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It's just plain awful. I am in...

It's just plain awful. I am in my 30's and have ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatoid arthritis as well as a fused vertebrate in my neck (proven by xrays, ct scan) Also, let me say that I was diagnosed by a professor at OHSU when I had insurance. Anyway, this clinic was a suggestion from a friend of my dads. He was told that he knew other people that go there and it would be cheaper or something. So I was to call and ask for this SPECIFIC doctor. I remember really trying to stress the point that I wanted to see that particular doctor and they said ok. I also had mentioned that I had my pain management under control and am not going for narcotics. I had to wait months for an appointment, an appointment that they bumped up two weeks without telling me. I really should have took that as a sign. My dad said he'd pay since I was broke and the fee was $100/150 (I can't remember).When I called and was registering they were nice, after that every other staff member I encountered was rude. I paid the full fee when I checked in. When I was seen I was told I had to take a drug test. I said I wasn't there for pain pills and I didn't see why that would be necessary. She said that if I didn't take it the Dr. wouldn't see me. So I did. I then had to wait again for another 15-20 minutes and then the first doctor walks in and instantly has this smarmy dickish attitude. He started right off with "why are you here? Why do you need this? People with your disease don't usually need this.." Okay? So apparently people with arthritis who very clearly have movement issues don't need pain management? I explained that I was referred by a friend of my dads. I even give the guys name. The doctor looked confused and didn't know what I was talking about. Come to find out the office had switched doctors on me and didn't let me know. Something I found extremely unprofessional. Once I realized what had happened I was pretty upset. I have never had a doctors office switch doctors on me and not let me know, especially when I request a specific doctor. And trust me, with my diseases I've seen plenty of doctors. First off, the doctor was acting like my grievances were unfounded and I was being unreasonable. He was actually kind of arguing with me about it. I then explained that I wasn't there for pain pills and also explained that I had no insurance and my medical records aren't very recent, which he had pointed out to me right away. He said that was something his office doesn't normally do. I had no idea. I certainly wasn't there with the intention to try and trick or pull something over on them. All they had to do was spend more than a few minutes talking to me. If they couldn't do it then okay. My dad would have probably been out of his money and that would suck but it wouldn't be a big of a deal. They didn't have to rake me over the coals and then give me a variety of bogus charges.

Ty H.


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First off i called and made an appointment. Then a few days later i got a call and was told the not only do i need to pay my co-pay of $50 i would also have to pay $360 something about my deductible not being met yet. I personally have never had to do this in my whole life and trust me when i tell you that i have had 14 surgeries and god knows how many office visits i had. So i asked what this was all about and was told that is the new way it is done. I was treated very rude from the get go. I have been to places like this before and i will not go to this place ever. So i called Dr. Belza and was able to get a appointment when i asked them if they do that and they have not even heard of that. They were very kind and very helpful. I have three operations that need to be done. Probably about 60-70 thousand worth of work that they will not get from me. Super stupid



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Continued from above: So then ...

Continued from below: So then he said "ok, I'll get the other doctor but I don't think he's going to help you." Well great then let me go home and stop waisting my time. Then he mentioned something about it being cheaper, which I had already been told right before he left. I thought I was just told he didn't think it was going to happen. I then waited for 45 minutes for the original doctor who never showed up. I could hear and see him eating his lunch and talking with staff. The medical assistant came in and told me that I would have to come back in two hours and then he would see me. I actually agreed and came back. Come to find out they charged me $225 for that visit. First off why is it more than the first visit? I had already paid for the first visit that resulted in nothing but rudeness, grief, and judgment that I didn't feel I deserved. I wait another twenty minutes for my requested doctors assistant to come in. She was pretty rude as well. She also started grilling me and I explained everything again. She even tried looking up my info on google. Then I complained to her about the office not giving me the doctor I requested as well as being treated badly because nobody cared when I mentioned it twice before. She also copped an attitude of "Why would be upset?", like I was being unreasonable again. By this time I ready to run out of that office and never look back. She then told me she didn't think I met the criteria and he wouldn't do it. I had my fill and popped out with "then why am I here?!?!?" Again she copped the attitude of "why are you upset? your being unreasonable". I waited another 15 minutes for the doctor I request to meander in. He was nice enough but also treated me like I was trying to get over on the office and asked the same line of questions. He was vague on who I was or why I was even seeing him so I had to explain everything all over again. He acted like he had no clue who my dads friend was so that was really great He then gave me an exam that lasted .2-5 minutes and explained a few problems I may face later in life. I tried to explain some of my current conditions and he actually cut me off and reluctantly started doing the paper work, on which he misspelled my name. I don't know why, he had my drivers license. When it was all said and done I left the office in tears.

I later had to move and wasn't getting my mail. Eventually I received a bill claiming I owe $225 for an office visit and $125 for the instant pee test I didn't even need and had to do because not one person in that office cared to listen to a single thing I had to say. I also have bogus late charges. I was outraged and called and got nowhere. I just got a letter in the mail saying that the doctor I saw was dropping me as a patient due to non-payment. Trust me, I had no intentions of ever stepping foot in that office again but all of this is really infuriating.

Now I'd like to think I'm a shy but nice person. I have worked in customer service for many years and actually go out of my way to be nice an personable because I know what it's like to be treated rudely. I have seen some rude stuff but this was by far the rudest most atrociously unprofessional staff I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I am also suffering for depression and after that visit happened I suffered sporadic crying, obsessing on how badly I was treated, as well as nightmares that last two to three weeks. I was genuinely traumatized after that visit. I know that I am younger and I look a certain way and have tattoos but they shouldn't be judging people without actually listening to what they have to say. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of this office. They're all horrible people. I wonder if I could sue?

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Nw Brain & Spine Specializes In The Surgical Treatment Of The Brain & Spine.

  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • crainiomy for meningioma
  • Anesthesia (General & Mac)
  • Surgery
  • stereotactic biopsy
  • craniotomy for tumor
  • ommaya reservoir placement
  • Headaches
  • Bifrontal crainotomy for tumor
  • ventriculoperitoneal shunt for hydrocephalus
  • craniotomy for subdural hematoma
  • burr hole drainage
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