compared to other schools. My kids know so many random facts and songs they never cease to amaze me.

Hardi Y.


Provided by YP.com

I can’t express how much I love my children’s teachers. It’s difficult being a working mom because of the fear of trusting someone else with your child. Ms. Ashely and Ms. Victoria warm spirits took away so many of my fears. They showed so much love to my boys and taught them so much. I’m just amazed by the connection my boys have with their teachers. In addition, Ms. Ashley and Ms. Victoria made my year back to work so much easier knowing my sons are in such a warm, safe, and caring environment.

Kat S.


Provided by YP.com

I would like to give special recognition to the teachers at ITAV for being the best early childcare learning instructors east of the Chicago River. I would especially like to thank Ms. TeKay and Ms. Michelle for how awesome they are with my two year old daughter, as she improves daily with her potty training. The patience and positive reinforcement that they have shown my daughter was that of a nurturing parent to a child. I love how they interact with the children.
Ms. Tabitha and Ms. Latoya A+ for a structured class setting A++ for class instruction. There isn't a time when I walk into this class that I don't find the students engaged in learning. I read to my children before bed. Lately my four year old son is sounding out words and reading to me. It brought tears to my eyes when he said Mommy Ms. Tabitha and I have been practicing. I love how Ms. Tabitha and Ms. Latoya praise the children for a job well done with the slightest improvement. My son is excited about reading and doing homework at the age of four. He loves his class.
I must mention my children's previous teachers who are outstanding with the students and should be commended : Ms. Shirley, Ms. Lidiya , Ms. Shaquita, Ms. Kay, Ms. Markeita, Ms. Dasia, Ms. Myiesha, Ms. Rasha and Ms. Dominique. There are so many other fabulous teachers who I haven't had the pleasure of having my children in their class, but the word is out, they are all awesome! Thank you ITAV family!!!

Mela I.


Provided by YP.com

Great place! I loved it! I always had my 2 1/2 yr old in an in home day care with someone I knew and I moved out by south loop so sadly I had to leave that daycare behind...it was too far. Then I found this place near by and I was very nervous about it since I don't know these people and they're a "Center" instead of "in home".. but I gave it a shot and I really liked it. Staff are friendly and miss Diana was our teacher for her . She was super reassuring and very friendly. Thanks to "it takes a village" for taking good care of my little one.

Maxi B.


Provided by YP.com

Our 2 children (Ages 2 & 4 now) were at ITAV since they were both toddlers, and we have had a great experience overall (we moved away from Chicago). The education is top-notch. Only through comparison with what other daycares are learning in our new city now did we realize how much advanced the content our 4yo was learning compared to other schools. My kids know so many random facts and songs they never cease to amaze me. In addition to reading, writing, math, the focus on the project based arts and sciences is really nice and appreciated. They teach Spanish. Again, many daycares I visited didn't have the volume of student projects hanging up. The add-ons (they do cost $$$ like $300 per 10-weeks) offered like karate, violin, basketball, are pretty unique to ITAV and convenient. The final icing on the cake is they recently started Field Trips, which no other daycare we visited does. They feed lunch and snack, which not all daycares offer lunch, though taste quality highly varies on this :). Teachers know the kids' names from all classrooms pretty quickly which is a nice touch.

Kora F.


Provided by YP.com

My son started at ITAV when he was 3 months old. He will be 2 next month. I really like ITAV thus far. He's my first child so I was quite nervous about pretty much everything in the beginning. His infant teacher, Ms Petrina, was very patient while also helping me to understand milestones like when to start eating with a spoon or transitioning from bottles to sippy cups. Now he's in the toddler class. Ms. Marsheka and Ms. Briana do a great job. I love that there's structure and lots of learning activities. He comes home excited to say his letters, numbers, shapes and colors and his vocabulary has significantly improved. They also have Spanish class, so he's counting in Spanish too! He actually doesn't want to go home in the evening, which makes pick up a challenge for me, but it's good to know that he enjoys his time there. The last thing that I'll say is that I like that every teacher at the school knows my son and engages with him. There's not a day that I walk the halls with him that teachers from other classes don't speak to him by name. He's never been in their classes but they are still committed to his development, and this also includes the front office staff. The staff at ITAV is great!

Lindy C.


Provided by YP.com

The Teachers - Obviously this is highly subjective but overall I have been very happy with the teachers at ITAV. Of course there have been those that we have LOVED and others who were good teachers but we might not have connected with as much. We have never had to question whether the boys teachers were passionate about their jobs or genuinely cared about the kids. The teachers have always worked with us (potty training, solid foods, etc.) and kept up in the loop on anything of significance. Class Structure - My husband is a principal so I should defer to him to write this section but I can say that he is pleased with the content of the curriculum as well as the class structure. The students work through different thematic units and the curriculum is based on the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards. For example, my 4 year old just completed a unit on the solar system and he came home every day so excited to show me the projects they worked on and tell me all about the planets. It's clear to me that he is learning and engaged! Communication - We have never had any issues with communication at the center. The director sends weekly emails to the families for important dates and key reminders. The teachers are always more than happy to tell us how the day went during pickup. For more formal check-ins there are periodic parent/teacher conferences. The teachers walk you through your child's development based on the standards and maintain a binder with examples of classwork and the child's academic and social/emotional development

Maury N.


Provided by YP.com

The Lady Bug room has the best teachers! Latrice, Haley and Pave are amazing. I am a first time mom who had to go back to work after 8 weeks so I was a) very nervous, and b) really don't know what I am doing. They are helpful without being pushy and I totally use them as a "expert" resource. For example, my daughter's nails are impossible to cut. She is such a squirmer. They know I have problems with it so they offered to help me out and do it for me. They also suggested helpful ways I could try to do it on my own.

Piomga Y.


Provided by YP.com

If an excellent learning environment for your sons and daughters is a big deal, then you cannot do much better than ITAV. Since my daughter was 3 months old -- and she's 4 1/2 years old right now -- she's been cared for in a way one would normally only expect from intellectually respectful close family and friends. My daughter is an engaged, intelligent, sociable rock star thanks to each class she's been in for 4 years now. My daughter has already been taught academics that I myself was not exposed to until well into elementary school (foreign language, geography, math & astronomy). She is still a year away from entering the local public school system, but I feel that the administrators and instructors have more than readied her for the next major chapter in her life (RIGHT NOW), and we only expect her to overachieve in a positive manner thanks to her time at It Takes A Village.

John G.


Provided by YP.com

My boys first infant teacher Ms. Petrina was incredible. She cared for both my babies with a gentle touch and really loves each and everyone of her kids. As our kids have gotten older there are some other amazing teachers that cared for them throughout their time there. Ms Lydia, Ms Kierra, Ms Diane, Ms Courtney, etc... the list goes on and on. They were great when it came time for potty training with my oldest and the curriculum mixed with free play and learning experiences have provided a nice balance. My 4 year old came home everyday with a fun new art project he did or talked about what they were learning like the stages of Caterpillars, The Solar System and our great city of Chicago! He has made friends that he has known in he was 3 months old and they have done a great job in keeping those kids together in each classroom.

Rapha H.


Provided by YP.com

We've been going to ITAV for six months now, since my daughter was three months old. We really love it - her teachers are great, and she really seems to enjoy interacting with her classmates. The cost is actually pretty reasonable compared to other day cares in the area. We were concerned at first since it was the only one we visited without a waiting list, but that is probably because they have several infant classes instead of just one. We're going to be moving out of the neighborhood soon, but we're planning on keeping her there because we like it so much (and because it will be difficult to pick her up by 6:00 if we choose any of the day cares in our new neighborhood)!

Fried M.


Provided by YP.com

After more than 8 months at ITAV, we're very pleased with the facility. My son has moved up to a toddler room, and his days are filled with lots of friends and fun activities. Despite the disastrous Christmas pageant (picture 12 toddlers crying while Deck the Halls played... it was hilarious), he's continuing to learn songs and games that I can play with him at home. When I arrive for pick up during Spanish class or reading time, I'm always amazed that the teachers have corralled all the little ones into a nice straight line and have their full attention. I felt they handled an unexpected staffing change in our classroom with tact and think our new teachers are a great addition.

Tiertza S.


Provided by YP.com

I do not claim to be an expert about daycare b/ c this is my 1st kid and my 1st daycare. My overall impression of ITAV is good. They saved my life in August when i went back to work. Finding daycare that takes infants (mine was 5 months) is difficult and even when you do they put you on a list, ITAV was so new there was no list and they are still expanding their infant wing.

The 1st week I had some concerns and we addressed these w/ the teacher. She took our concerns VERY seriously and it has not been a problem again. I took a sheet of what I wanted/didn't want for my babe & they posted it on the wall:) I'm not there to make sure they follow it but it made me feel better.

I recommended this DC to a lot of people I work with (my work is near here) and 3 of my co-workers infants are at ITAV. We are all teacher at a high school and we all are happy w/ ITAV.

Fern K.


Provided by YP.com

My son has been attending ITAV since he was 4 months old, he is now 4 1/2 years old. Before selecting ITAV my husband and I toured 2 additional centers in various areas of the city. I remember the first couple of weeks being very hard, dropping off my baby with new people. However, within the first month it was very clear how much his teachers cared for him. Over the next couple of years, it became obvious how much EVERYONE at the center cared for him. He walks down the halls to this day and each classroom and/or person he passes says hi to him. Not only has ITAV provided a second home for my son (think about how many hours are spent here each week), but they are constantly teaching him.

The curriculum for each classroom level has been tremendous; from a regular eating/sleep schedule, potty training, writing, sight & see words, etc. Each month focuses on a different theme/lesson. I am always so excited to hear about what he has learned during the month. In addition, there are great age appropriate field trips throughout the year. I have volunteered for a lot of the field trips and have found it a great experience to get more time with the teachers and other students, who are my son's friends.

Overall, we could not be happier with our choice of ITAV.

Sheffy F.


Provided by YP.com

The Village was an awesome experience for our now five year old when he was 2/3 in the Butterfly and Rainbow rooms. This year we returned to the Bumblebee room with a new infant! It's like coming home to a family we love. Excellent care, strong curriculum, great communication!

Kerr B.


Provided by YP.com

My three year old son currently attends ITAV, and my 6 year old daughter is an ITAV graduate. Both kids enrolled at the wee age of 3 months, and I remember crying (okay sobbing) as I dropped my daughter off on her first day. The scene was totally different for my son. That's because ITAV had become a second family for us, and we were thrilled to put our son in their hands.

I think their name is perfect, because it does take a village...ITAV cared not only for my children, but the AMAZING teachers helped us learn how to parent. Over the years we've received advice on eating, sleeping, potty training, and even biting (yes, all kids do it). Every teacher we've met is willing to participate in respectful, open communication, making it easy to be involved in our children's education, and making us better parents. Thank you Ms. Michelle, Ms. Natalie, Ms. Lydia, Ms. Courtney, Ms. Latoya, Ms. Alicia, Ms. Patrina, and more!

Every teacher there knows my son and daughter by name. They are always greeted with hugs, high fives, and sometimes treats! The teachers go above and beyond, attending birthday parties, giving gifts, and staying late when you're stuck in a parking garage with a broken exit. They babysit, they send cute pictures and videos, and they are honest.

With respect to education, the curriculum is unbeatable! My daughter entered kindergarten reading at an end-of-1st grade level! The kids learn about their community, different cultures, Spanish, the solar system, etc. And perhaps more than the academics, I love the focus on manners and independence at ITAV! The kids help serve meals, clean up after themselves, and learn to be responsible little people.

We are very sadly moving out of state next month. I am not sure any other school can fill the shoes of ITAV. They are the BEST (and very reasonably priced). We will miss them dearly.

Marge N.


Provided by YP.com

Our child has been in the infant program for almost a year now and we love it! All the teachers are great. He is now communicating with sign language. Ms. Marsheka in the Roly Poly room has taught him how to sign and we love watching him learn in this way. It's a great program overall.

Kata I.


Provided by YP.com

We have been a part of the ITAV family for over 4 years and could not be happier. My husband and I have high expectations for what type of educational experience we want our children to have. We hope for a school that provides and teaches the foundations of academics, social and emotional learning, character building, all while creating an atmosphere that is fun for the kids. ITAV - River City has met all of those expectations in each of the five classrooms that our kids have been in. More importantly, any school at any level must build relationships with students and families to see any success. It seems as if every teacher in the school knows my son and daughter, and says hi to them (by name) with a smile every time we walk down the hallway. The school in general compounds that "team attitude" with evening events to strengthen the relationships one step farther.

My husband and I moved out of the neighborhood last summer, we never considered moving our kids to a different school. Although I wish the working world gave us more time with our families, the reality is that children of two working parents spend as much time at their school/daycare as they do at home. Knowing this, my husband and I have complete trust and confidence that every teacher at ITAV - River City will take care of our children and provide a safe space for them to develop. We would highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a place to send their child.

Arnette D.


Provided by YP.com

My child has been attending ITAV for over a year now and we love it! The teachers really care and my daughter actually cries at the end of every school day because she doesn't want to leave all of the fun. Not only is it fun here, but she has learned so much and is already almost potty-trained before she turns 3. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone looking for a place they can trust and that will really love their kids! I have no doubt she will be ready for Preschool next year.

Bobbie D.


Provided by YP.com

We moved to Chicago from NY and we personally visited and evaluated 9 different daycare facilities in the loop and west loop area. ITAV shined on convenience (parking), teacher quality, facilities and curriculum. Both our kids were at ITAV (6 months to Pre-K) and Leadership Village Academy (KG+) for 3 years and we were most impressed with the level of commitment from teachers and administrators. This is a hidden gem for any parents of young children looking for high quality daycare. These guys also offer date night for parents (unheard of anywhere else) where they will watch over kids until midnight once a month. I am very glad we found ITAV and VLA for our kids.

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