Welcome to the Downtown Brooklyn dental office of Hanson Place Dental Associates. We have been providing the best possible dental care to Brooklyn and beyond for over 40 years. Our group specialty practice offers one-stop complete dentistry for the entire family. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is committed to understanding and meeting all of your dental needs. Our goal is to keep your teeth healthy and your smile bright. Our dental practice is a full-service dental office that uses cutting-edge technologies in dentistry. We aim to help our patients enjoy the best possible dental health. In keeping with that goal, we provide a wide range of cosmetic and restorative dentistry options. We invite you to contact our office to learn more about achieving the smile of your dreams.
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Peggy D.


Provided by YP.com

This dentist office has never let me down since I've been goin there it has been over a year n there still great all tho it's still a bit of a wait, but the work is great n the workers try there best to take care of you as fast as they can even with seeing as many patients as they do. Hanson place dental is a highly recommended dental office for a general n speciality work.

Sheri H.


Provided by YP.com

Really liked this place. The doctors and staff were really nice and friendly. The office was very clean and organized. I also loved how the doctors were very informative and educated me on my oral health. Will definitely recommend this office to someone

Cristi S.


Provided by YP.com

My experience was pleasant. The staff member A__ that does the financial counseling listened to my concerns and addressed my needs. The dentist was professional and gentle and I felt good about my procedure.

Kilia F.


Provided by YP.com

Just had a very positive experience here. Was recommended by a co-worker and this is near our office. She brings her whole family here so figured I would give it a shot: The rundown: Arrived for my 9am appointment around a quarter to 9. Front desk girl was very friendly and helpful in getting my paperwork take care of. Once this was all completed I waited just another 10 minutes or so to be called in for X-rays. They use the digital X-rays which I find to be a lot more pleasant than whatever they used to use (I am a gagger lol). I had an exam done right after that and since I have not been to the dentist in a few years (!!!) I needed quite a bit of work lol. A very lovely woman (I think her name was America) then explained to me in great detail what my insurance would pay for and what my options are. I don't know about you but insurance drives me insane so this was nice and I recall previous experiences at the dentist where I was scratching my head trying to figure this out on my own. Next, I needed a root canal on one tooth and they said it could be done without an approval and would I want it done today. Hell yes I would! And not have to take a day off work. The rooms where you have the work done are very nice and each have a tv (see my pic). I had an excellent dentist named Dr. G. He was thorough and explained everything to me and was very funny. Which was nice because I was scared as hell haha. Root canal took a total of 20 minutes and was literally pain free. Overall I was there for a little over an hour and had so much done! My previous office I went to would have taken 3 visits for all that. I am waiting for my insurance approval to come back then will be making an appointment to start my crown. I will 100% be asking for Dr. G. Hope this is helpful for anyone looking for a dentist in the area.

Mella T.


Provided by YP.com

All went well. I called at 9AM because of a tooth ache and was instructed to be there by 11:30. I arrived at the office minutes to 11 and was seen by 11:30. X rays were done and I was given antibiotics and scheduled an extraction for later in the week. Smooth experience. Nice friendly Knowledgeable staff. Thank you!!!

Leon K.


Provided by YP.com

I woke up this morning with what seemed like the worst pain I have ever endured in my life. I called numerous offices and no one would see me due to my hmo insurance. I was going crazy. Finally I call Hanson place dental told them my situation and someone said your more than welcome to come in just be here before 2 pm. I definitely wasn't waiting till 2 with this pain. So I got there around 11. Huge busy office. I was asked to sign in and about 20 mins later I was called up to the front I gave my insurance information and filled out some paper work. I was called in about a half hr later took an X-ray and was told by the doctor my wisdom tooth had to come out. I was told they could remove it today. So I took another seat outside and 1 hr later I was seen by the best oral surgeon ever Dr Lorenzo. She numbed the area and in 6 mins it was all over. The pain I was in was no longer there. I was happy it was all over in 2 hrs since I was a walk in. Thanks to them I'm no longer in pain. I definitely recommend this office.

Fanny0657 B.


Provided by YP.com

Came here not to long ago, I was very impressed on the new place. Everything was shiny and new. The front desk girls were very lovely they helped with all the paperwork and explained to me very carefully. Wait time wasn't bad for an exam, x-rays and cleaning. I was pleased with the lady taking my x-ray she was sweetest. Getting my cleaning done was awesome. The hygienist was really getting in between my teeth which i really love, feel like I'm getting my money's worth. Everyone i came in contact in this office were such a great help! It was also great to know they also do additional work other than general dentistry. Such as root canals, dentures, implants and invisalign. Great office! Keep up the good work!

Ren V.


Provided by YP.com

Back here again, still very happy with the service. Needed a root canal and got it done within a two week out appointment not too bad compared to other dentist offices. The dentist who did my root canal was awesome no pain and made me feel comfortable. Just waiting on my crown, waiting to hear back from the insurance. Overall great dentist office!

Jerome D.


Provided by YP.com

This is the worst dental office I've been too, the reception staff is very rude & unprofessional I had an appointment & waited 2 1/2 when I asked to speak to the office manager. I was told that if I don't like the services then I should go somewhere else. The staff needs to know what customers service is & how to respect the clients.



Provided by YP.com

My sister has been coming here for years and always has been happy. I came with
her one day and they saw me shortly after her. Turns out I had a lot of cavities and
needed some other work and they were very good about explaining everything to me and
explaning my insurance. This stuff can be confusing and I’m very thankful they took the
time to explain it. I have been taken advantage of before. Anyways I am halfway done
with all my work and thought I’d let you guys know this place is great!

James G.


Provided by YP.com

Been coming to hanson place for years now, probably about 10, since they were in the chase building. I always have a great experience here, Not proud of how much dental work i've needed over the years but they've had me covered across the board: root canals, teeth pulled, fillings, and now implants. My daughter just started invisalign here with doctor G who is the man. I don't have great insurance and this is by FAR the nicest offices that takes it. Flat screen TV's in all the room, all the modern equipment, very nice place in a nice building. All very high end. But the best is the people that I have come to call friends over the years. The girls in the front like Jasmine who are always friendly. The assistants like Roxy who always make you feel relaxed when you're getting work done. And of course the doctors who are just excellent at what they do. Dr. G, rayhan, rothberg - all take excellent care of me over the years. Recommend this place very highly to everyone.

Yonette R.


Provided by YP.com

I've seen the doctors an Hanson place dental and had nothing but nice things to say about them. The staff were very professional and I have a huge phobia of the dentist. They made me so comfortable that I would definitely be going back there. Thanks guys ��������

Gene N.


Provided by YP.com

How can you have a 10:30 AM app't and not be seen until almost 1:30PM? On a previous date I went for my semi annual check up, an app't made by the facility, not me. I arrived and they seemed to not know what I was there for. The hygienist was very unprofessional and was mumbling through her double set of masks the entire time. I asked what the problem was and got a bunch of mumbo jumbo as an answer from the front desk. My and my wife's dentist, Dr. Rayhan is a very capable professional. That and the fact that my wife is in the middle of treatment is why I'm even still going there. I have much more work to be done when my wife's work is completed but I don't know if I'm going to go elsewhere or put up with the peripheralsystem. I still didn't receive my full semi annual checkup since no one saw fit to give me an app't for the second stage of my cleaning. That's right, they can't even do a scaling and polishing in one session. They have absolutely no respect for your time. In closing, they need to get better management and more dentists. Very Helter Skelter.

China F.


Provided by YP.com

I went to Hanson Place Dental Associates May 8th 2014. I Been busy with work and so on and that's why i am just now writing my review. I wanted to leave a review so others can learn from or know what is negative about this dental place from my experience. Read on please. Thanks.

From what i recall precisely: the waiting area seemed kind of crowded. The workers seemed to be very disorganized with their paper work and calling people Very Slowly. They would do one part of your dental procedure then have you sit and wait 30 minutes again, even if you are just getting a regular cleaning, you have pieces of the procedure done every few minutes, thereby prolonging your stay at the dental place and wasting your time. One person from the office area called me and told me i had a infection in a tooth, and i said "the doctor just told me my teeth are perfect etcetera", so... that was a mistake to tell me that, and it shows that they (workers in the office area) were getting paperwork and names mixed up! Also the African

American Female Doctor that i seen; she gave me a teeth polishing which wasn't really needed. And i didn't want it anyway, but she said i had to get that before i can get my teeth cleaned and so i said ok. After my teeth polishing i was told to go back to the waiting area and wait to be called for the cleaning part. I waited 30 minutes then got up and asked "what is taking so long to call me if i already seen a doctor?" They (the up front office workers) responded "what's your name?" I told them my name, and then they said "Oh... you're done. Polishing is all your insurance covers." Then i said "then why was i told to wait and that i would get a cleaning?" They said "we don't know. But polishing is all your insurance covers, so you're done." So i was a little mad. Then i just left. Anyway since my dental visit, and

since getting my teeth polished my teeth have been collecting way more plaque then before i got my teeth polished, so i Do Not recommend anyone get (teeth polishing) done. It messes up your teeth not help them. It causes more stuff to stick to your teeth. I even later read it online! Except for me... it was to late. Now i have to do way more scrubbing with my toothbrush and flossing, and swishing with salt water to clean my teeth where-as before the polishing, so much food or plaque did not stick to my teeth. I also have scrape marks on some of my teeth from the "polishing tool" and one of my teeth has a slightly different shape forming a gap that allows food to hit my gums in between my teeth... and that is also from the teeth polishing procedure! I am sure! I examine my teeth often. Dental polishing is a tool of the devil, and a trick to mess up your teeth so that you have to see the dentist more! That's my opinion on the crap teeth polishing. It does Not help your teeth! I will not be going back to that dental place. Also the dentist there cut my gums in two places, in one spot the cut is taking very long to heal and bleeds off and on and in the other spot there is a

cut across my gum on the part that tucks in between the teeth and it appears to be just a tiny piece of gum hanging there in between my teeth. The dentist at Hanson Place Dental Associates Does Not seem to be a careful one, because i have cuts on my gums that are still visible to me and were only there after my dental visit at Hanson Place Dental Associates. The cuts are finally feeling better and not hurting so much after much care and catering to them on my part. BUT... I still Do Not Recommend this Dental Place To Anyone. May God Bless those who are seeking good Dental Health. I wish you all the best. I hope my review has helped someone in some way. It is truth. No lies. Nothing made up. Have a good day or night. Peace and Love to all.

Nicole C.


Provided by YP.com

Hanson place dental is the best.. The staff is wonderful. All the ladies at the front is very helpful, dedicated and professional.. There is a wait but i know the wait is because the doctors takes their time with their patients and i like that about them. Dr Derek Gideon is awesome. The ladies at the front and the ones that help the doctors in the rooms are GREAT and friendly..Everything is done on the premises. If you looking for hard workers, professionalism and great dental work i recommend hanson place dental to all...keep up the good work hanson place dental.. U GUYS ROCK!!

Nandish D.


Provided by YP.com

I will give negative stars if I can. Never on time, even if you have appointment. And not just delay for 15 mins but waited almost 2 hours and still not sure when is my number. They are taking 15 to 20
Mins to find out how much more time, do I have to wait... Pathetic...

Angham A.


Provided by YP.com

Horrible place... long long wait and very rude staff!! I had to wait three weeks for a retreat of a root canal that I was in soooo much pain!!!! I went in for an emergency apt cuz I was crying all night of the toothache that even taking four motrins wouldn't calm down ... after waiting for two and a half hours I was told to go home and they will send me antibiotics... I told them that's what my dentist gave me... she said ok if u want to be treated wait 7 hours and we will not finish the job today... I told them I would like my referral back and the lady at the front desk would even look at me!!! Very very unprofessional!!! For all u out there so many other dentist no matter what ur insurance is.. don't go there!!!! The only two is for the endo... seemed really nice and knew what he was doing but the staff gets a -0

Shadayia L.


Provided by YPmobile

I can honestly say that I've been going here for years since i was little. And now at 23 and having to do things by myself i don't get why my family even goes here. I need a filling on my two front teeth so i scheduled an a annual check up, which was booked almost two months in advance cause that was all that was available.Last week October 14, 2015 my appointment was for 10am i arrived early beacuse the office is always crowded. I was seen on time took X-Ray's and then was told to sit in the waiting room thinking I'm about to see the doctor himself. I wait only to be called to the back to have my teeth cleaned and another appointment scheduled for the following week October 21,2015. It's my next appointment I'm again early, they call me a couple minutes after 10 the doctor looks at me teeth this time, he writes down a few things and I'm being shipped off to the waiting room yet again. They call me in to the office to schedule my next appointment which apparently i have to get 4 fillings and a root canal which wasn't even explained to me from the doctor himself and on top of that the appointment isn't until December 8, 2015. I'm btw not getting a root canal again from them I've have 2 pervious ones done at their office which only resulted in both of those teeth being extracted. But i can say my previous filling turned out all right.

Linda A.


Provided by YPmobile
Inferior quality

I visited Hanson place dental in April of 2014. I had to have extensive dental work performed including but not limited to periodontal surgery, extractions which led to me getting partial dentures. Here's the thing though; for the periodontal surgery I was given 2 sets of needles. In my gums no less. We're talking about 25 needles. At least! The Periodontalist who performed the surgery was excellent though. It was the 25 or more needles that was too much for me. My Union coverage was paying for the surgery - but u would have gladly paid out of pocket for a stronger anesthesia - had I been given that option. This was my first time experiencing periodontal surgery of that intensity and did not know what to expect. I think the fact that I was going to receive at least 25 needles should have been explained to me. It was absolutely awful. I also had to have two teeth extracted on the right side of my mouth - which prompted me to have to get a partial denture. I had to pay out of pocket 803.00. That I don't mind. What did bother me however ( and I am currently suing Hanson pl dental) is that the dentures they sold me is totally useless. They are made of a very hard acrylic and give you a headache after wearing them for prolonged periods of time. You cannot eat , laugh, speak or do anything while wearing them. I ended up going to another dentist and purchased something a lot more suitable. For the same price no less. I was told that the partial dentures that Hanson place sold me are prehistoric and obsolete - nobody uses them any longer. When I called Hanson pl I was told that the Dentures they sold to me were only temporary ( that was my first time hearing that) and I should come in to be fitted for my permanent dentures. For a lot more money of course! I will definitely be seeing Hanson pl dental in court!



Provided by YP.com

Moved to NY from Illinois a few years ago and found HPD by searching online. I couldn’t have been more satisfied. Had a few cavities done and now come everything 6 months for my cleaning. No hassles. In and out.

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