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Rolando D.


Provided by YP.com

Puppy mill shop. My family and I drove 2.5hrs for 10mins of disappointment. Guy we dealt with Jaime was not there after having text confirmation that he would he be there. Two the puppies that we got sent photos of were not there. Was told the pics were taken two days prior and all the dogs sold. (Right) Third price was discussed and agreed prior to our departure which was $750 for a teacup male yorkie. We got there and it was the good old switch and bait guy stated oh they start at $900 I said wow that's a big difference from what Jaime texted us and I showed him the text. The guy said oh yea he says that so you come in. I said come in for what to be deceived and right then and there we left. Horrible feel bad for the dogs they looked sick and the staff clowns on there phones didn't acknowledge anyone just looked disgusted that you were in there presence. It's a shame shit these fiflthy people down and stop letting them simply change the name of the business.

Krystle O.


Provided by YP.com

SCAM ARTISTS! They don't even deserve ONE star. Just drove four hours after being promised a puppy for a certain price. Upon arrival, this miserable forgeign man informs me that they don't have anything under $500 more than the promised price.

Also, the store was DISGUSTING.

I wanted the world to know how I feel this place should not be in business.

Jasmine R.


Provided by YP.com

I just wanted to make people aware of the fact that almost ALL THE FIVE STAR REVIEWS FOR THIS PLACE ARE FAKE!!! Most of these people writing these glowing reviews have only ever written reviews for this store and/or another place called Puppy Boutique! Really, a bunch of 5 star reviews for two stores all of which happened to be added on the same day!! Suspicious much?? PLEASE DO NOT TRUST THE REVIEWS FOR THIS STORE!



Provided by YP.com

Great place to come and get a great new pet!



Provided by YP.com

I enjoy training my puppy and have already taught her a few tricks - my family is super impressed. Puppy Petite was very fair in terms of pricing.



Provided by YP.com

Puppy Petite explained that they would be a good choice for a family with young children. They were patient and helpful as we looked at all the different puppies. Our Shih Tzu, Magnus, is full of energy and so much fun. We got a great deal too!



Provided by YP.com
This place is great and very h...

This place is great and very helpful when it comes till the puppies they know everything here.



Provided by YP.com
The workers here are amazing a...

The workers here are amazing and always give me great service every time I come here and so does my puppy!



Provided by YP.com
Amazing! I have two adorable C...

Amazing! I have two adorable Chihuahua puppies that are from Puppy Petite, they are 2 lbs each and just the sweetest pups you have ever seen. They enjoy going outside to run around, but mostly just sit in my lap and enjoy life. I prefer the long hair Chihuahuas, but they also had short hair. With the long hair puppies, you have to brush their hair daily. Very satisfied customer. Can recommend to others.



Provided by YP.com
Our Yorkie baby is just gorgeo...

Our Yorkie baby is just gorgeous! We've been blessed to have Mariah in our lives to keep us on our toes. I enjoy training her and have already taught her a few tricks - my family is super impressed. Puppy Petite was very fair in terms of pricing and also educating me on how to care for such a small puppy. Happy customer, would come back for my next puppy purchase.

Kathy B.


Provided by YP.com
False positive reviews here. W...

False positive reviews here. What a travesty. Very sick pups sold here and you can see that on Consumer Affairs website. The truth is there.



Provided by YP.com
People need to educate themsel...

People need to educate themselves before they buy a puppy from a store. Everyone knows petstores buy the puppies from puppy mills. All the pet store cares about is $$$$$ they dont give a hoot about the puppy. Larceny by Trick is what I call it and Fraud! Call the Attorney General in Brooklyn and the Better Business Bureau about this store before you go there. Puppy Boutique AND Puppy Petite is the same business. Do your research. The dogs are purchased from Missouri. Call the ASPCA they will tell you all about the Missouri Puppy Mills. If they say the puppies are breed up state New York it is a lie.



Provided by YP.com
on't not be fooled by the posi...

on't not be fooled by the positive reviews below. They are all written my the owners to fool and con the public. All these puppies for sale in the Puppy Boutique in Brooklyn come from puppy mills. All these puppies have congenital and hereditary diseases. Most of them will die within a few months. In research the unfortunate families who purchased puppies from this store had the heartache of losing their puppy while others were faced with medical bills as up to $8000 to save their puppy. Most of the people I spoke to that experienced the above were devastated when the store and owner Stuart refused to stand by the "Store Guarantee" and Contract when they purchased their new puppy. They refused to pay the medical bills even though the contracts and store guarantee assured all the buyers that these puppies were in good health. The whole thing is a scam. Dont be fooled by this store. A Staten Island woman purchased a yorkie from the store and the yorkie died within a few months. The store refused to pay for any medical bills while the dog was diagnosed with a hereditary disease. She later sued the store in the small claims court and The Staten Island Judge appalled by the stores refusal to pay the medical bills awarded her $5000. The parents of all these puppies live in tiny cages for breeding purposes only. They are never walked and receive no medical attention. All the parents cant even walk as they are never let out of these tiny cages. Once they cannot breed anymore they are discarded and killed. Tell all your friends and families about this store and spread the word.



Provided by YP.com
All puppies come from Puppy Mi...

All puppies come from Puppy Mills. The Sales Contract is NOT Valid. All positive reviews online are all written my The Puppy Boutique. All these puppies are deadly ill and will die within a few months. Go to the Better Business Bureau and read the complaints filed also one Staten Island woman took them to the small claims court and the judge was so disgusted, awarded her the max $5000. If you buy a dog from The Puppy Boutique it will die! Anyone who had a bad experience with the Puppy Boutique call 516-932-3037 ASAP. With everyones help we will get this place shut down. Make sure you file a compliant with consumer affairs


and the better business bureau



Report them here: http://www.petshoppuppies.com

Write letters to the local newspapers in Bensonurst,Brooklyn where they are located

Write a letter to the Daily News - they have a pet section 6. Contact ASPCA at (212) 876-7700



Provided by YP.com
My 10 yrs old chihuahua is from Puppy Boutique

My 4 lbs pound chihuahua Kokobelle was bought at Puppy Boutique. She is now 10 years old and the love of my life as I am hers. She is very smart and would crawl under my skin if she could. The only thing that is wrong with her is she has a thyroid condition and has taken medicine for it most of her life which keeps her a bit on the skinny side I think otherwise she is fine. The store was surprisingly clean I remember and I don' t recall seeing sick dogs, not to say that there weren't any but I did not notice any at the time and I can usually tell if they are sick mostly if they have kennel cough. I am sure that my Koko came from a puppy mill. Fact is that all dogs from pet stores are from puppy mills I don't care what BS they tell you. Most puppy mills probably 85% of them are absolutely awful in their conditions, treatment of the breeding dogs and their breeding practices the other 15% are barely descent if that. However, until they are all put out of business these poor creatures they bring into the world all need a loving home, so to me it does not matter that the poor thing came from a puppy mill I just try to be careful and check out the puppy as much as possible before I take him or her home. I also always recommend using a major credit card so that if the puppy is ill and they refuse to reinburse your money or give you another dog in case of death (which should be your preference and choice) you can dispute the charge which means the credit card company will take the money away from them and credit your account until they investigate the circumstances. Also make them write on the health policy that they will reinburse you for health expenses for any vet of your choice, this is a must also. It is really in a way pot luck, I am sure this place has just as many healthy dogs as they also get sick ones. So when you go and look check out the dog well. Observe the dog well for at least 1 hour, make sure he does not have a runny nose, coughs at all while you are there or has glassy eyes because he is then sick most likely kennel cough but it can be something else also. Check that he is alert, spunky and runs around. Don't however confuse scared and meek with sick either don't forget some of these puppies have been taken away from their mothers probably too nearly have traveled from God knows where and could be very scared and traumatized. If you yourself does not know much about dogs and have little experince try to bring someone who does if you possibly can. Otherwise as I said all pet store dogs are from puppy mills and this place is no better and no worse then most.

Actually I was at least impressed that they were clean and there was no smell at least when I was there back then. Also I know a lot of people say go to a breeder, but that is not an easy task either. I tried it and many of them wanted deposits before the litter was even born, now what if you don't like any of the dogs from that litter (small dogs do not have many puppies 2 or 3 usually)you have to wait until they have another one coming which could be months. Also travel is usually involved to get to a breeder and I also found that many of them are a bit wacked and weird. So unless someone has already found a good breeder and recommends them to you it is not easy to find one at least that was my experience.



Provided by YP.com
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